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The official website of NFL | tiger linebacker Kurt | suspended boffin appeal fails to maintain football Cincinnati tigers linebacker Bo Fekete von TAZ (Vontaze Burfict) to ban the appeal was rejected. NFL official website reporter Albert Brill (Albert Breer) reported that the appeals officer maintained Bo Fekete's three game ban due to repeated violations of the court's safety regulations. ????????????????????????????????????-???????Marvin Lewis??????????????????????????-??????Roger Goodell?????????????????쨲??????????-??????Troy Vincent?????̦ It was reported that the meeting was asked by Bo Fekete to discuss his behavior and how to avoid being punished in the future. Bo Fekete in the wild card playoff week in Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) the violent impact have a significant impact on the entire playoffs. In the game against Denver Broncos offensive code over 396-324 after leadin cheap nfl jerseys free shipping g the Steelers fans wondering if Brown is not due to the impact suffered a concussion, the Steelers are able to defeat the Mustang in the divisional Championship playoff game in week. , despite the fact that Brown had been banned from the impact of the changing season, he repeatedly violated the history of the rules, resulting in the number of his field banned to three matches. , in the 2015 season, he had the most fouls in the whole season. He had the most fouls in the league, and he had been punished for 22 fouls in 37 games in the college age, which led him to decline in the draft. He had been fined four times in the 2015 season as a result of violation of the security regulations. Bo Fekete is a powerful and influential player in the tougher defense team and plays the key to the defensive team. But if he can't change his style of playing, it won't be the last tigers to play in the absence of a period of time.alcohol is good, alcohol is terrible, it will bring disaster to you, as the former Tennessee Titans kicker rob Bailuonasi (Rob - Bironas). 2 weeks ago reported that Bailuonasi died in a car accident, after we knew he was the night of reckless driving, and even on the road to more than a few cars. Last night we from Jim Witt (Jim Wyatt) get a message, the blood alcohol content of Bailuonasi as high as 0.218, nearly 3 times the legal standard of Tennessee! Tennessee reported: "the police report Bailuonasi alcohol died when his blood alcohol concentration is as high as 0.218%, 0.08 is illegal concentration. His family was informed of the news on Friday. According to the police report, a low concentration of sedative was detected in his blood. Medical staff reported that the effects of these substances had seriously endangered his body. every time we get the news's progress, we will feel worse and worse. On Sunday's match against Cleveland Brown, Titan plans to commemorate him with silence and sticky special stickers on his helmet.The official website of NFL | Sami - Watkins did not participate in training but go to the casino | football last season, Sami - Watkins (Sammy Watkins) gradually became a leader in Buffalo Bill because his catches were excellent. now looks like this kind of player still has his own personal problems. us time Monday is Bill's off-season volunteer training camp. Obviously Watkins didn't take part in it. The players didn't take part in it. It's not surprising, but the reason for Watkins's absence is a bit dissatisfied. The 22 year old was photographed at a casino in North Carolina on Tuesday in the United States. The reason for the appearance of Watkins is not very clear. We only know that the casino is holding the world card competition. coach Rex Ryan (Rex Ryan) said that I had said that I would not tell everyone whether they needed to come here. I know we are not 100%, but many people have called me. That's OK. It's voluntary. Of course, I hope they will surprise you next season.calf owner Mark Cuban (Mark Cuban) never stints the business model of NFL... The word of criticism. The relocation of the Raiders to Las Vegas is no exception. Cuban told ESPN that he thought NFL decided to let the Raiders leave Oakland, because Nevada wanted to build a gymnasium, but it will not be pretty in the next few years. "why? There is no good reason at all. Not disrespectful to Las Vegas, it is an excellent city full of vitality. But the market is smaller and can only be used for transition, which is another example of NFL's efforts to pursue each gold coin. I think it's going to go wrong. " Cuban said. Cuban has been compared to the NFL "for slaughter barrows". He thinks the alliance's fascination with money will eventually crush himself.

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