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Tampa Bay pirates will fight the Atlanta falcons this week in the absence of Vincent Jackson (Vincent Jackson) without a veteran. A few days ago, the pirate announced that Lewis Murphy (Louis Murphy) was going to miss the rest of the season because of her knee injury. Now Jackson seems to need a truce for weeks. , according to the NFL official, said Jackson was injured in the knee last week, and he will be sure he can't play in this week's game. As for when to recover, the team has not given a clear time. As of this week, Jackson completed the ball 21 times for 319 yards and 2 touchdowns, giving the ball. after losing Jackson, the other pirate's other Mike Evans (Mike Evans) will be the number one weapon in the team's passing attack. The recent ground offensive will also play a more important role in the future of the pirates.'s response to the medical review of the line - back Meyers - Jack (Myles Jack) was different in the NFL team. The cheap nfl jerseys free shipping is considered to be one of the best players in the draft this year for the former University of California at Los Angeles star linebacker injured his knee in September resulted in the season, in the February test camp after examination, Jack was one of the requirements of this week to review the players. two people familiar with the matter told NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) that there were different opinions about the progress of rehabilitation after Jack meniscus tears, and some teams worried that the rehabilitation process was not fast enough. And some teams don't have such a worry. Jack has been optimistic about his progress during his recovery. In the measurement of camp did not participate in the test project on the field of Jack school get permission from the doctor at the beginning of March to participate in the test. In the exhibition day of March 15th, he played an impressive role in the presence of more than 100 NFL team members. He scored 40 inches and 10 feet and 4 inches in two projects of vertical jump and long jump, when he was estimated to have recovered 80%. He did not take 40 yards of the sprint, and then canceled a 40 - yard dash plan for the team before the draft. Although some team is worried about his knee, Jack was widely seen in the NFL official website experts will be in this year before the draft pick wushun.EvoSPEED 1.5 uses a Latex rubber grade, Puma is called Elite Grip". The 4 millimeter thick rubber brings good cushioning and antiskidding, which allows football to slow down and make it easier for the goalkeeper to control the football. Tailoring the gloves, integrated roller type and ordinary cut way, Puma said the cut of the traditional plane. In the index finger and the small finger, the glove is cut to improve the contact area of the glove and the ball. The design brings a good ball control effect. The middle finger and the ring finger are cut by plane, while the thumb is double parcel. That is to say, Latex rubber covers every inch of the finger, and when you really need to stretch out to save it, you can also be well protected., as predicted by Geoff Fisher, Jeff Fisher, announced on Saturday the local union announced that the defensive defensive front Aaron Donald (Aaron Donald) was chosen as the best defensive player this season. This is also the defensive front player for the second consecutive season to harvest the award. Sheldon Richardson (Sheldon Richardson), who came from New York jets last season, won the award. , according to the PFF (ProFootballFocus) scoring system, showed that Donald had led all the defensive fronts of the league in terms of the total score this season. His performance was very versatile, significant in both flushing and running, and the runaway score was also led by the cutting edge. At the same time, Donald finished 9 escapement and ranked second in the defensive front. Khalil Mack from Oakland Raiders and C.J. Mosley of Baltimore crows (C.J. Mosley) is also a popular candidate for the award, but there is still a distance between the two people's performance and Donald Khalil. Earlier this season, Donald limited playing time, but from the fifth week he secured the first position, become the backbone of the ram defense group. Although his body is a little smaller than the other defensive front players, his speed and strength are beyond the imagination of all. Donald, with his efforts and excellent performance, made up a place for himself in the most talented defensive front of the league. He and Robert Quin (Robert Quinn), Chris Lang (Chris Long) and Michael Brooks (Michael Brockers) frontline will also continue to bring surprises to fans next season. There is no doubt that Donald deserves the award, and he is the best defensive rookie of the season.

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