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The front side of the New Jersey (white stripes below) has been added to the unique "coarse gravel" pattern printing. The LIVE RED (fresh red) is hidden in the belt. The back neckline is inlaid with a special icon, it consists of two cross fire axe and a Chicago flag on the six pointed star, a symbol of the fire occurred in 1871 in Chicago, which is the origin of Chicago fire team, this icon also appeared in the new season of the socks on.NFL announced the game last week in the United League player on Wednesday. Pittsburgh Steelers running Weile viand - Baer (Le Veon Bell) fully deserve the bestplayer in the American League, Cincinnati tigers game last week in the face of Baer firepower, the 26 red ball 185 yards and two touchdowns and receptions for 50 yards and a touchdown, almost single handedly destroyed the tiger defense. This performance also successfully suppress the other three candidates: Denver Broncos running back CJ- Anderson (C.J.Anderson), the new England patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) and Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carle (Derek Carr) here is the League of nations by the Carolina Panthers quarterback Newton Kamm - four (Cam Newton) was elected last week, Newton 226 yards and three touchdowns and one rushing touchdown, helping Panther road massacre cheap nfl jerseys free shipping New Orleans saints, renewed hope for the playoff. Newton has already passed the experience of passing 200 yards, passing the ball code by 80 yards in four matches, and no other quarterback has been able to do that for more than two times in history. again to see the other awards this week: United States: defensive player: Baltimore linebacker Elvis Crow - Ndume Weil (Elvis Dumervil), a game last week xhumo 4 tackles, with 3.5 sacks, and one manufacturing dropped the ball, and help crow restrict the Miami dolphins offensive. the best special teams player: new England patriots punter Ryan Allen (Ryan Allen), playing 5 times away from Allen against San Diego in the lightning game were kicked out of 247 yards, four punt the ball 20 yards in the first half. couplet: the best defensive player: New York giant rookie Kennard Kennard, Kennard contributed two shots to Tennessee last week to help the giants win the Tennessee Titan. the best special teams player: Saint Louis rams wide receiver and punt returner tahon - Austen (Tavon Austin) in last week's game, Austen had three punt return yards over 25 yards, with a 78 yard punt return touchdowns.The official website of NFL | Rothlisberger praised the Mustang group | defensive football Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) tried to crack the league's first defense in the most spectacular game of the week. Denver wild horse defense team has ranked the first in the league's scoring (field averages 17.3 points), opponent's advance code number (field average 272.5 yards) and kill number (44 times) this season. Since the capture data have been recorded from the 1964 season, no team has ranked the first in three statistics. The Mustang also ranked first in passing defense (188.2 yards on the field). Mustang is the only team to score fewer than 30 points per game this season. It is also the only team that doesn't pass the quarterback number to more than 300 yards in the match. said this week that he had been looking for the weakness of the wild horse defense team, but he had not yet found a weakness. I haven't found it yet, Rothlisberger said on Wednesday. Their pass impact is closely matched with the ball defense. Their passing was unbelievable; they were able to attack the hand from the outside and the inside of the hand. Their second line defense dares to be physically antagonism and can finish the defense. When the ball was in the air, they copied the ball and scored. So, there's a reason for them to rank first in almost every statistic. if there is a quarterback that has the chance to break the excellent defensive team of the wild horse, that's the big one. The Big Ben has been passing 332.1 yards in the field, and 6 times the number of pass codes over 300 yards in the 9 game. every Steelers in 5 games scoring more than 30 points (the team single season record). Since ninth weeks, the Steelers offensive team in offensive yards (averaging 494 yards) and passing offense (averaging 383 yards) ranked first in the league, the presence of both the score (35.2 points) ranked second. The number of receiving codes of Antonio Brown (1397 yards) (Antonio Brown) and Mata Weiss Bryant (672 yards) (Martavis Bryant) is 2069. when the Steelers offensive team and defensive group met in the race horse, which is between the league's best level coach, as well as the important significance of the playoffs. We always say we want to be the best, Big Ben. To be the best, you have to beat the best opponent, that's the best defensive team in the league. They prove this every week. For all of us, it's not just a Catcher - I think if you ask anyone in the attack team, we want to work hard to be the best. This will be a challenge and it will be a test for all of us.The official website of NFL | Raiders can build up the ruling class coach believes | football defensive group card Lille - Mike (Khalil Mack) in the game's 5 capture performance, let Oakland Raiders commander Jack Del Rio (Jack Del Rio) think the team defense team will have a bright future. when we go ahead, we will build a ruling defensive team, Del Rio told ESPN. We have taken a few steps and showed some signs, but this is what will happen. It's just a matter of time. The success of NFL is built on the double bag clip that attracts and defeats the opponent. Del Rio now has the ability Mike has, and Mike has made 9 escapement in the last 3 games. in addition to Mike, Del Leo can expect rookie Mario - Edwards Chong military small (Mario Edwards Jr.) and veteran defender Dan Williams rushed the ball (Dan Williams) as the cornerstone. Edwards has stood out since the middle of the season. According to the rugby focus network data, he has made 21 catch up quarterback in the past 6 games, and Mike has won 19 times. Williams has become a strong leader in the progress of the ball Raiders. They let their opponents run in the past month, each time the ball can only advance 3 yards. even though the Raiders have no hope of getting a playoff seat, they have a bright future. If the Raiders head went on the defensive on several draft group do not feel surprised. As they did in the attack team, they would want to make Mike a good player around it.

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