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Saint Louis goats will have the best backcourt attack combination in the league. As this year's first round pick in the biggest surprise, a choice of rams running back Todd (Todd Gurley) Karli in tenth, he will partner Trevor Mason (Tre Mason), with help from multi angle attack group for the rams. ??????????2012?????????|?????????????????? In the National League West, construction team idea ram is very similar to the Seattle Seahawks and the 49 people in San Francisco, the ground offensive strong defensive plus high will be the foundation of victory. With Nick - Fowles (Nick Foles) joining, the team has also been strengthened in the quarterback position. The attack mode of the new season rams is worth looking forward to. last season, missed a lot of games because Karli injured knee anterior cruciate ligament, but this does not affect his draft appeal. At present, his injury recovery is more optimistic, will not affect the main training plan of the new season. Gly is regarded as the next horse Sean Lynch (Marshawn Lynch). He can find opportunities in a very small space, and has excellent vis cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ion, strength and acceleration ability. Green's joining also made the ram another runner Zach Stacy (Zac Stacy) aware that he was in trouble. He was surprised to publish his state on personal network social media, but then removed the state. A reporter revealed that Stacy will leave or put forward to apply to the rams in the next few days.tiger news June 22nd Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) is a personal life to an open book. He can update his social account several times a day, show himself and show his training and hobbies. on Wednesday U.S. time, Brown in his Snapchat put out his head in the backyard Dicastal Carolina Panthers helmet ball training photos. We must have a dull explanation for this. Maybe it is a helmet on his family. Maybe he wants to find a helmet that can match his blue dress. but fans are almost going to blow up the pot, and many people worry about whether there's a deal going on. The bottom line of is that Brown is an ordinary person. He can choose what to wear at home and train at home. At least he is in a state of training to meet the coming training camp. just let Brown become the Steelers alliance of the highest income receivers, he can only help the team, and not go to other teams.| world occupation Chinese open squash squash David won the championship. Cole Senay Luca in October 27th, the world open final Chinese occupation squash in Pudong New Area Binjiang Avenue two Hui square glass lights stadium, after 45 minutes of intense competition stifling, Malaysia player Nicole David. Prior negative case turned two wins, with 3:2 (11:7, 8:11, 6:11, 11:7, 11:8) the results beat Egypt's Ai Hui Lili won the China open championship. The China open referee group's meeting is new to show: today's game is very wonderful, the game is full of 5 games. Nicole David, 8 years of symmetrical bully World Women's wall, met Ai Hui Lily, a very challenging Egyptian player today. Especially in the first two games, AI Hui Lili took advantage of her powerful strength and fast running, plus her excellent handle, especially taking advantage of the corner ball for a few minutes to win the first two games with 11:8,11:6. Today the weather of Shanghai is very bright, which for Nicole. David is very negative, to just play Nicole. David played Nicole. David is indeed the first in the world, her strength is obvious to people after the start, lost two games, the stability of the ball and adjust their tactics, smoothly to (11:7 11:7), draw two, real score tied nihei; fifth game play is very exciting, although the two sides have become relatively cautious, on the pitch to hit the ball round more, there are obvious changes to Egypt's AI Hui Lili when the mind, consecutive errors in the prevailing circumstances let Nicole David. Seize the aircraft, play super strength, 11:8 to take a key game, won the 2013 Chinese slam. Jin Hongwen, the two vice minister of sports management center of , said: "the world professional squash Chinese open is the end of China's Squash tournament this year. This year is one of the most recent years of squash events. Apart from the two Asian Games and the East Asian Games squash, we also took part in the big squash events, such as East Asian squash Championships and China open. As a whole, the whole year competition is running smoothly and has achieved very good results. The whole event is led to the development of squash, especially the national team has made some breakthroughs in international competitions in East Asian squash championships on the women's team won the third place, over some years can not go beyond the opponent in the East Asian Games, China team won the women's singles silver medal, women's team third. The national training team has established confidence for itself through achievements, and has also put forward higher requirements for our next work. Our main task now is next year's Asian Games, expecting that the Asian Games next year will achieve better results. (Paul)Xiamen Xingguan Bowling Club donation Pinghe three primary school size | Bowling today, a group of special guests have been greeted by a group of special guests in the three way primary school in the southern part of an hou town in Pinghe county. They are full of love red packets, stationery, toys, books and clothes. They are Xiamen Xingguan bowling club members, their total aid amounted to 23805 yuan.

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