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according to reliable sources, while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Vincent Jackson (Vincent Jackson) on the trading operation of the wave, the Vikings running back Doug Martin brewing (Doug Martin) transactions. has already met the demand of the pirates, and some people in the alliance believe that the pirates want to get Martin out on the Tuesday deadline of 4 p.m. But it's a rather difficult deal. Martin as a 1 round show, the pirates are still using it this season, and can take some additional measures after the deal is completed. One of the reasons for considering Martin is that the next week's three round pick up rookie Charles Simmons (Charles Sims) can be activated and played from the short-term injury reserve list. Martin this season to punch the ball size for 2.9 yards, 48 rushing yards and 1 touchdowns scored 139. The 2012 rookie season best 1454 yards rushing and 11 touchdowns, and played only 6 games will last season due to injury, but only got 456 yards and 1 touchdowns.The official website of NFL | opener communicatio cheap nfl jerseys free shipping n headset failure effect | deployment Steelers Rugby in the opening season Thursday local time in the war, Pittsburgh Steelers against the new England patriots, but the Steelers coach after the game that communication failure affects the headset tactical team. Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) said: our first headset has been playing voice commentary. Among them, Tomlin also said that this problem in the Patriot home court is not the first time. Biliqieke patriots coach Bill (Bill Belichick) also talked about the same problem: we have a lot of problems, several times to replace the headset. There is a little problem in our communication system. Billy Cheik said the evening's communication system was very bad, and the staff even told him that the system was close to collapse. Steelers quarterback Ben Ross Lys Berg (Ben Roethlisberger) believes that this does not cause too much impact on the game: there are several tactics did not reach, but I think this does not cause too much impact. I don't have much to do with the coach tonight. After , a coalition spokesman in this case is given to illustrate: the game in the first quarter, the Steelers coach of the headset is disturbed, which is caused by the radio infrastructure, bad weather aggravated the impact. The coach's communication equipment, including the headset, is provided by the Alliance for both parties. After knowing the situation, the problem was quickly solved.The official website of NFL, Schaub, cousins, Gallas were considered within the scope of the Baltic football, wo Shanahan falcons offensive coordinator Kell - Sha Na has prepared a quarterback list to prepare for his potential job next season, the 49 man coach in San Francisco. According to Ian he reports, intends to include: Red Shanahan quarterback Kirk cousins, the Patriots substitute Jimmy Gallas polo, Falcon reserve Matt schaub. 35 year old Matt Schaub Heranzailie presumably caused 49 people panic fans, but do not be afraid, is currently looking for Shanahan had worked with their people. In addition to galapolo, everyone has played with Shanahan, and galapolo's system of adaptation in new England is similar to Shanahan's rhythm. Sao's scope of work may be similar to the Zeiss Daniel of this year's Hawk: substitutes for quarterback and coach. Shaw and Shanahan worked for 3 years in Houston (in 2007, Shanahan served as quarterback coach, and served as offensive coordinator in 2008 and 2009). At that time, the accuracy of Shaoxing pass was 67%, and 10054 yards, 53 tattoo and 34 copies were selected for the professional bowl. but Sao was not very good except for 2012. He has not started more than 8 games in a season since 2013. Shanahan must first spread the net widely. Besides the quarterback in the market, he can choose a young player in the first round, but the veteran is better. The list ranges from coxsas to galapolo to Sau KB, the 37 year old coach reserve has a lot of options... It's a pity that Matt - Ryan is not in the range. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Raiders: the boss will do my best to stay in Oakland | football team the recent report shows, Oakland Raiders and San Diego lightning coming close to Losangeles. but the Raiders' fans were unhappy about it, and they chose to demonstrate at the side of the stadium in San Francisco on Tuesday. And the raider's boss, Mark Davies (Mark Davis), came out to speak. said, "what's the matter with you?" Listen, you are the best, I am trying everything possible to allow the team to stay in Oakland, I don't know what to do, I really have no direction, but we are working every time talking with people I would say that I am in Oakland, this is my first choice, but sometimes we can't always have the opportunity to choose I am very grateful to you. learned that Davies and the Oakland municipal government had a 3 hour dinner meeting to discuss the construction of a new stadium in Oakland, but it is reported that his funding gap is at least 400 million dollars. Does seem to seem to be a final decision for the raider's departure?

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