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Our football equipment network is Eindhoven and UMBRO reached a shirt sponsorship contract, according to the Holland sports correspondent Thijs Slegers reports, Eindhoven from 2015-16 season wearing UMBRO sponsored jersey. Although no final agreement has been signed, UMBRO and PSV will soon announce the news of the sponsorship of the New Jersey. UMBRO will replace the PSV long-term equipment supplier Nike - the club's official shirt supplier since 1995.Oakland Raiders last season's outstanding performance, especially their ground attack code ranked alliance sixth, while running back Murray, Weiesi (Latavius Murray) is obviously their ground offensive success, but he does not seem to be in the team's future plans. according to ESPN news, the Raiders are ready to let Murray test the free market in the next few weeks, and may s cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ign him again later. last season, Murray's 14 games completed 788 yards of the ball to get 12 touches. In the 2015 season, he completed the 1066 yards of the ball, which made him in the first place of the runner's running. , but he may not be the top runner in the league. Especially in this break season, Addie Lacy and even Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) may enter the free market. now looks at Murray's right home, including the New York giants, the Minnesota Vikings and the Tampa Bay pirates.The official website of NFL | Guder: Bill Rooney will bring more female executives | football NFL One point that can determine is that NFL pays attention to women's participation in every aspect of rugby. At the first women's summit in 's fiftieth super bowl, Roger Goude, the president of the league, was proud of the league's efforts. Godell said that diversity at all levels is important for alliances. I believe that when our members are good enough we will be a good alliance, in fact we do. Sara Thomas, the first female referee of the league, was obvious to us and we were proud of her. in the coach's seat, we also have a trail of women. Jane's last year has become the first female coach NFL. She was not just a person, but a trend, so now we have Catherine - Smith, the first female coach of buffalo Bill. Godell announced that the NFL act will be issued on Thursday in the United States, which requires all teams to interview a certain number of women in the selection of management level. you can see some effort. For example, the Rooney act, in the bill, we strive to create an open working environment at the team and even the league level. We will not refuse an interview because of specific attributes. This is a sign that we will help women find opportunities in NFL management in written form. In a word, we will always improve the system and make some changes. women in the high level of NFL although not much, but also a long time. Amy Trask in Oakland Raiders CEO job performance won her a high reputation in the industry. Diane Peng special currently still is the vice president of the Miami Dolphins Football Management Department to implement. The enactment of the Rooney bill will inevitably bring more competent female executives to the NFL.Matt Hassel Beck (Matt Hasselbeck) chose to retire after 17 seasons, but he won't leave everyone for too long. Hassel and Beck announced their retirement on Wednesday, and he announced that he would be a ESPN guest with his brother Tim Hassel Beck (Tim Hasselback). Hassel and Beck are always entertaining as a player. the end of brilliant career in Tennessee and Indianapolis as the Titans pony's backup quarterback, Hasselbeck is very easy to forget how good a player in the Seattle Seahawks when. He was selected for the three time in the 2005 season bowl occupation, led the Seahawks into the super bowl but eventually lost to Pittsburgh steelers. Hassel Beck with mobile ability, ability of passing accuracy and flexibility of the West Coast offense led by Alexander Haiying and Sean (Shaun Alexander), Walter Jones (Walter Jones), Daryl Jackson (Darrell Jackson) and Robinson (Koren Robinson), with a lot of points. Hassel Beck was one of the best quarterback in the first ten years of the century after the 6 playoffs, 5 of which were in succession.

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