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Beijing time, September 8th, 1 a.m., the first week of the NFL regular season, Washington Red Skin visiting Houston Dezhou people. The people of the Dezhou 17:6 are open to the door. two teams have attracted enough attention in the offseason. The Redskins signed a new coach Jay Gruden (Jay Gruden), and ushered in the all star receiver DeShawn Jackson (Desean Jackson) to assist Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III, referred to as RGIII). The Dezhou people are away last year's quarterback, and with the number one pick selected from South Carolina University - Klauni (Jadeveon Clowney Jed viand). He and J.J. watts (J.J. Watt) form one of the most horrible defensive frontlines in the league. the two sides in the first quarter are tempted, at the time of 7 minutes, RGIII was killed. When the first game was 3 minutes and 57 seconds left, RGIII dropped the ball, reacted swiftly, and protected the ball without the right to exchange the ball. Neither of the two parties scored the second. in the second quarter when 11 minutes, RGIII third attack, was sacked second times. You can only give up kicking. 9 minutes and 14 seconds, Dezhou quarterback Ryan Fitz Patrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) also ap cheap nfl jerseys free shipping peared off the ball, but also to protect the ball, no ball conversion. 7 minutes and 57 seconds, the Dezhou people abandoned kicks, red skin back to 25 yards. Later Alfred - Maurice (Alfred Morris) two shot 16, 21 yards. Finally, the whole guard Darrel - Yang (Darrel Young) finished one yard punching ball. The additional points were blocked by Watt. Red skin 6:0 is in the lead temporarily. 4 minutes and 28 seconds, Patrick has found deandre Hopki (DeAndre Hopkins), completed 76 yard touchdowns. Additional score success, Dezhou people 7:6 anti super score. The next attack of red skin was a major mistake. When the kick was abandoned, the ball was covered by the Alfred Blue, and bru finished the game directly. Red skin 14:6 lead into the second half. At the end of the second quarter, a champion of Jackson clowney negative 9 yards grab. But the knee was injured and had to be diagnosed. The second half was not playing. in the second half of the first attack, red skin flush combined, completed 71 yards of the push. At Dezhou's 7 - yard line, RGIII dropped the ball again, the ball was picked up by Watt, and the red skin lost the chance to catch the score. In the third section at 4:06, the red skin attack again mistakes, RGIII pass to Niels - Paul (Niles Paul), but Paul dropped the ball, red skin lost the right to ball. fourth, the Dezhou people had a good attack, and the 13 attack completed the 83 yards. To the red zone, red 11 yards, Ariane - Forster (Arian Foster) off the ball "The official website of NFL | Fitzpatrick hope that the next season to continue to play for the jets | football Ryan Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) will soon become a free agent, but recently he said he hopes to stay in New York jet next season. though he threw 3 copies in the last match against buffalo Bill, but in the season, he did a good job and finished 31 passes. coach Todd (Todd Bowles) said: brilliant apparently let Patrick return to the team has priority, he is the quarterback, this season of great help to us, we need him back. If he comes back then he's the first one. Fitz Patrick said: This is my hope, I don't want to live in that, but this year has been very happy, the locker room friends are very good, I hope I can return to help the team continue to move forward. news: seventeenth week review: jet lost playoff hopesThe official website of NFL | Eagles running back Mccoy: I just want to run better than Murray | football in the thirteenth week Thanksgiving game, the Philadelphia hawk away away 33:10 won the match with the rival Dallas cowboy. The game cowboy star running back, Murray de (DeMarco Murray) 20 red ball 73 yards with a touchdown, but compared with Sean - Mccoy Weile run Eagle (LeSean McCoy) 25 red ball 159 yards and touchdowns to score more dazzling. Mccoy, who contributed the best to the season, was also very happy to be interviewed after the game. Mccoy first said: Murray is currently the red ball Mawang, I did not deliberately put himself and he compares the number who run more does not matter, it is the kingly way. But Mccoy still conceal his excitement, admitted that he has been in the hope of Thanksgiving Day in front of the audience that they do not lose to anyone: obviously, I just want to run better than Murray, which is related to the honour. Of course, winning is the most important thing. If I don't run a lot of the numbers but our team wins, that's all right. after the game, Mccoy broke the 1000 yard mark in the season to 1018 yards, and rose to the League second. Though still up to 409 yards from the league's first Murray, nearly 4 games in 7 games passed the 100 yards, even Bimouret had a bright eye. Mccoy also expressed his gratitude for attacking frontline: our front line of the team took full control of the game. Today it can be said that they play the best match. As their performance is getting better and better, I will be better.this week, the Cowboys veteran tight end Jason Witten (Jason Witten) held a meeting to discuss how to attack the group, let the team back on track. In the past two games, the cowboy's 23 advance has only achieved 1, which is a good starting position by copying. loss to the falcons and hawks, cowboys left Jiefeng Tyrone Smith (Tyron Smith) and running back Elliot Ezekiel (Ezekiel Elliott) did not play. Elliot has four matches to be penalized, and Smith, who has suffered a groin injury, is likely to return on Thursday. Witten said: "I think the players understand now what needs to be done, the current situation of how this season. We know what we can do, the attacking team has the right players, the right coach, and we have the confidence to get the results. The system has been successful in order to seize the opportunity. We just need to get back on the right track. "

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