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The official website of NFL | tigers coach Lewis praised the football quarterback Dalton | lest you feel puzzled, the quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) remains an important part of the Cincinnati tigers' future plan. At least in the eyes of the coach. , after a fourth day tour of Dalton in the playoffs of the tigers in, Malvin Lewis (Marvin Lewis) expressed optimism on the quarterback who played poorly. I think he continues to grow, that's great, and Lewis has evaluated Dalton's performance this season. I think he has been cooperating with the coach in the new offensive system of offensive coordinator Jackson (Hue Jackson), and his relationship with coaches continues to be more closely related. Andy suffered a lot of pressure on his shoulder before the start of the season. He dealt with these pressures and responded to these pressures. He has won 10 more games this season. Lewis also said. He continued to maintain stable performance and excellent adaptability. I'm glad he's still on our team and we're going to move on. I'm looking forward cheap nfl jerseys free shipping to his best performance in the next season. Lewis looked to defend Dalton in the game, Dalton in the game of two ball, wide receiver A.J. Green (A.J. Green) and Jermaine - Gray Sam Feng proximal injury (Jermaine Gresham). Lewis even put him and Tom Brady (Tom Brady), said the new England Patriots quarterback last year when lack of trust were also weak target ball. I didn't think the quarterback had as much responsibility as the other players in the rest of the day, he said. I think the quarterback tries to do the best. the tiger fans who are probably not disappointed now want to hear it. Lewis obviously looks at Dalton from a different angle. In his eyes, Dalton is a young quarterback with growing space instead of a four grade player who reaches the upper limit.until now the New Orleans saints have not signed a long contract with their four - point guard Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees). recently, we know why the two parties can't reach the contract. According to the news of CBS, Bracey hopes to get a grand contract worth 100 million dollars in 4 years from the saints. The contract can be seen from two points of view, which is worth a year of $25 million worth of quarterback. But for a 37 year old veteran, such a contract is too risky for the team, and the saints may want a contract or some commitments less than 4 years. this Saturday at the University of Southern Calif football team will play with the Oregon State University football team, but the game is more attractive than the South may 2015 annual school sports hall of fame in the ceremony at half-time, there will be 16 new people into the hall of fame this year, including the Seattle Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) and the Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Leo (Jack Del Rio). chose to put USC ceremony this week, because this week will be the Seahawks Mustang and bye, Carol and Del Leo convenient time withdraw to go back to school. However, USC fans may be disappointed, the Seahawks spokesman said last week after the game Carol began to travel, so he will not attend the ceremony Saturday selected. Peter Carol at USC coached 9 seasons, during which the team won the championship 7 consecutive bowl bowl series (BCS Bowl) and the two national championship, total winning a whopping 87%, once dubbed the "cosmos" title, Carol is the most successful coach in franchise history. ???????????2009???????????????????????????????r?????????????NFL???????????????????????? Not long ago, when Carol talked about the matter, it said that if he knew that the South Canada Congress was so heavily punished, it would never go. , the disputed chief, has returned to South enlargement several times in the past few years, but none of them had to do with rugby.Josh - Gordon (Josh Gordon) had a setback in the return road of Brown in Cleveland. , the foreign player, announced on Thursday that he would stay in a rehabilitation agency to make a "full control of his life." Gordon was able to qualify for the new England patriots in the fifth week. Now he decided to receive treatment to postpone his return indefinitely. According to , Gordon's move put himself in danger in Brown's future, according to people familiar with the matter. Gordon is probably not going to play Brown again. Gordon, a 25 year old, was qualified by the president of the league, Roger Goodell (Roger Goodell) in July this year, after failing to pass a drug test again in March. He had to apply for recovery in August 1st, but Goude chose to speed up. Gordon was banned in February 2015 for violating the drug abuse regulations of the union. As part of the resumption of the qualifying agreement, Gordon was allowed to train with the team but the first four games of the season were banned. Gordon, who is often banned by , has not been in the game since December 2014. He was thought to be in the first place after a return. In spite of only 14 games in the 2013 season, he is the largest player in the league. Brown's new season opened three games, and the new show Cory Coleman (Corey Coleman) will be absent for 3 to 5 weeks due to a fracture of the palm. It looks like Brown will have to wait a little longer before signing the old helper for the young outside.

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