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at the trade deadline before the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is indeed worthy of attention support team, but traded a backup linebacker specifically in the League will not attract much attention. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), according to two sources, reported that pirates completed the transaction of veteran Jonathan Jonathan Jonathan to patriot in new England. But the details of the deal were not disclosed. 27 years old Casillas played 55 games in the 5 seasons of the 5 seasons for the Pirates of the saints and Tampa Bay, of which 15 games started. Is struggling with a hamstring and groin injury he had not played in the defense group in October. Casillas was the defender's rotation at the beginning of the season, roughly half of his time as a side guard. plus his special service team experience, Casillas can provide a bench for the main line guardian Jerrod Mayo (Jerod Mayo) and Chandler Jones (Jones Jones). The deal was an insurance for the Pa cheap nfl jerseys free shipping triot defense team, but did not significantly improve the defensive team level.The official website of NFL | Losangeles rams will appear on the new season of "tough guy" | football training camp "hard man training camp" is going to Hollywood. The League announced on Wednesday that Losangeles goats will be the leading players in the eleventh season "hard man training camp". The first set will be broadcast on August 9th. According to ram CEO Kevin demoff (Kevin Demoff) said: obviously in southern California and throughout the country to return to the Losangeles rams is very interested in, it is a good time to let people see our teams and players. We are one of the youngest teams in the league and there are many excellent players - the best rookie of the year - we want to get people to know the team. What else is better than "hard man training camp"? is the first RAM boarded this program in the National League West team. According to the regulations, in 2013 by the rams, New Orleans saints, buffalo Bill, San Diego lightning, Jacksonville Jaguars and Oakland Raiders have qualified on this year's "tough guy" training camp. The alliance has shown that the scope and influence of the show are invaluable for professional football, despite being considered to be a violation of privacy. For all the managers who are worried about losing their competitive advantage due to the show, the 6 teams who have recently appeared on the show have achieved the same or even better results in the season after the season. In the process of moving the sheep to a new home this summer, 's dynamics are worth paying attention to. It has not yet established the team base they will be considered in the north of Losangeles and Oxnard held spring training camp in the south of the University of California-Irvine, they may establish a temporary training base in thousand oaks.shirt design is a Jersey chest water lines (Ç intemani), water lines represents strength and protection in Turkey traditional decoration. A New Jersey with the chest enlarged Turkey badge, a symbol of national pride, the classic red and white backing off the powerful national symbol. The interior of the neckline has a distinctive "omnipotent eye" (also called "the evil eye" and "NAH Zal state Zhu Gu"). In the culture of Turkey, the omnipotent eye symbolizes luck and vigilance, and can remove the demons and turn the danger into safety. the main JERSEY SHORTS were red and white, new clothes is more slim, new tailoring can also help maintain a comfortable movement. during the course of the game players to effectively adjust the temperature so as to improve the performance of the field, is the focus of the work of Nike design team. With the combination of Nike Dri-FIT technology, burning mesh and laser cutting air circulation technology, Nike designers can achieve the most desired dry effect of athletes. in addition to allow players to keep dry, Nike's designers through the integrated use of recycled polyester and cotton, Nike designers to create a new double-layer knitted fabric, the fabric has good moisture absorption performance, soft, and very fit.Bowling |2015 & quot; & quot; Du Shi bin; Zhejiang province Bowling League finals tournament Li Long Win, Huang Shaojian won the all-around 2015 " " Du Shi bin; Zhejiang province; elite Bowling League finals before game eight: Top eight men in Elite: Shaoxing X sub club Li Long Longgang team Chen Yu is Chen Suicheng of Li Wei Wenzhou Jiaxin arena team Huang Xiaojian of Lin Rongrong of Wenzhou Jiaxin arena team Huanggu Shaoxing X sub club Ding Xiaoyong Top eight women in the Elite: Lu Lili Wang Qin Qian Fang Yang Zhiyun Zhang Dan Nongli Fang Huang Xiaomiao Lin ya men's omnipotent performance The name of the Linhai Railway Station NingBo Railway Station WenZhou Railway Station 118611871151352419 weeks loose life

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