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The official website of NFL | Gelon Khodorkovsky playoff touchdown catch up to the proximal end of front | football the new England patriot defeated the Kansas chieftain 27 - 20 at the end of the United States time on Saturday. super patriots tight end rob Gelon Khodorkovsky (Rob Gronkowski) before the knee and back injuries, but during the game he completed the occupation career playoff eighth receiving touchdowns, which made him the first to complete the history of winning tight end. G Ron koves Ki took only 6 seasons to go beyond David - Dave Casper and Vernon - Davies (Vernon Davis).the Carolina Panthers in the fifteenth week will be in the absence of quarterback Newton Kamm (Cam Newton) cheap nfl jerseys free shipping under the condition of battle. team coach Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera) announced on Wednesday that the backup quarterback Drake Anderson (Derek Anderson) will start on Sunday against Tampa Bay piracy. The day before the announcement, Newton laced two muscles down the back of his back in a car accident near the training base. He was discharged from the local hospital on Wednesday morning. this will be the second absence of Newton's career and the two time it has happened this season. The ribs hurt the team's trump player for the first week of the game. Anderson got the chance to start the game in that game and did well in the game against the pirates. now Anderson will face pirates second times, and this time for the 4 - win, 8 - 1, and 1 - draw Panther is a game that must be won.The official website of NFL, the jets fired veteran wide receiver Brandon Marshall, rugby wo According to the NFL Network reporter Ian he reported that jet fired veteran wide receiver Brandon marshall. The jet just before firing cornerback Darryl ray Weiss and Nick Mann Godwin line. Marshall entered the league in 2006, once in the wild horses, bears, dolphins, the jets finished 59 last season to play ball, get 788 yards, 3 touchdowns. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL |: a player cannot determine the Seahawks offensive game | Rugby in the super bowl with 26 seconds left, the Seattle Seahawks 4 points behind them, the distance of the new England patriots end only yards away. While all the people think running back Sean Lynch MA (Marshawn Lynch) will kill beast game, the Seahawks chose a pass beyond expectation tactics. In the end, the Patriot completed the copy, setting the score to 28-24. after the game, talk about the attack, part of the Seahawks players said a attack cannot determine the outcome of the whole game. Doug Baldwin (Doug Baldwin) said that the failure should not be attributed to this attack: I think we are all shocked by the final results. We had 1 pause, and we wanted to try. I don't know whether this choice is right or not, but all we want is to score. I hope I can give an acceptable explanation, but an attack cannot determine the victory or defeat of the game. All of us have to be responsible for it. quarterback Russell - Wilson (Russell Wilson) said he was not surprised by the tactical choice: I was not surprised. It's normal to pass the ball and we've been doing it all season and we have been successful repeatedly. In spite of this, Wilson was very disappointed in being copied: I was hurt, and I hate the feeling of losing. But I have to raise my head and move on. I will be ready for the next season, and our goal is to come back.

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