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I walked into the ward, and you could feel from the air that it was full of sadness. I'll never forget it. The child lying on the bed was filled with pipes. His name is Milton Wright (Milton). He was a black child with a good physical quality and light skin. He is taller than me, and he looks like a healthy child. Milton high school played rugby, and later he became a model. One day, when he woke up, he could hardly move. He went to the hospital for several tests, and the results were very bad: Milton had advanced leukemia. this incredible TV ad is only 19 years old. the child was lying on the bed, waiting for the death in silence. when I walked into the cancer unit of the hospital, his family was beside him. Milton cried quietly, and I could see that he was afraid. Wards all tearful, I also like. His mother told me that this was not the first time Milton had faced leukemia. Milton beat the disease at the age of 8 and beat leukemia again at the age of 14. now, this terrible illness again reached out to Milton. the only thing I thought of at that time was that it was unfair to him. This idea takes up my mind: Yes, it's really unfair. I tried to say something to comfort him, but I couldn't say it. The grief and fear that spread in the ward repressed everything. Milton has only one hope to survive. The doctors at Seattle children's Hospital try to adopt a trial therapy -- T cell therapy supported by the stro cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ng against cancer clinical trial in the hospital. This is the last straw, and there is no other way out. The doctor told me that this T cell therapy was used only once in Seattle's children's hospital. I'm just a rugby player, so I won't try to explain how the treatment is treated in a scientific way. But in short, doctors put T cells into Milton's blood and use T cells to clean up cancer cells. at first, the therapy was successful. Suddenly, Milton's situation was getting worse. The resistance of T cells and cancer cells caused Milton's temperature to rise sharply, making Milton dying. When this happens, the doctor can press ", restart the switch ", and take back the T cells. Milton and his family have to decide whether to recall T cells and give up the therapy. The problem is, this therapy is also the last hope of Milton's survival. when I sat by his bedside, and his gaze, I can feel that he has accepted his fate. But he was really scared. at this time, is there any encouraging words that can immediately be made to cheer him up? No so I told him a story about my father.Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel)'s rest season continues to be tortuous. Now the former Cleveland Brown quarterback told TMZ sports reporters that he is now living with Super Bowl MVP von Miller (Von Miller). on Saturday U.S. time, Manzel found a nightclub in Losangeles by reporters, and answer a series of questions. He did not answer directly to reporters' questions, but answered other questions: "now I live with Miller, everyone knows Miller, Miller of Super Bowl MVP, he is my good brother, we live together." us time on Friday, Miller said he wanted Manzel to be signed by Denver Mustang as a Dezhou farmer's player. but when asked about the Mustang's question, Manzel replied, "the wild horse?" Is John Elvin (John Elway) the great man? This team is great. No matter who I am chosen, I will play. This is a team I want to go. " is still looking for the quarterback bench.although the free market has already been opened, the big pattern of the whole alliance has not changed significantly. All teams will rise and fall - the cycle of reciprocating every year. But there are some changes that can be said over the last two months. if we are coming to the free market now, there are not many teams that really sign the contract for the reconstruction. Of course, as the salary cap further expands, the mother team has a greater margin to leave the core, which is an important factor. then what's the change in the pattern of NFL before the April 27th draft? In a word, it's nothing different from last year. does not enter the playoffs as the failure group Green Bay Packers, the Seattle Seahawks, Atlanta falcons, Dallas cowboys ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? They both reaped a failed season. packers Seahawks and the other two last year -- I think the top teams in the past seven years - six times in the semifinals. This incredible stability comes from an excellent starting quarterback and the undisputed top management. these two teams are trying to make some changes. The packers lost some of the last hero (Julius Peppers, TJ Lang, Eddie Lacy, Micah Hyde), and Richard Sherman recently also indicates that the Seahawks defense tattle and prate also face change dynasties. But on paper, the two teams are still the most popular playoffs. cowboys and falcons are the leading runners in the attack group. Now they have to prove that this hot offensive performance is sustainable. Despite the strong signing of the defensive intercepting Dontari Poe, the departure of the offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan, is still a cloudy cloud over Atlanta. But as we come, the promotion of the defense team still allows the falcons to be in the ranks of their competitors. And the cowboy's mission is very simple to build up a continuous winning culture that has disappeared since the Barry Switzer era. For Dak and Zeke, the possible two grade new rookie wall and a new second line defense made Cowboys the most difficult of the team to predict. However, in terms of the lineup, we can call it a failure if we don't get into the playoffs. overstaffed backbone Carolina Panthers, New York giants, Arizona Cardinals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans saints, Detroit lions, Washington Redskins, Philadelphia eagles. The gap between 6-10 and 10-6 is too much exaggerated in NFL. All nine teams have a full opportunity to win the zoning championship or the one on the basis of the existing lineup.the Lakers into the army in 1947 1960 moved to Losangeles, has been 70 years of history, a total of 16 won the championship, after the Celtics 17 times, has 11 shirts hanging in the Staples Center, the fans are most familiar with Kareem Abdul Jabbar, "magic", Johnson "the shark" O'neal, today added "Peter Pan" Kobe · Bryant. the 11 retired Jersey Bryant arranged two, respectively is 8 and 24; 13 Jersey is the "commander" Chamberlain, the 1968-1973 year stay with the Lakers for 5 seasons; 22 Jersey belongs to AI Kim Beller (1958-1971 years), "25" Goodrich (Gail Charles Goodrich 1965-19681970-1976 in "32"), Magic Johnson (1979-19911996 years). "33" Jabbar (1975-1989 years), "34" O'neal (1996-2004 years), "42" James Wasi (James Ager Worthy 1982-1994 years), "44" Wister (Jerry Alan West 1960-1974 years), "52" Dwiggins (Jamaal Wilkes 1977-1985 years). the 11 Jersey 10 players from Chamberlain, Jabbar, Dwiggins, Johnson, Walter tin, O'neal star is almost for having heard it many times from 60s to twenty-first Century, become the memories of three generations of fans. read the original copyright statement: the content and editing of this article are from the Internet

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