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The official website of NFL | football | thirty-six meter football. the strategy means that it is a metaphor that does not come out of his own way. In American football games with only both sides of attack and defense, the tool that can be borrowed is the rule. Attack group 4 attack and advance 10 yards can get new 4 attack opportunities. Besides means of passing and running ball, there is another way to get code number by using opponent's foul. deceives the opponent's fouls, which is one of the conventional means for every quarterback. He can deceive the defender through the false kick-off password to start and cross the kick-off line and cause fouls. So we can get at least 5 yards to gain victory with unstained swords. For the offense, these 5 yards make easy, but for the referee and the commentator, this is an annoying matter. The defensive line is only the most simple explanation, and there are three different rules in the rules to explain the defensive line. The most basic rules of the - Offside, the line. When the quarterback can export lotus, qiaosheruhuang, deceived the defending player on impulse, crossed the line to the quarterback on the ball, the offensive team will see the opponent into decisive center ball out, the referee duly threw yellow, said the defense cheap nfl jerseys free shipping has a foul, no matter how frustrating this attack group, 5 code already in the bag. The upgrade rule, Encroachment, invaded the attacking players. Second, the penalty defense group before the export operation skills to complete the quarterback to escape, and want to cross the line at the center has not yet been captured and killed, one side of the ball, was knocked down by defensive player striker partner. The referee blew the whistle to stop the game again, the defender and later fined 5 yards. In this attack and defense, as long as the defensive side touches the offensive player after the line, it is a violation of the offensive player. The advanced rule, Neutral Zone Infraction, invaded the neutral zone. The neutral zone refers to the space occupied by the length of the rugby on the field. The crossing line. When the quarterback again can export lotus, qiaosheruhuang, once again deceived the defending player on impulse, ready to cross the ball line toward the quarterback, suddenly found the center did not want to move from kick-off, but too late, or half step forward, although not yet hit the line, but the referee whistle make a prompt decision to suspend the game. Although the line before kickoff start, but due to the online defensive player of the line, will offer 5 yards away. is the three rules of body, the offensive team is equivalent to the absolute initiative, can adjust according to the password when the quarterback kick-off, defenders must start to kick off center action. In the professional game of the NFL, a few seconds of time difference will lead to a huge butterfly effect and increase the level gap between the two sides. but if you want to make a foul on your opponent, first of all, make sure your teammates have a strong execution.this weekend, the United Nations League finals broke, Seattle Seahawks and new England patriots are regarded as the most popular round, opened in the gambling institutions "let" system, the two teams have at least 1 touchdowns the advantage ahead of the competition. at present, in the "points", the Seahawks on the Green Bay Packers to score 7.5 points, 7 points to the Indianapolis Colts for patriot points. However, it was a surprising fact that 4 times in history, in the final of the division, a team had at least 7 points. In this case, all the 4 good teams lost the game. In the 1998 season, the Minnesota Vikings scored 11 points for the Atlanta falcons, and eventually they lost the game with 27-30. The 1999 season, Tennessee Titan to the Jacksonville Jaguar, in the case of 7 points, 33-14 opponents. The 2001 season, Pittsburgh Steelers to make Aigo score 10 points, the final 24-17 patriot into super bowl. In the 2007 season, the packers scored 7.5 points against the New York giants, and the final 20-23 were eliminated. Does the "let" the magic spell really exist? The weekend's game will give the answer.The official website of NFL | cowboy veteran safetys: rookie Jones shocking | Rugby sport ability Dallas Cowboys will see this year's first rookie, Byron Jones, as an immediate potential star. The locker room leader, veteran safety Barry Church (Barry Church) in an interview on the first young man is full of praise. Church said: his physical quality, sports ability is really shocking. ?????????????????????????????????????|????????????? I was very excited about his performance. Physical fitness is his advantage, and I'd like to see him using this advantage. last season, the cowboy only ranked twenty-sixth in the pass defense. The team's existing corner guards include Brandon Carle (Brandon Carr), Orlando Iskander Rick (Orlando Scandrick) and Maurice Clayborne (Morris Claiborne). Iskander Rick did a good job last season and the rest of the two had a self - problem. Jones, who is 6 feet 1 inches tall and weighs 199 pounds, expects to turn his talent into actual performance., the new England patriot Malcolm Butler (Malcolm Butler) is famous for his last battle in the super bowl. His defense is also destined to be remembered by the Super Bowl history. His copy helped the team to win the championship and made himself the focus of the media and fans. Butler, a 24 year old , is a newly elected player this season. He said he was very excited about completing the cutting, but he didn't want to be remembered for only one defense. Butler said, "I enjoy the moment, and I'll never forget it." Now I have some time to take a good rest, and then we need to work as soon as possible. I hope people won't equate me with the defense, and my career shouldn't be defined by a copy. I don't want to be a player that glitters only once in a lifetime and I will continue to make progress. " despite the first World War I was famous, but Butler's position in the team is not stable. He needs to compete with a few players for the 4 horn guard, and officials have revealed that the Patriots will determine the player's appearance in the summer. As Butler said, a defense is meaningless to a player, and he needs to continue to grow. Last season's Super Bowl MVP, Seattle Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith (Malcolm Smith) in the Super Bowl played no part in any one defense.

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