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NFL official website | Roman Harper return after a lapse of 2 years the New Orleans Saints Football | recently the Carolina Panthers safety Roman Harper (Roman Harper) announced his return to the agent of the New Orleans saints. Haber is 33 years old. He spent the first 8 seasons of his career in the saints. The saints chose him in the second round of 2006, and Haber was selected in 2009 and 2010 respectively. In the 2009 season, Harbert helped the saints win the forty-fourth Super Bowl. In the 2013 season, due to injuries, Harbert only finished 9 games, 5 of which were the first ones. In 2014, he completed a 2 year worth 4 million 500 thousand dollar contract with the Panthers, and completed the first half of all the 32 games of the Panthers. , it is learnt that the Panthers didn't try to keep the veteran. They seemed to be the substitute for the saints at least, because the saints scored only thirty-first in the League last season.The official website of NFL | opera star: Justin Tucker | football kicker Baltimore crow kicker Justin Tucker (Justin Tuck) is a crow in the team this season cheap nfl jerseys free shipping to play one of the few good location. he has an incredible talent in addition to completing a free kick for more than 50 yards. on Thursday night, Tucker released their performance at the Baltimore opera on his twitter, the 26 year old young players can not only sing opera and sing well, it is reported that the day of his concert is the virgin Maria plot. maybe because the crow has lost the competition of the stadium early this season, and Tucker may have to have fun in his spare time.tiger brothers, father and son soldiers. As the nation's first movement, the family is a major feature of NFL, in the league, there are many played for the team members of the family, even three generations have played a certain team. Blood legend, family honor, new generations of players, forge a NFL now flourishing. NFL is the most unique wonder of all the brothers and relatives all over the world. The 1 and the quarterback nurturance: the Manning family for most Chinese fans, the Manning family is the most familiar. Payton · Manning is perhaps the strongest quarterback in the Colts in the history, including the Broncos, he has achieved some success, but the honor for the quarterback, may have been unable to statistics: the regular season MVP, super bowl MVP, the 12 occupation bowl all star, 6 time NBA regular season best. The 4 regular season MVP, 6 American League year etc.. While the younger brother Eli although not so much honor, but the two super bowl MVP enough to let him become a future Hall of Famer, two times in the Super Bowl comeback victory over the new England Patriots to prove his heart. their father, Archie · Manning, although no sons so glamorous resume, but in the late 70s, is quite a good effect of the New Orleans saints quarterback, in 10 years, he was selected to two all star teams occupation bowl in the 1978 season, which is selected when the best season of all the Alliance team first team and the League of nations best offensive player. While he was in the University of Mississippi, he became a legendary figure in the University, and his No. 18 shirt had also been retired from University of Mississippi. 2. a seven Heroes: Mathews family NFL, a family called four eight football first family, this is the Mathews family. Mathews, a three generation of people in the NFL to leave a footprint, the first Daikelei · Mathews I worked as an offensive tackle in the San Francisco 49 team played 4 seasons. The second generation of the Cray · served as a linebacker; Matheus S in the League played 19 seasons, and four selected occupation bowl all star, three time all NBA first team, made 1561 tackles, 69.5 sacks and 16 steals. His brother Bruce · Mathews, Houston served as offensive tackle in oil, which is now the Tennessee Titans played 19 seasons, leaving 14 time NBA all star 10 times occupation bowl, a team of the best lineup, the 1999 season American League Championship team, as offensive tackle the most played record. The four son of Mathews II of is also a rugby player, one of the most famous is the Green Bay Packers defensive ace Cray · Mathews III, his three brothers, Casey · Mathews is currently the Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Kevin &middo〉.The official website of NFL | Atlanta Falcon cut sauliere | football defensive tackle can add a new name to the free player list after the new year's year in March 9th. According to the official website of NFL reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on both sides to rebuild contract to reduce the $5 million salary for next season, the Atlanta falcons will cut defense striker Paul sollier (Paul Soliai). two years ago as big reinforcements (5 years, $32 million), a 32 year old sauliere is not very suitable for the current coach Dan Quin (Dan Quinn) defense system. Solier served in the real 3-4 defensive spike is excellent, but the conversion to Quin's 4-3 defense means that his playing time decreased. if the specified sauliere after June 1st is a CD player, the Falcon will be in the next season, the $5 million 400 thousand salary cap space, but they will still be 1 million 400 thousand of them to occupy part of the space. is a capable defensive 3-4 spike is a scarce resource, but considering his performance over the past two seasons of the decline, we expect that other teams will think sauliere is a defensive player and edge starting rotation.

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