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even-even soccer equipment network we interviewed a lot of occupation players, in their eyes, a pair of excellent pads should be able to have what characteristics. The players mentioned the most is lightweight, but also provide reliable protection, it can not feel its existence in the competition, but once the injury is hit, it can greatly reduce the injury probability of players. The football industry has never been full of the spirit of innovation as it is today. Each kind of equipment seems to have the latest product being developed and pushing the product to a new height. G-Form is one of the best, by virtue of its excellent performance, it is becoming a popular choice in the field leggings. by their exclusive concept and advanced technology, G-Form has launched a protective cover of various parts of the body. G-Form Leggings board is used in RPT technology, which is Rate-Dependent Technology. these armor shields sewn in the elastic material stocking, simple design, and G-Form Pro-S and G-Form Pro-S a major cause of Eli cheap nfl jerseys free shipping te two gear so lightweight, elastic fabric has a good coating and comfort. Can fit well with the body worn by the body.The official website of NFL | Seahawks offensive coordinator: Lynch is still the best football | Ma Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) has not been able to finish more than 100 yards in a single game since the opening battle of the season. But the Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrel biovail (Darell Bevell) finds a new way to use Lynch in last week's game. Lynch hit 76 yards last week, setting a new high for the season. The Seahawks recently in passing attack is struggling, is only 177 yards from last week, but Lynch's all-around performance largely enrich the team's offensive tactics. The Seahawks offensive lines currently plagued by injuries, which directly affected the team's offensive efficiency. Quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) frequently chooses to run himself in the competition, which is why Lynch has to participate in more passes. said, "I want to make better use of our players. Lynch is the best player in our attacking team. We need to find ways to get him as much as possible. In trading Percy HARVIN (Percy Harvin), there is a slight decline in advance on the ground all the Seahawks, averaging 146.3 yards. As a result of the struggle against attack frontline, Lynch was still unable to show all the strength in the game, only 67 yards out last week. From now on, it is a positive solution for Lynch to take part in more catching up attacks, either for himself or for the whole offensive team.The official website of NFL | back starting quarterback Cutler Clausen injured | football quarterback Jay Cutler (Jay Cutler) will get the last chance to leave a good impression on the Chicago bear before the 2015 season. The team announced on Monday that the Jimmy Clausen, the first quarterback game, will not play the next season's final battle against Minnesota Vikings, and he was concussion in the match against Detroit lions in the match on Monday. The bear planned to start Cutler and the rookie quarterback David Faires (David Fales) served as a substitute. Clausen and his Ziggy Ansah helmet looked pale after the impact of the helmet, but showed no signs or symptoms of concussion in the match. He passed all the post - game concussion tests, but the symptoms of concussion began to attack at night. Clausen pushed only 4.6 yards per pass in the first start, but it was also affected by the 7 catch. In choosing the right offensive tactics and the opponent on the judgment of the Blitz quarterback, he Bikatele recent poor performance. now Cutler is back in the first place to get the last chance to play the eye. After being abruptly derogated as a substitute, the NFL player with the highest salary is also the top quarterback of the team. He will start playing a meaningless game and face his infinite conjecture.NFL????|NFL????????????? ??????????|????? Troy Polamalu Pittsburgh Steelers -12 NFL career -2 won NFL Super Bowl champion -8 for the NFL all star -3 followed the team into super bowl Troy Paula Maloo (Troy Polamalu), born in California, United States, in 1981. In the first round of the 2003 NFL draft sixteenth pick by the Steelers selected Secretary safetys. Polamalu is twenty-first Century, ten years before the Steelers Steelers defending group soul, is regarded as one of the most outstanding historical safetys NFL, and won the NFL defensive player of the year in 2010. Pola Maru won the NFL super bowl on the 2 team (fortieth and 43 sessions), 3 into the super bowl, and the 8 NFL star bowl. He spent 12 years of occupation career in Pittsburgh Steelers, and in April 9, 2015 announced his retirement. Ryan Clark Pittsburgh Steelers -13 NFL career -1 won NFL Super Bowl champion -2 followed the team into super bowl -1 for the NFL all star Ryan Clark (Ryan Clark), NFL retired safetys, with Pittsburgh Steelers won forty-third Super Bowls, 2 times into the super bowl, 1 time all star bowl NFL. Currently in ESPN as a rugby tactical analyst. Ike Taylor Pittsburgh Steelers -12 NFL career -2 won NFL Super Bowl champion 〉

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