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Sebastian · and Sebastian Larsson, who took the New Jersey, said: "Sunderland fans should be proud of their famous red and white stripes. It is more privileged to wear them as players every week." (Sebastian) The New Jersey looks very delicate, embodies the long history and tradition of the club, and has a modern fashion element. "according to NFL media Eyre Bert Brill (Albert Breer) reported that Houston Dezhou people's team and Blaine Hoyer (Brian Hoyer) have reached an agreement, and will sign a contract worth 10 million 500 thousand dollars for a period of 2 years, which guarantees the salary of 4 million 750 thousand dollars. Before that, Heuer had twice with New York's Jet opportunity. Heuer will compete with Ryan Malotle (Ryan Mallett) and Tom Savage (Tom Savage) to qualify for the first quarterback. The Dezhou team traded Ryan Fitzpatrick to the jet fleet to make room for Heuer. H cheap nfl jerseys free shipping euer was familiar with the attack system of commander Bill Obrien (Bill O'Brien) when he was in the new England patriots. He also won 10 and 6 losses in Brown's team. however, the people of Dezhou still hope Marlott can grow as a starter, therefore may only temporarily Hoyer as the No. 2 quarterback appeared.At the NFL annual meeting in Florida, the important agenda that is discussed every year is the rule change of the next season. At present, the changes that NFL have formally agreed include: 1. all Chop Block is considered a foul. what is chop block? when a team attacks, an offensive player blocks the defensive player's thigh or thigh. Meanwhile, another offensive player blocks the same player's waist or waist. This is chop block. Before the barrier in some cases is legitimate: if two players in adjacent positions in the kick-off array, then rushed the ball when you can use chop block to block the defensive player. Another legal example of chop block is that two attackers separated from one position hit the defender with the intention of blocking after the start of the attack. since the 2016 season, all chop block, a penalty of 15 yards of the offense. When must point out a point, cut block and chop block are not the same thing. The attacking player can still block the defender's lower body, as long as the defender is not blocked by another attacking player. 2. permanently sets the additional points on the 15 - yard line of the defensive side, any missing additional points, and the defender has the opportunity to return the attack. 3. no matter the coordinator / coach is upstairs or in the box, the offensive and defensive Coordinator / coach is allowed to use the coach player call system to talk with the players. Before, only on the sidelines of the coach or coordinator and players can call through the headset. 4. fouls the previous horse collar from behind the neckline and extends to "the name card or the above position to pull the shirt from behind". 5. when the team is still called a pause without being allowed, it will be punished for the delayed competition (Delay of Game). 6. cancels the penalty of 5 yards in the case that the legal catcher is first out of bounds and back to the boundary, to "lose one file". 7. in the ball after the change for two fouls not cumulative penalty. (editors: Yao Fan)The official website of NFL | patriots player Hotel midnight encounter fire | football The NFL alliance arranged the Super Bowl routine media day on Tuesday, but it seems that the new England patriots didn't have enough rest the night before. The reason is that the previous night, the hotel in which the Patriots were lodging had a fire alarm, which obviously affected the rest of the majority. NFL website reporter Geoff Darlington (Jeff Darlington) on Tuesday morning through their own network of social media revealed that the Patriots player Hotel suffered a fire in the local time on Tuesday at 1:30 in the morning. The fire lasted 10 minutes, but after the investigation of related personnel, determine the hotel fire is a false alarm, and there is no real fire. The only impact of the fire is the rest of the Patriot players. did not disclose the reasons for hotel alarm is triggered, but some fans still can not help but fall into a reverie. On the network some fans speculated that the opponent is the Seattle Seahawks supporters to rest players patriot deliberate. Of course, this speculation is unfounded, only for the fans themselves to entertain. Anyway, in order to give a better game to the fans, we hope that every player can get a good rest before the game.

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