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The official website of NFL | Seahawks coach Carol will miss the USC Football Hall of fame ceremony | this Saturday at the University of Southern Calif football team will play with the Oregon State University football team, but the game is more attractive than the South may 2015 annual school sports hall of fame in the ceremony at half-time, there will be 16 newcomers to the hall of fame this year, including the Seattle Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) and the Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Leo (Jack Del Rio). chose to put USC ceremony this week, because this week will be the Seahawks Mustang and bye, Carol and Del Leo convenient time withdraw to go back to school. However, USC fans may be disappointed, the Seahawks spokesman said last week after the game Carol began to travel, so he will not attend the ceremony Saturday selected. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Peter Carol at USC coached 9 seasons, during which the team won the championship 7 consecutive bowl bowl series (BCS Bowl) and the two national championship, total winning a whopping 87%, once dubbed the cosmos title, Carol is the most successful team in the history of the coach. But the Southern California in 2009 broke the scandal and gifts players suffered heavy penalties, Carol immediately left the team to return to NFL, his behavior has been criticized. Not long ago, when Carol talked about the matter, it said that if he knew that the South Canada Congress was so heavily punished, it would never go. , the disputed chief, has returned to South enlargement several times in the past few years, but none of them had to do with rugby.Green Bay Packers are eager to return to Jordi Nelson (Jordy Nelson) because he has a great effect on the team's passing system. but the training camp will take part in the limited list of actions. According to Xiniersen appear on the list because he sprained his knee, but this is not a ligament problem so we do not have to worry about. The return of fans and fantasy game player are quite looking forward to Nelson, because he 2011-2-14 season is amazing. In the 2014 season, he finished 98 hits and pushed 1519 yards to finish 13. maybe the list is that the packers try to protect their top players from unnecessary injuries. the only thing we are worried about is the last break of the cruciate ligament of the last season, whether he could adapt to the rhythm of the next season.New York jets wide receiver Percy HARVIN (Percy Harvin) recently affected by an ankle injury, but there is news that this will not affect his appearances this week with the Tennessee Titans team, but he can continue next season for the jets to play game is not more than the debut people interested. in this regard, HARVIN gave a positive answer: "I am in this feeling at home, the players around him are brothers, I love this kind of atmosphere." The contract for the next season, HARVIN no guarantee of $10 million 500 thousand, the jets must decide whether to stay or cut him. than in HARVIN at the beginning of the season when the Seattle Seahawks high status in the jets' position, his average per catch number has reached 12.2 yards, in last week's game, the ball 6 times, HARVIN 124 yards. but as everyone knows is the jets after the end of the season will be relatively large changes occur, so there is no guarantee HARVIN will leave two weeks, and has been with the team would like to part HARVIN third teams he played in a period of time.. - Kelly (Chip Kelly) the next job might consider University of California at Los Angeles. U. S. time Sunday, there was a news news that Kelly met the school representative, but there was no deal between the two sides. had a rumor that Kelly had met with the University of Florida before, but no consensus was reached. And the head of the University of Florida revealed that Kelly would meet the University of California at Los Angeles's representative later. Kelly is 53 years old, since 49 people have been fired by San Francisco without any coaching. But because of his 4 - year contract, 49 people still pay for his salary. It is widely believed that University of California at Los Angeles is unable to offer quotations from the University of Florida. Kelly from the northeast, he at the University of Oregon has proved that he can win victory in Pac- 12, but he is not in the SEC teaching experience.

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