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The official website of NFL | Eric - Berri: the contract is still in | football With the approaching of the deadline of July 15th, , besides the Von Miller of Denver Mustang, Miller has not yet signed a contract with her team. Eric Berri (Eric Berry) said he was surprised why the contract signing with the chieftain was so slow in his Kansas children's training camp. , he told reporters: "I think we should speed up negotiations, but in fact, negotiations are almost the same as last week. A lot of things need to be changed before next week. President Clark Hunter (Clark Hunt), the chief of the sheikh, said in March that he wanted to complete a long-term contract with Berri. If the chief not completed the signing of Berri, Berri will enter the free market at that time, the 4 session of the occupation bowl players may impact cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the current highest income. Ann Harrison - Smith (Harrison Smith) 5 year $51 million 250 thousand contract. Berri's lymphoma surgery successfully returned to the Stadium last season, helping the team enter the playoffs successfully, contributing 61 data on tackling and 2 intercepting, and successfully entering the professional bowl.The official website of NFL | Coldplay will serve as the fiftieth Super Bowl halftime show guests | football NFL officially announced: Coldplay (Coldplay) will serve as the fiftieth session of the first Super Bowl halftime show guests. , led by the lead singer Chris Martin (Chris Marti), won the seven Grammy Awards. The British rock band will release its new album on Friday. In addition , according to ESPN, the performance and the red hot chili peppers band in the forty-eighth Super Bowl halftime (Red Hot Chili Peppers) together with the performances of Bruno - Marrs (Bruno Mars) will also play in the fiftieth super bowl. "The Wall Street journal" reported that is currently working with the Coldplay album with Beyonce (Beyonce) are in talks on the halftime show stage.The official website of NFL | run Weile Garrett Blount returned to the Patriots | football Le Garrett Blount (LeGarrette Blount) is no longer before the new England patriots player. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Tuesday that the veteran runner and the Patriot signed a 1 year contract worth 2 million dollars. The contract includes a basic salary of $760 thousand, a $100 thousand signature bonus, a $100 thousand team bonus and a $1 million bonus. The day before signed Blount, patriots cut off three grade running Taylor - Taylor Gaffney. Blount missed the last 4 games of the season and playoffs because of broken bones in his hips last season. No surgical treatment was needed for the injury. Rapoport reported that Blount should be ready to take part in the team's training. Blount joined Lewis - including Duhem (Dion Lewis), James White (James White), Donald Brown (Donald Brown), Brandon Bolden (Brandon Bolden) and Joey Yousefa (Joey Iosefa) running back up. In the free agent market, Blount's apparently unwanted state is an indication of the problem, but he is always well suited for the Patriot attack. Last season Blount 165 red ball for 703 yards and 6 touchdowns. If he is able to get a chance, he will be expected to get a similar number of shots in the last season.The official website of NFL |JJ w 70.5 sacks into second | football history JJ w (J.J.Watt) occupation career first in the New Orleans saints quarterback sacks, four quarterback Drew Bracey (Drew Brees) was obtained, that is the time in 2011, in the end of Sunday's match he again captured and killed in Bracey, headed for the record. , in the match against saints on Sunday, our Dezhou Houston super defensive player completed his seventieth quarterback catch, becoming the second fastest player to win this award. Watt is 26 years old this year, 75 field occupation career game finished 70.5 quarterback sacks, ahead of him in the only Hall of Famer Reggie White (Reggie White). White once worked for Philadelphia hawk. The Green Bay Packers have been Carolina leopard. They only completed 70 quarterback games in their career in just 57 games. news: Heuer will start out first in the next game,

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