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Arizona Cardinals defensive cornerback Matthew Almighty tylan (Tyrann Mathieu) for second consecutive years in the injured reserve list in the end of the season. The announced Friday Matthew into the injured reserve list. Matthew's career has never season attendance in the 4 season, Matthew has 3 season ending injury. Matthew has been suffering from shoulder injuries this season. He played 10 games this season, 1 times, 1 grappling and 33 grabs. He was also placed in the injury reserve list in the new rookie season due to a tear in the anterior cruciate ligament and the posterior cruciate ligament. in August this year, the Cardinals contract with Matthew for 5 years, the contract value of $64 million 100 thousand. although Matthew didn't want to truce, it might be the best decision for him. The Cardinals failed 2016 season does not mean the end of an era. The Cardinals are still there are a lot of good players and coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) is still one of the best league coach. If they try to regain the next season in the NL West, Matthew health is significant for it. saw Matthew turned his life and career in the Cardinals by a so many health problems. Now Matthew wants to ensure that cardinals in the future they can succeed is one of them. They now need to protect their future.The playoffs have second games in the semifinals of the playoffs, and No. three seed Dallas cowboy for the cold Blaupunkt stadium to challenge No. two seed Green Bay Packers. The packers trailed the case 26-21 victory over the cowboys, promotion in the National League Championship Series, t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping hey will visit the Seattle Seahawks challenge. on the first half of the game offensive by cowboys, but their first attack suffered a blow and a shout. In the face of three 5 yards under quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo) was the packers linebacker Julius peipers (Julius Peppers) captured and killed to drop the ball, fortunately he snatched off the ball, but the Cowboys ended the first attack wave. The Cowboys punt gave the packers a good kick off position, this wave of attack let packers running back Eddie RESINES (Eddie Lacy) took over most of his offensive task, in this wave of attack 7 times to help the team to punch the ball 45 yards, and quarterback Aaron Rodgers calf injury (Aaron Rodgers) is responsible for the score in the last minute, he found nearly 4 yards passing end Andrew (Andrew Quarless) - Leeds boast complete 7-0 touchdowns, leading the packers. The cowboy who got the chance to attack again began to attack from the 38 yards of his side by attacking Dwayne Harris (Dwayne Harris), which is similar to that of the packers. This wave of attack ran Wei dema branch - Murray (DeMarco Murray) 7 red ball 17 yards passing forward Romo but also very effective, directly from the cowboy packers 17 yard line to the 1 yard line finally packers pass interference at 1 yards passing foul, Romo found guard Taylor Crewe Mainz (Tyler Clutts) completed a touchdown. The cowboy equals the score. The second - wave attack on Green Bay also relied on the kick back to get a good start. I do not know why in this wave of attack before play an important role in running Wei Lei Xi did not play, so the packers running back James Starks replacement (James Starks) undertake to punch the ball task, this wave of attack continue to use the packers to punch the ball and pass the way forward, but the packers in advance to the cowboy mistake in kickoff the 27 yard line, Rodgers snatched off the ball again after dropping the ball, cowboy was right to get the ball back. The cowboy is also used to punch the ball and pass the offense, but on the offensive to the packers 38 yard line, passing over Romo found outside the Terrence Williams (Terrance Williams), the latter way into the end zone to complete a 38 yard touchdown. The cowboy is 14-7. The wrapper, who started the attack again, was unable to work this time, and had to choose the kicking after 15 yards. The cowboy ushered in a golden opportunity to expand the advantage, they rely on a stable and rushed the ball to play Murray Romo pass from time to time steadily forward, but the score in the game with 48 seconds once confused. This time to face the second 7 yards, Romo completed near end Jason Witten (Jason Witten) 8 yards to the new.Cleveland Brown announced on Tuesday that he will start the rookie quarterback Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) as the first quarterback, while Manzel's first career opponent is the same area rival Cincinnati tigers. The day before the Cincinnati tigers coach Malvin - Lewis (Marvin Lewis) received a radio program during the interview, the host asked Lewis how to treat Manzel said episode, Lewis said: "we need to defend each other is the offense, but not for a single player for defense." Then Lewis paused for a few seconds, and he added, "it's especially like a dwarf (it doesn't need to be specifically targeted)." later Monday later Lewis apologized for his remarks later on Monday: "I apologize to Manzel, Brown and Brown. My remarks were obviously inappropriate, but I didn't mean to. On Tuesday, Lewis again made an even more formal and sincere apology on the official website. no matter whether Lewis's satire is unintentional, it will add more topics to the impressive Manzel first show.????|??????????????????????????????????????? Luca before the 2014 Chinese Junior Squash Championships (autumn Cup finals) successfully concluded in Shanghai Sheng Liying Pudong squash centre. More than 40 small players from Shanghai, Hangzhou, Kunshan, Hongkong, Malaysia Penang and other places took part in the two days of fierce competition. Zhang Ruoyan won the championship of women's GU11. He won the first place in the women's group under 15 years old. He won the champion of the 11 year old group from Xu Jia in Kunshan, and Zhang Guanyu won the championship under 11 years old. 2014 Sheng Liying China Youth squash Championships was the National Youth squash Championships sponsored by the Chinese Squash Association. The championship has three rounds, the spring cup, the summer cup, and the fall cup. The players get the championship points according to their ranking in each round. The autumn cup at the end of each age group is 2014 China Junior Squash Championships according to the total score of three get the annual winners. is the largest small players in the tournament opportunity game experience and technology development, each round of the tournament to take the group round robin and elimination tournament ranked two stages, so that each player to play 4 games in 5 days at least two events can have more opportunities, with different levels of hand play. this year, although the number of players is still limited, it is usually necessary to combine different age groups, but the average technical level of players is greatly improved. Especially in the autumn cup, there are several players who perform well. Experts believe that if there are more opportunities to participate in international competitions, it is expected to achieve the above results in Asia. 's players in the fall cup are divided into 3 big groups. Since the number of Chinese teenage squash players is still limited at the present stage, each big combination has two to three age groups. women 11-13-15 under the age group (GU11-13-15) is the smallest group in this competition, with only 7 players, five 10 and two 13. From Kunshan Jinhui Squash Club Zhang Ruoyan played very well in the match, for defeating Sheng Liying GU11, a French Clarys Vignal, won the group as well as the annual GU11 championship. Mao Jiawei from the Hangzhou gymnasium won the woman under 13 years of age. Sheng Liying was the two player French Clarys Vignal and the city of Hangzhou Chen Chen Zhitong respectively won the annual GU11 and GU13 two silver and two bronze medals. women under the age of 15 were ranked in the top three place in the top three place for three Shanghai sports universities and young national teams.

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