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The official website of NFL | Seahawks receiver Locket: to watch the Super Bowl last attack | football Ricardo Locket (Ricardo Lockette) is one of the most famous performance in the history of NFL. It's not a good thing for him. In this year's super bowl, Locket is the last goal of quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson), but this pass was copied by the new England patriot corner guard Barkam Butler (Malcolm Butler), and the result of the game was laid. For a moment, Butler became a patriot's saviour Locket to become universally condemned objects in Seattle and other places. In one of his own articles, talked about the career of his little people and the pass that he could not forget. I can't watch the video of the game, and the article begins. Of course I can't stand watching video. People have told me that this is a perfect copy. People have told me that from a camera angle I look like I'm going to go into the area. People have told me all about the last attack on the forty-ninth Super Bowl. No, I had no idea. Whenever this camera is replayed, I can't watch it. as a undrafted in the League results play a key role in the Seahawks offensive group Locket said earlier in the season, the Seahawks played three times in the same attack. They finished the attack every time. Perfect. An unstoppable ex cheap nfl jerseys free shipping pression. I see the ball coming. I have never seen the ball, he wrote. I know one thing, I'm kneeling on the grass. I look around and feel like it is, okay, is it a pass? I see the sideline to patriots here, I saw Tom Brady (Tom Brady) jump. Then I look to our line, I saw our players pale, head bent. I will never forget the pain. Latter Lammas?? Locket didn't see Wilson until April when he was in the Super Bowl night, when he came to Hawaii to meet with his other teammates to participate in the training of only players. We'll go back there, and Wilson tells Locket that if we're in the same situation again, I'll pass the ball to you again. We'll fix the attack. I trust youThe game against the Green Bay Packers last week, the Detroit lions starting linebacker Stephen Turok (Stephen Tulloch) in the sacks packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) after excited to celebrate, but unfortunately, during the celebration tore the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee, and eventually lead to the season. , in an interview with Rock, said he had no regrets about the act. When asked if he would choose not to go back in time to celebrate when tulok replied: "Oh, I could not, certainly to celebrate a. I often celebrate when I play, and if the celebration leads to injury, it is the doomed, just when the problem will be hurt. " said there has been no pain tulok knee surgery, will be in the next week. And this week's game will be the 29 year old tulok occupation career first absent. Turok is optimistic: "the injured will no doubt affect people's psychology, the future comeback will inevitably have psychological obstacles, but I am very confident, I believe that their own efforts and training can make me full of blood resurrection. When I go back to the field, it may be better than it is now. " with the Turok season, Alastair Whitehead (Tahir Whitehead) will receive the occupation career for the first time, as the lion starting middle linebacker debut.According to NFL famous reporter Ian - Labobote (Ian Rapoport) Thursday evening local time, the new England patriots and tackle Marcus cannon (Marcus Cannon) completed the two-year $9 million contract. cannon served as the team early in the season left Jiefeng, but in fourth weeks, rookie Blaine - Storck (Bryan Stork) began as the starting center, so getting - Connolly (Dan Connolly) moved to the tackle position, so the cannon was forced to return to the bench. Since then, he has become the sixth man on the line of attack. to make adjustments, quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) the day before becoming comfortable many, in 13 games this season, Brady was sacked a total of 13 times, while Brady in last season's first 13 games were actually 36 sacks of. Connolly will be a free player after the end of the season, and the patriots may also be able to transform it into a whole guard.The regular season entered the last month, and the playoffs became clearer. The strength which is strong and weak is also basically a conclusion, so the ranking of the strength list is basically stable. The Panthers in the away win of the saints after still topped the list. The two consecutive defeats of patriots made them down to fifth, and the team that ranked third to fifth last week had each step up. A losing streak after winning streak is not bad this season. Think of falcons. After 5-0, it didn't accept the baptism of two consecutive defeats. It became the way it is now. The packer relied on Marina, who did not allow the lion to sweep himself again in 24 years, and thus saved his previous performance advantage. In the case of four games left, the two wins of the pirates are still more stable. But the strength of the list is still down two. Along with him, there were the Vikings in the same area. The two teams are eighth and tenth. And fill the sixth Seahawks Steelers and seventh position. The sheikh, who holds the best match for the next four weeks, basically ensured the playoffs and came to ninth on the list. Bill this week reek Dezhou people, let their playoffs hope to increase greatly. As long as you can beat the jets in the last week and the next three weeks in the east facing the opponent off the chain, squeezing out the jets and the Steelers hope is not small. The strength of the list is eleventh. And the people of Dezhou regretfully continue to retire with the pony. The list is twelfth. Jet although at present in Midland in sixth, but the last two weeks of the battle let their playoff road is still not clear. This week is thirteenth. Was the Steelers holding a pony to advantage to the people of Dezhou, but in fifteenth weeks is not to say. It is now ranked fourteenth. Although the pirates ranked the top seventh, but the front to catch up with the packers, the Vikings and the seahawks. The difficulty is not small. Although the strength has risen to fifteenth, I don't think about their playoffs. After , the National East four was "strong" for a playoff seat. The giants rank the highest, seventeenth. Lost nineteenth of the red skin of a good situation. From the race, the most popular hawk twenty-second. The cowboy, although there is a theoretical hope, but after all, no team brain, only twenty-sixth. The following is a detailed list of : 1. 12-0 the Carolina Panthers; (-)

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