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sina sports NFL Football occupation (National Football League, referred to as NFL), the four major North American occupation Sports League, is the world's largest occupation football league, one of the sports league most valuable business in the world. with the development of the new era of the Internet, NFL as a part of American culture is extremely important, also gradually attracted the attention of sports fans Chinese, with Chinese NFL focus groups in NFL growth, Chinese market commercialization has been stagnant in the Jersey, helmet and other peripheral products simple website sale. In 2016, as the most influential international sports league NFL, commercialization process in China market finally made new progress: after more than half a year after the contact and negotiation, finally reached a cooperation with domestic IP brand operating company - the Tang Dynasty Tang Dynasty will promote the brand, brand design, Chinese NFL related products production and sales and the marketing action in the next time, the more NFL style of the products to the majority of consumers Chinese. 1. Our team behind the "field" learned that at the same time, there were several Chinese companies that had co operated with NFL. However, in the end, they won the trust of NFL and signed cooperation. It is reported that this cooperation is the Tang Dynasty brand of the United States team and NFL through 9 months of negotiations, the final success of the cooperation. The Tang Dynasty Brand Ameri cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ca team leader Chen Kaiwen said that the importance of this cooperation, because of the Tang Dynasty in the United States NFL brand had a huge influence, and in China, this influence is in the explosive increase, I believe that through the joint efforts of brand and NFL in Tang Dynasty, NFL licensing can have well in Chinese on the market performance. Tang Dynasty brand is a global view of the IP brand copyright management company. Its business covers IP brand copyright agent and operation, and builds IP comprehensive trading service platform, and provides IP authorization and derivative trade for Chinese e-commerce. The company is headquartered in Shanghai, with branches in Beijing, New York and London. The Tang Dynasty brand Chairman Mr. Chen Yuesheng also accepted the interview, in an interview with Mr. Chen said that the commercialization of authorized NFL is part of the Tang Dynasty brand internationalization layout, NFL cooperation, enrich the brand in the territory of the Tang Dynasty Tang Dynasty brand brand matrix, let a tiger with wings added. On the prospect of cooperation, Mr. Chen Yuesheng has full confidence. He said that the most important thing for international brands to enter China is supply chain, channel and market promotion, and the Tang Dynasty has rich experience and strength in these aspects. 2. Strong and strong together, look forward to. NFL was founded in 1920. With its excellent organizational structure, core values and innovative strategies, sports competition has been promoted to the highest level. It has been widely praised by all circles, and is also known as "one of the best managed businesses in the US". NFL's annual championship Super Bowl (〉NFL official website |J.J. watt retired time may be earlier than expected | football J.J. watt (J.J. Watt) has been the most dominant defender in his five year career. Did five years represent his career in the past half? Walt joined the radio show Wednesday morning that his retirement time would be earlier than all of us expected / expected. He said he would not be the player who wanted to play longer and better. He would only compete when he could give one of the best performances of the league. this is Calvin - Johnson (Calvin Johnson) in this manner, when he retired after nine years in the League just played, he still has a lot of ability yet to play, but the injury affected him, the star took over in their own level of decline before retire. Similarly, Barry Saunders (Barry Sanders), Jim Brown (Jim Brown) and Gail Sayers (Gale Sayers) and many other running guards are also retired at the peak. Last season, the line guard Patrick - Willis (Patrick Willis) chose to retire after only eight years in the battle. Watt has won the NFL's best defensive player award at three degrees. It's a long time for him to fall to the point of being considered a professional bowl player. As shown by his performance last season, even though he suffered from palm fracture and need to wear plaster, Watt is still better than almost every defensive front line player in NFL. But we have seen the injury quickly eroded the great players in the past. Watt suffered a series of injuries in 2015, including five core muscle tearing. sees another hall of fame player retiring at peak time. It will be a pity. But from the salaries earned by the professional athletes and the physical wreck of the players themselves, early retirement will be the choice for more players. then we have to wait for another great defender to appear.Cleveland Brown is desperate to find a player who can help the team win a continuous victory. maybe this player will be a quarterback, but now Brown hopes their champion Meyers Garrett (Myles Garrett) can save the team at the defensive end. but it seems that even Garrett does not believe it all, expressing his thoughts on Brown's 2017 season on Friday. Garrett said: "now we have high morale together, and have a good attitude, do not want their failure, which is why we need to do, I can not become a savior, but the best I can do, I can be what I can in the game show, and dominate the game in my side, but football needs 11 people, we need to win together." Garrett is sure to be the first player in Brown's first game and has a chance to win the best rookie of the year. But Brown can't rely on him to win the whole game. Don't forget that last season Brown had only finished a victory, and they had a long way to go.The official website of NFL | shocked Smith for 49 | football coaching change 49 of San Francisco's 2014 season is so unstable that the former Jim - Harbert (Jim Harbaugh) recently hinted that his successor Jim Tom Sura (Jim Tomsula) for the whole season in the pursuit of his job. , the first 49 quarterback Alex Smith (Alex Smith), who took part in the business on Saturday, was shocked by the sudden change of blood from the 49 trainers. I think for me, it is very difficult to believe that these coaches leave, it is hard to believe that these personnel changes, Smith told the media that in San Francisco. They have won a lot of games in the last few years, but for whatever reason they didn't succeed last season. I don't know what's the reason. I wish Tom and Sura a good coach. I wish him all well. is the first quarterback who won 49 of 38-7 and won the 2010 season of Tom in Sura's 49 season. Smith is a unique candidate to evaluate the new commander of the 49 people. I like what he brought to the team that week, Smith said. I know he has the ability to be a coach. He is a good man, a really good coach. I support him. There are 49 popular talent in , but in Harbert, offensive coordinator Greg Roman (Greg Roman) and respected defensive coordinator Vic Fangio (Vic Fangio) company, Tom Sura in the negative. may soon after running back Frank Gore (Frank Gore), Michael - Clubb Terry (Michael receiver Crabtree) and the 3 occupation bowl guard Mike Lupadi (Mike Iupati) will step the coach's footsteps.

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