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NBA changed his shirt sponsor and changed to Nike after the start of the new season. The start of the game a few days later, Nike's jersey all torn, visible Nike is not ready, underestimation of the strength of nba. And the players are not tearing up like a Nike shirt. Up to now, 54 people have been injured. In fact, today, players are injured, besides the early start of the new season, and the factors that shorten the time of training camp, another important reason is that the ball is popular now, and the rhythm is very fast. It's not the reason for Nike's Jersey. Eagle: 2 - Meyers Plumlee and bumbuli net: 1 people Jeremy Lin season reimbursement Celtic: 3 people, Hayward season reimbursement, Erwin, hodford hornets: 3 people, Batum, Makawe, Cody Zeller Chicago: 4 people, the gang will not write Knight: 2 people, little Thomas, Thompson Dallas: 1, plug sculli Warrior: 1 cheap nfl jerseys free shipping , Durant rocket: 1 people, Paul Walker: 4, Glen Robinson, Edmond Turner, a Nicholas, Memphis: 3 people, Mike Cuomo, Green, Newcastle Miami: 4, Princess Bai Lu, Heribertus, White, Hammons bucks: 1, Jabari Parker Timberwolves: 1 people, Justin Parton Pelican: 5, Rondo, Hill, Frank Jackson, Asik, Ajinsa Magic: 2 people, Adrian, Gordon 76 people: 1 people, Holmes Sun: 3 people, Williams, Reed, Dudley Pioneer: 2, von Lai, Collins King : 3 people, Giles, the Norwich, Randolph blue Angnade, Spurs: Parke Toronto: 2, van Fuli Adams, Miller Sir : 3, Ecclestone Sam, Neto, Goebel Wizards: 2, Maurice, Smithon Wednesday U.S. time, Jacksonville Tiger Team America wide receiver Allen Robinson (Allen Robinson) into the team roster, signed from the New Orleans saints to take over Max Mika Free (Max McCaffrey). Robinson tore the cruciate ligament in his left knee on Sunday, making sure the season was reimbursed and the team had to look for a substitute. McCaffrey is the Carolina Panthers rookie running back Christian Mika Free (Christian McCaffrey) brother. last year, Max and the Oakland Raiders signed on as selected players, and then stayed in Green Bay Packers and New Orleans saints. The packers cut him off before the 53 people's list, and then the saints signed him into the training group. Mika Free completed 117 matches in the first 38 matches at the Duke University, advancing 1341 yards and 12 array.The official website of NFL, Buleidide to contact the Stanley cup, the real reason for football nest tiger news July 10th Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and the Penguins of Pittsburgh this year won the Stanley cup (Penguin team history fifth, winning second consecutive) photo has caused a storm, because the Patriots quarterback in the local Pittsburgh some less popular...... Many people want to know, let the Steelers can not get Brady seventh Super Bowl trophy (eighth ninth what possible) who is able to touch the highest glory on behalf of the ice hockey. According to the official website of NHL decryption, Brady was co owner Ron Birkel Penguin (Ron Burkle) is located in the southern California state house. The billionaire bought some Penguin shares in 1999 from the Mario Lemieux (Mario Lemieux). It is a close friend and Mr Brady, and Stanley cup and just sitting in Birkel home, then Brady won the Stanley cup and intimate photo opportunity. However, even if know the reason, penguins and Steelers in favor of Brady's fans probably will not increase...... The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of the State University of Salem NFL | $170 thousand to the Brady | Rugby speech Tom Brady (Tom Brady) in the success of the new England patriots offseason training camp escaped the pursuit, but now he just need to wait a month after the trial. It is reported that the super quarterback in May 7th speech at the State University of Salem, after the school paid Brady $170 thousand. This part of the money comes from the Salem foundation of NPO, to support the annual lecture of University. This one hour activity mainly depends on ticket revenue and sponsors. is the Bailey coach Bill - Zeke (Bill Belichick) last year to attend the event, attendees also included former president George - Bush (George H.W Bush) and Bill Clinton (Bill Clinton). reported that the speech was $40 thousand, and the rest were from sponsors. But in his speech, Brady was not related to their own problems to be punished.

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