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It is reported that Nike Uruguay Football Association issued 7 year $24 million contract, while Puma only 7 years of $5 million, two made against. But the initiative is still in the hands of Uruguay Football Association. Tonight they will have a vote of 19 people to decide whether to choose Nike or PUMA.The official website of NFL | rams are willing to trade in front of two veteran quarterback | Rugby since the Losangeles rams have been elected to the team's future ace quarterback Jared gove (Jared Goff) - two veteran quarterback, they are willing to trading in the team. NFL website reporter Michael silver reported Friday that not only is selling ram Nick Fowles (Nick Foles), but also willing to listen to deal Keith Kinam (Case Keenum) of the offer. has reported several teams to contact the ram to learn how much it will take to deal with Fowles. We can't imagine that the ram is going to offer a seventh round show for a player that seems destined to be cut off. Fowles was the worst quarterback in the League last season. His magical 2013 season seemed to benefit from the new Philadelphia haw cheap nfl jerseys free shipping k's new attack system and some unbelievable luck. is willing to trade Kenath ram mu - this may mean leaving Fowles -- almost entirely depends on how much they get compensation. If a team is willing to bid, but no team is willing to trade, trade Fowles, would you agree to a deal. Gough is expected to start the season from the start of the season. If Fowles or Kenath, there are a lot of time in the next season, then this is for RAM will be one hundred a year. It's better to get some returns from two starting quarterback below average than to cut them out. Whether a team is willing to spend even a final round of draft to get a substitute for the quarterback remains to be seen.? The recent hit movie "one shot" in Chinatown of 2 caused considerable controversy, there is a dwarf in Argentina Messi No. 10 Jersey in the movie, the scene attracted many fans of Messi's anger! In February 24th, more than Messi fans including a famous Messi fans with about one hundred thousand fans "publicly asked the director and screenwriter of Chinatown Holmes" apology to Messi and Messi fans! the Messi fans that "Chinatown Holmes" in the film the story with additional unrelated dwarf Messi shirts in the irony of Messi! Why are these people so sensitive? It may be related to Messi's early experience. Messi had got dwarfism when he was young. At the age of 10, Messi was only 1.25 meters in height, 10 centimeters shorter than his peers. At the age of 11, Messi was diagnosed with hormone deficiency (often called "dwarfism") by a doctor, which hinders the growth of his bones. In January 1998, Messi began to treat it and had a growth hormone pin every day. The club is unable to afford the high cost of treatment, and Messi's footballing road faces a desperate situation. In September 2000, only 13 years old, only 1.40 meters tall Messi to the Barcelona trial, Barcelona immediately gave him up and arrange the treatment! ? And after treatment while Messi Barcelona, but Messi adult in height is still not very ideal, which has become a heart disease Messi and his many fans, so to see the movie "Chinatown" the adventure of gnomes in a Messi shirt will cause the powder silk anger is not surprising. But does the dwarf have no right to wear Messi's shirt? Are these vermicelli's comments on suspicion of insulting the dwarf? Now let's see how users evaluate them: ?? @kkk: the explanation is too simple, as long as the actor said that in fact I love Messi so I was wearing number 10, if you do not give up, the dwarf can also be said that they discriminated against him @ boat turn over at any time: the glass heart of this blogger! Does it mean that people who say the disease can't like football? Can't you like Messi? Can you wear his shirt? It has a tendency to discriminate against @ live in the IOT era: after the provisions of the 169 West Jersey to wear it, is more than 169 innuendo Xi Xi is playing hormones grow taller, less than 169 is ironic West gnome @ Coach: Messi NC powder is really weak and dreadful, you say people insult Messi, I also said Messi NC powder discrimination against the dwarf @ Navy Viceroy: OK, after no more than 170 of all don't wear the number 10 shirt, otherwise it is discrimination of plum read the original copyright statement: the content and editing of this article are from the InternetThe official website of NFL | Eagle Trading Maxwell and Alonso for | Football Picks 2 was in the kipper Kelly (Chip Kelly) under the guidance of the Philadelphia hawks coach plays an important role in the player is now traded to the Miami dolphins in exchange for draft picks. It is reported that the transaction involving Byron - Maxwell (Bryon Maxwell) and Alonso (Kiko Alonso) - kiik. The NFL official has approved the news, but the actual operation will be done on Wednesday. eagle and cornerback Maxwell signed a $63 million contract for 6 years, currently only in the past 1 years, Maxwell is 28 years old, before the 4 season in the Seattle Seahawks play, starting on the eagle, 14 starts last season finished 2 steals. Alonso is 25 years old. He was a couple of talented defensive defenders in the League before injury. He finished 11 games last season, but he didn't get what the Hawks expected. learned that Hawks will allocate part of the salary to Maxwell in the transaction. Alonso's contract does not need additional operation. The compensation salary is not yet fully established.

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