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according to the The Associated Press, the Cincinnati tigers have signed a new quarterback in the free agent market - Taylor - Wilson (Tyler Wilson). Before signing Wilson, the tigers just lost their 1st quarterback quarterback Jason Campbell (Jason Campbell), who suffered elbow injuries in pre-season training. tiger's quarterback quarterback cullough AJ- (AJ McCarron) will miss most preparations for pre-season because of shoulder injury. Therefore, tigers still need a four point guard to deliver artillery shells for the players in pre season training. The main quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) briefly appeared in the first match against the tigers in the pre-season match. From the current situation, he will play longer in the second match against New York jet. Wilson is the Oakland Raiders in 2013 fourth round pick last season, most of his stay in the team as a sparring. He was cut off by the Tennessee Titans last week. Luckily, Wilson's unemployment period was not more than a week. [related news] tigers locked the main force of the quarterback, Dalton, 6 years, 96 millionThe official website of NFL | [] expert perspective regular season summary: placid season | Rugby Author: ARodgers, NFL Chinese official web columnist regular season summary, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping this is a very tearful topic, not only because the evaluation of more than four months of the season is too excited, another point of view is to remind you in mercilessly, 2014 season has come to an end, the more long offseason is quietly approaching. stability force: strong teams have maintained their strength this is the eleventh beautiful new England Patriots 12 season League East champion, is their 12 season eleventh playoff appearances this season, the Patriots just Brady + Bailey Cheik generals combination make the opponent more frightening is unable to resist sustain the blows, defensive and special teams were stable, patriot is more like a dragon a pair of wings, League regular season champion is the greatest compliment to them. In addition to the patriot, tactics star Mustang, defending champion Seahawks, firepower packaging industry, the steady progress of the tigers, growing ponies and other teams are not expected to reach the playoffs, become popular title group. player, Aaron Rodgers, Payton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew - Bracey, Philip - Rivers played quarterback and elite super high level, the entire season almost no state fluctuations, as usual to defend his reputation. other positions, crow, Brown, horse, tiger and so offensive front although experienced the impact of injuries, but the overall strength of first-class help their team steadily. Ma Sean - Lynch, Forster - Charles, Ariane jaymar, - Johnson, Calvin - Thomas Demaliusi technical position is still strong superstar in the game, let the union become the bright starlight. The defense is more dependent on the whole routine instead of players, so the Seahawks, cardinals and 49 Other defensive teams remain strong, helped their team to the playoffs or playoff continues to keep chasing. All of the above were fully expected before the season, and it was because of them that the 2014 season seemed to be stable and deep. breakthroughs: in Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi This is also belongs to a breakthrough season, the Arizona Cardinals rely on aggressive defense and deadly attack in Wulin, if not for the second half of the season of injuries, they even expected to impact the National League, resulting in Feinikesi in the home court against the super bowl. The Dallas cowboys and the Detroit lions were thought to be strong and weak before the season, and it was even hard to make the playoffs.Polo |2013 Beijing International Polo open ended - Arab count team won the championship 2013 Beijing International Polo Open curtain The team won the championship count October 19th, the 2013 Beijing International Polo Open was held at the Beijing International Polo Center (Beijing sunshine times Polo Club). From Britain, Spain, New Zealand and the United players after the final count the catch on the athletic field, team beat the pack, won the Beijing International Polo Open Cup, New Zealand in second, Britain and Spain won three or four. Horacio Carlos won the best player title, and the polo horse is the best polo. open on 15-19 October at the 2013 Beijing International Polo jointly organized by the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau, the tourism development of Beijing City Committee, the Beijing Municipal Cultural Bureau, Yanqing County People's government, the Beijing Bureau of sports competition management center, Yanqing County Sports Bureau, the Beijing Sun Times Polo Co., Beijing steed Era cultural tourism development limited support for friendship. Polo highly ornamental, 2013 Beijing International Polo Open tournament has attracted more than 2000 people at the scene to watch the games, provides a new way of life for the people. Unlike previous years, the addition of children, youth and mass leisure riding, riding fitness, leisure and entertainment, in part through the interaction of the masses; realistic horse sculpture exhibition, display and other aspects of different horse breeds, deep cultural connotation and essence of the horse, the horse of the knowledge and appreciation of the masses. , this tournament continues to cooperate with the British Polo Tournament brand -- BRITISH POLO DAY (UK BRITISH) to achieve joint efforts with the strong team and jointly create the world famous sports brand. Edward Olver, founder and chief executive of polo day, said: "we are very honored to see Beijing International Polo Open and British Polo day work together, and we hope to share this grand Polo event with China's growing Polo fans. and polo has 34 years history of the Earl of Piaget brand with special status to sponsoring the official race timer, led by the founder of contemporary Chinese Polo Xia Yang Beijing sunshine times polo club team; Prince Charles's brand Hackett for this event to provide official Jersey, Land Rover Jaguar, Financial Street InterContinental Hotel, Ettinger leather, Tai〉2016 Power Rankings: Week 1 RANKTEAM / RECORD TRENDINGCOMMENTS There are no power rankings for this week yet. Glossary The rankings were determined by ESPN's Power Panel, a group of more than 80 writers, editors and television personalities.

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