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The official website of NFL | regular season schedule of tomorrow's football | NFL announced that the regular season of the 2016 season will be officially announced on Thursday in the United States. 2016 NFL season opener will be in the United States on September 8th called the last game at the end of January 1, 2017. The fifty-first Super Bowl will be held at the NRG stadium in Houston, Houston, on February 5, 2017.The official website of NFL | giant announced the jets signed defensive tackle Ellis | football According to the official website of NFL reporter, the New York giants have with the New York jets defensive tackle Kenrick - Ellis (Kenrick Ellis) is a 1 year, $1 million 650 thousand contract agree cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ment, which guaranteed 500 thousand. , now 27 of the , is capable of multiple positions and is mainly in a rotating position in the jet array. The 2014 season, Ellis played only 158 files, mostly on the defensive position of spike array. In his career, Ellis had only 5 first - time records. is the 4 rookie of the 2011 season, and Ellis will provide depth and strength for the giants' frontline. He is expected to share the time with Johnathan Hankins (Johnathan). Ellis is stable on the ground defense and has a relatively limited impact. He will get more time in front of 2 stalls, to help the giant weak ground defense. Last season, the giant's runaway is a nightmare, and they have lost more than third of the code numbers that have been lost from the ground.NFL's oldest manager has no plans to retire recently. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to the informed sources reported that the Seahawks are with coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) to discuss the renewal. 64 year old Carol is about to enter the contract last year, after he led the Seahawks won the Super Bowl champion and the Seahawks signed a three year contract. will make a new contract for Carol may be ready to retire after the 2016 season will be handed over to the assistant coach position / line coach Tom (Tom Cable) - K-boom guess at. Carol, who has only made some achievements in 's later career, has reinvented himself as one of the most open and mentally intelligent managers in the league. in the past five years and Biliqieke new England patriots coach Bill (Bill Belichick) the best title of the competition League coach Carol has led the Seahawks play in team history the most successful era, which is a bright spot for two consecutive years to enter the super bowl. Carol and general manager John - Schneider (John Schneider) has led the Seahawks as a bold, do not take the conventional team to play well, they are attracted to the respected veteran players through free market and heavyweight transaction. Carol is not only the highest paid coach of the alliance contract, and can make their own way out of power.The official website of NFL | Newton Charleston visited the families of the victims | football on Monday U.S. time, Camden - Newton (Cam Newton) visited the bereaved family in Charleston shooting. , the quarterback of the Carolina Panther meets with the family of Charlotte Sharonda (Sharonda Coleman-Singleton). His son is a baseball player in southern Charleston. A photo of the cover shows Newton and Singleton and a line guard at the local university. It is reported that Singleton wrote on his own Instagram: Thank Newton for his arrival. Newton was not the only person to try to help the victims, and the Panther team donated 100 thousand dollars after the incident. And their boss wrote a letter for every victim to pray for

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