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The official website of NFL | Adam - Jones: if Brown cannot play football | I apologize Cincinnati tiger Adam - Jones (Adam Jones) said this week that Mr Bo Fekete (Vontaze Burfict) - TAZ for Antonio - Brown (Antonio Brown) attack is not enough to cause a concussion, he thinks Brown is pretending. Jones in the United States Tuesday still stick to their point of view, but he also said that if Brown can not be the next game and Pittsburgh Steelers play the Denver Broncos he will apologize, he said: if he can't play a game, then I will apologize, but you have to know all the truth happened last week this Friday, you will see, I promise. seemed to have made a mistake by Jones, hoping that he didn't make a mistake. Brown is still on the team's concussion list and is likely to be absent from the next game. news: Tiger linebacker Kurt suffered 3 match ban boffinNFL's official website, the fourteenth week race report: Odell Beckham - the night Flashes, the giant 10:7 11 game winning streak, home court end cowboy football nest Beijing time December 12th, 9:30 on the morning of December 12th. The Dallas cowboys who have already locked in playoffs are on the New Jersey metropolitan life stadium, challenging New York giants. The two teams last met in the season opener at 19:20 in the week, a cowboy home court lost giant. Since then the cowboy team has won a wave cheap nfl jerseys free shipping of 11 consecutive wins, of which 6 win on the road. They are now leading the league with a 11 - 1 record and the playoff seat in advance. And the cowboy in the same partition of the giants is currently 8 wins and 4 losses, including home court 5 wins and 1 losses, there is still hope for a wild card seat. game, the two teams in the cold wind are slowly entering the state. Home court battle giants attack first, they by quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) to the proximal front will Thailand (Will Tye) for 12 yards, scored the first attack, but soon had to punt. With the continuous three teams out, the Cowboys got the ball, and the half faced four stalls 1 yards. The rookie guard Eze keel - Elliot (Ezekiel Elliott) uses a variable direction to flush the ball into four gear. Enter the giant half, quarterback Prescott's four (Dak Prescott) run fake pass, pass to find the unmarked receiver Terrence Williams (Terrance Williams) completed a 31 yard touchdown, cowboy 7:0 opener. giants quarterback Eli Manning for short. Odell - Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) with short run 19 yards, helping the team into the second half cowboy. In the red zone, Eli Manning was cowboy linebacker Sean Lee (Sean Lee) captured and killed and dropped the ball, cowboys defensive tackle Cedric Thornton (Cedric Thornton) to pick up the ball. This mistake Eli Manning did not lead to the giants lost. The game has just entered the second quarter, and the passing of Prescott is copied by the corner guard Norris Jenkins (Janoris Jenkins) on the half court 39 yards. Then the giants used the opponent's Roughing the Passer for a foul to advance 15 yards, but had to kick the kick in the free kick. Since then, the cowboy also had to play in the half of the game. The giant ball in the middle, Eli Manning Benson - Mayowa (Benson Mayowa) captured and killed, the pick up ball is Sean lee. It was the second time Manning lost the ball in this game. second quarter has been more than half. Duck Prescott killed and dropped the ball in the giant half court by German Kennard (Devon Kennard). Fortunately, the ball picked up right.The official website of NFL | ultra long term forecast: 2016 to | football quarterback is still a month from the 2015 show, and after the draft, it starts in the new season in April. Then the next one will be discussed in 2016... Some of the big jump, but let me explain. Do you notice a lot of famous quarterback now in the offseason in the news? Potential deals, contract negotiations, and broker visits will lay a great deal in the future. Even now, the dust will fall, but soon the situation will become more and more chaotic. everyone can make predictions about 2015, rather than let us predict more, looking at the 2016, boldly and more interesting. Well, after the gossip, 9 famous quarterback are listed here, and they may separate from the team in the 2016 season. Denver wild horse: Payton - Manning Payton Manning is the king of the regular season. Then, at the end of 2014, Manning was attacked again, which made his strong return to an abrupt end. In the December playoffs and defeated the pony, Manning's performance is the worst in the career, but how can only blame him? The 2014 season he still sent 4727 yards and 39 touchdowns, data objectively, but Manning thought is not enough. Next year, Manning will be 40, and I want the future Hall of fame players to retire as soon as possible. New Orleans saints: Drew Bracey first explains that if the saints can play in the playoffs, that hypothesis is not true. But if Sean Payton and the team experienced extreme turbulence in the offseason, and because of the use of the label wavering that finally missed, they will never keep working towards a elderly, but also cause impact on the $27 million 400 thousand salary cap in the 2016 season of quarterback. San Diego lightning: Philip - Reeves Reeves entered the contract year, and he has begun negotiations on the contract renewal. For Reeves, he didn't want to move to Losangeles with the team. On the other hand, the club will also consider whether the 33 - year - old quarterback will be able to retain his performance after a back injury. From the point of view of the team, we can change a quarterback, but this is not the best choice. Reeves may be a heavy weight in free market trading. Washington Red: Robert - GriffinThe official website of NFL | packers coach Chan: rookie wide receiver can play an important role | football The Green Bay Packer unexpectedly picked up Ty Montgomery in the third round in the third round of the draft. Coach Mike Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy) gave high praise to the young player. He believed Montgomerie could play an important role in the attacking system of the new season. Mccarthy said: his performance has attracted my attention. There is no doubt that he has excellent physical conditions. I believe he will grow into an outstanding player. Montgomerie is not one of the best talented foreign players in this draft, but his excellent physical condition and continuous promotion after catching the ball attract the attention of packers. Scout compared him to large Randall Cobb (Randall Cobb). the packers in position over the array in addition to Cobb, and the number one wide receiver Jordi Nielsen (Jordy Nelson) and the second grade of rookie Adams wante (Davante Adams). The packer will arrange for Montgomerie to be a back attack, and gradually increase his time of appearance according to his training and performance.

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