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The official website of NFL | Gelon Sikorski in "entourage" as the police | football since the new England patriots won the Super Bowl our star tight end rob Gelon '(Rob Gronkowski) in the offseason will not stop the madness, of course including the movie. , who plays a patrol in the latest issue of the star partner, is just a word that you can't have only that thing. G Ron Kowski wrote in his Twitter: am I a policeman right now! At least in my movie. do not know what to describe, a love with Shakira love drinking police, also flirting looking girl, okay, don't imagine, let us look forward to the release of the film.53 year old Geoff (Jeff Tedford) - Watford this season as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator, but before the start of the regular season, Watford due to heart problems and choose to leave. A few months lat cheap nfl jerseys free shipping er, he finally found a new job, and he will be the head coach of the CFL lions. actually had the origins of terford with CFL, who had played the quarterback for six years and served as the manager's assistant to the male lion in 1989-1991. "CFL always gives me a feeling of comfort, whether it is a player or a coach," he said. "I had a good time." , who was the head coach of California University team in 2002-2012 years, achieved 82 wins and 57 losses. But he lost a lot of goals in 2010-2012, so he was cut off after the end of the 2012 season.Cristiano Ronaldo and the national team teammates jointly launched a vigorous "Centennial" new uniforms. Even even football equipment network news to celebrate the Portuguese Football Federation was founded in 100th anniversary, the new Portuguese home court uniforms will be excellent performance and innovation, combined with the powerful national symbol and the design details of the perfect, showing a unique and exciting new features. in Jersey after the collar is a sign of a medial triangle flag red and green, decorated with patterns about Portugal's armillary sphere, maritime history. The famous Portuguese pioneers is to use this tool to explore the world of navigation equipment. As a national symbol of the Portuguese armillary sphere has a history of 500 years, and as the Portuguese shield background consists of a flag. "New Jersey is beautiful and concise, details of the design embodies the cultural history of Portugal respect. At the same time, Jersey technology let me keep dry, cool and comfortable, showing the strongest strength on the pitch, "Cristiano Ronaldo commented," when I wear the national team jersey, pride, arise spontaneously I will fight for the fans, family and friends." top dry and comfortable 〉The official website of NFL | Bill defense group displayed amazing anti running | football strength ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????48???????????????????쨰?????????????????? By light transmission cover punching is anti running strength equally impressive, currently Bill averaged only 96.3 yards for each other to get the ground offensive yardage, seventh best in the NBA, only released 6 rushing touchdowns in the league in fourth, Bill also did not let the other side to have a running back red ball 40 yards, the League currently only 7 teams can do this. Anti run to make each other soon fall into three long code number conversion of the embarrassment of excellent, and at the top red pass to the opponent's attack failed. Bill to run against the collective credit, a number of main points of the season have reached positive points. The two defensive ends Mario Williams (Mario Williams) and Jerry Hughes (Jerry Hughes) have +7.1 and +6.6 runaway ratings respectively, ranking the ninth and tenth of all defensive ends of the league, respectively. Defensive tackle Marcel Daliusi - (Marcell Dareus) +15.8 anti run score ranked the same position third, anti run stop rate of 9.1% is in the same row of position seventh. Linebacker position, outside linebacker Nigel Brad Ham (Nigel Bradham) - run score of +10.3 among the same position third, anti run stop rate is 10.9%, the eligible ranked 25 ranked fifth in 4-3 outside linebacker. Another outside linebacker Preston Brown (Preston Brown) 27.3% hold comprehensive capture all ranked 4-3 outside linebacker efficiency first.

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