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The official website of NFL | Budweiser and NFL Chinese announced strategic cooperation | football On the eve of the opening of the fiftieth super bowl of , Budweiser and NFL jointly announced the signing of a strategic partnership agreement to 2022. Budweiser InBev Asia Pacific president Deng Mingxiao NFL Chinese, general manager Yang Ruiqi, the legendary NFL four Joe Montana and famous sports commentator Huang Jianxiang in front of Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco witnessed the powerful hand in hand. for the strategic cooperation in China, Budweiser InBev Asia Pacific president Deng Mingxiao said: NFL is the most popular sport in the United States, rugby has become one of the fastest growing sports in China in recent years. Budweiser has been working on the world's top sports events such as super bowl for many years to bring to Chinese consumers. This year's Super Bowl 50 is the biggest event in the United States, which coincides with the Chinese Spring Festival, and Budweiser is a bridge linking China and the United States to celebrate the new year. Through the strategic cooperation between the two sides, we will work together with NFL China to make more Chinese consumers have the opportunity to meet the unique charm of American football. Yang Ruiqi, general manager of NFL, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping is also here. He responded positively: Budweiser is an important long-term partner of NFL in the US. We are very honored to expand this partnership to China. As a top brand, Budweiser has made great success in China, and the development of NFL in China has also been very rapid in recent years. Together, we are very excited about the prospects for each other's development. on the same day, the legendary four Joe NFL in the history of Montana, with the lion China traditional show, with NFL fiftieth Super Bowls custom gold football came to the event. As the history of the NFL fully deserve the king, Joe Montana sitting on two NFL MVP award (MVP), he led the team won four super bowl, also become the three time Super Bowl MVP, has 8 elected occupation bowl (All Star game) and five in the NFL year the best team. He said: in 2013 in the best of spirits I have been Chinese to NFL in China, pro card development, I know the prospects for the development of the sport in China is very huge, more and more Chinese friends become NFL fans, there are more and more with the people watching the game of NFL, and even personally involved in the sport. Today, I can witness the cooperation between Budweiser and NFL China, which is the affirmation of the successful development of NFL in China. The fiftieth Super Bowl coincided with China new year, so I chose this special way to China debut fans happy spring festival. 〉's Indianapolis Colts wide receiver TY- Hilton (T.Y.Hilton) last season and played his best season, according to the occupation football website data focusing, Hilton scoring in the league and took over ten. Excellent performance also won him a four year, 65 million yuan (39 million guarantee) renewal contract. He will continue to work with Andrew Luck in the visible future. nearly two years of the Internet in the free market, pony many experienced former star players, the offensive team veteran accounted for a small proportion, and the young Hilton natural to assume defensive arrows and challenge each other to complete the task size advance, but on this point, he has been Iraq effective assistant. Hilton scored 14 passes last year, and he succeeded in catching the ball. He had 528 yards to catch the ball and 5 times to catch the ball, and from Yu Shenyuan to pass the ball. Two of the data were ranked in the top five of the league. lark tried to pass the ball far to 88 times last year, ranked first in the league, and as lac is about to enter the contract year, the team will try their best to make Hilton play a more effective role with lac. The two is the basic guarantee to the pony offensive big kill four, they also hope to become the best in the League - wide receiver pass attack combination quarterback.ESPN according to the reporter, the Seahawks running back Chris Carson (Chris Carson) has entered the injured reserve list. In order to fill the vacancy list, the Seahawks signed defensive front member Quinton - Jefferson (Quinton Jefferson). Pete Carroll, the coach, said X rays showed a fracture of the leg of Carson. "the X light that started last night proved that his ankle was all right, so I told the team that he didn't break the leg and the teammates were happy." Carol said, "but he had a fracture below his knee." Carol said he hoped Thomas laurs (Thomas Rawls) undertake more tasks. The game against the colts, Addie RESINES (Eddie Lacy) rushed the ball 11 times to obtain 52 yards, Meagan sicle (J.D. McKissic J.D.) 4 times at the ball for 38 yards, 1 touchdowns. Jefferson is the five round of the 2016 show the Seahawks played in three games last season. The Seahawks signed him to strengthen the squad depth to the neck preparing the game injured Clif - E Friel (Cliff Avril) can not play.The official website of NFL | to those who are free market veterans | football welcome you, the tired and poor, huddled together for the people who wanted to breathe freely, the hustle and bustle of the abandoned, poor people. put these homeless suffered Dianpei people hand it to me. I'm standing at the golden gate, lift free lights! - Emma · Ruth Raza, "giant" The free agent market has been open for 4 weeks on Monday. If you are a NFL player and just see this article, I hope you find a job. Maybe you have a glorious past. Maybe the injury has been dragging down your body. Maybe you can only watch your teammates and play the whole season, maybe... However, if the group of old people who have not been able to find a job to make up a team, then what are their fighting forces? Does Cleveland Brown dare fight?! quarterback: Ryan Patrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) fanez. [33] Charlie White Hearst (Charlie Whitehurst) [34] Contract wants to take away from each of the 16 million magic fize jet. But as time goes on, it really makes things more and more complex. running guard / all guard: The (Arian Foster) - Forster [30] Le Garrett Blount (LeGarrette Blount) [29] John Kuhn (John Kuhn) [34] our backcourt was Forster and Blount. When they were two healthy, it was absolutely a big killer of the city. And Jiang Kun Kuhn, the packer fans are sure not to be strange. out of hand: 〉

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