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hariken as a friendly partner of the Guangzhou sun god team for many years, witnessed the glory days of the team. The hand launched cooperation jerseys, help Guangzhou team at the sixth session of the sun god A a star football tournament, to inherit the southern football, football rekindle feelings, make more and more people pay attention to football, football, support and participate in football. shirt front with steel rolling technology, create a stripe design visual effect, highlighting the low-key publicity; on both sides of the body and the breathable mesh Jersey after piece of cloth, to help players move freely ?????????????????????????????????????10??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????k???쨴?????????????????????????????????????????????? On behalf of that Guangzhou belonged to the sun god's age cheap nfl jerseys free shipping draped jersey once herd boys still go by like the windIndianapolis pony's quarterback Andrew - Andrew (Andrew Luck) was recently invited to the University of de Paul to take part in the literature show. When asked about giving some advice to college students, replied: "advice?" I'm only 25 years old, and I have nothing to suggest. " when asked who is the league's best defensive player, he replied: "if not in the pony choose, should be JJ watts (JJ Watt)" when asked about Reggie Wayne (Reggie Wayne) said: "this is not an interesting topic, those who love you, in the occupation of sports to have to leave, this is to happen, maybe one day someone took my place." 's unique sense of humor always makes it impossible for us to go deep into the topic, so remember to ask some questions that are not very deep in the interview.The official website of NFL | Stanton comeback before Palmer returns will remain as the first | football - Palmer Carson (Carson Palmer) shoulder nerve problems seemed to restore this week can, but for the next week he need to return to the Arizona Cardinals game, but recently there are still a lot of good news. NFL media reported that Drew Stanton (Drew Stanton) has cancelled the concussion problem and will start on Sunday. Another source also confirmed the accuracy of the news. on Friday, when the coach was asked who would be the first quarterback against Washington red skin, the coach replied, "honestly, this is the first time I haven't known who will be the first in 20 years. returned to Palmer, and although his passing ability recovered 80% and showed a certain speed, a photo released by the reporters could be seen. Stanton said: our quarterback problem is very serious now. I have to say that although I am standing there, I am not sure whether I can play in accordance with the old mode. Rogan, a rookie, left a deep impression on his teammates, because his arm is very powerful. According to Larry Faith Gerard (Larry Fitzgerald), his passing can change the direction of the wind. But last week Thomas finished only 8 in 1, but his ability was worthy of recognition.has decided to reward the core players in the combination after a good season in the Carolina panther. Black Panther announced on Monday that Ryan Kalil, the center of the five - degree career bowl, has renewed his contract with the team for 2 years. According to NFL Rand Getlin, the NFL official, the contract is worth $16 million 750 thousand, of which $13 million is guaranteed. 31 year old Carl is the two round of the panther in 2007. has a complex group to attack the main attack run, an outstanding quarterback and return to fight a season's offensive coordinator under the condition of ensuring command pass cover and run open players left the team for the Panthers is crucial in the success in the future. The center is an increasingly difficult position to cultivate. When the line coach in his rookie Jiefeng who work hard left, they also have to find to keep a large amount of information and pay more attention to the impact of the opponent's center inside the ball. The Panther almost every attack uses the option to attack and their mobile quarterback is not afraid of their own attack. 's bottom line is that a good team that has been competing for the playoffs will not make the center a free player.

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