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Andrew (Andrew Luck) - Iraq will become an unrestricted free agent after the 2016 season, but the Indiana Polly pony general manager Jamie irsay (Jim Irsay) said the team many times will give the 26 year old young quarterback a big contract, it is not because of his shoulder injury affected the progress of all this the? The United States Wednesday reporter Jason - Kerr (Jeson Cole) reported the need for Iraq's shoulder pony do long-term observation, his shoulder injury is the key reason why he missed 9 games last season, the team reported in January this year will be sent to Iraq professional testing agencies, and completed the repair operation. , but shortly after the news came out, it was pointed out that in the early 2015 season, the performance of lark passing was not affected, and Kerr's report was untrue. After that, he suffered kidney injury and rib injury, which is the key problem. It is reported that these are all more serious than those of previous shoulder injuries, so in fact, the pony is more concerned about the kidneys and ribs of LAK. if everything is not so serious that the renewal of the LAK and pony renewal is about to start.Dallas cowboys have been in the playoffs for a long time, and they have also made them the best team to be selected cheap nfl jerseys free shipping for the best squad this season. Running back DeMarco - Murray (DeMarco Murray), and Bryant (Dez Bryant over Davidtz), offensive tackle Tyrone Smith (Tyron Smith) and Zach Martin - offensive guard (Zack Martin) all included. Martin's entry also rewrites a team's 45 year history: the rookie is the best team. He is also the third player to win this season in the rookie season. Only Bob Hayes (Bob Hayes) and Kelvin Hill (Calvin Hill) have been achieved. Martin was the 16 rookie of the season, and he joined the cowboy to set up the best attacking frontline in the league. In recent years, the team's insisting on the selection of attacking players through high position has also been effective. At present, there are 3 players from the first round in the front. They also help the excellent play quarterback Toni Romo and Murray (Tony Romo) to flex its muscles. 's 4 people are also the most popular year since 2007. In the 2007 season, a total of 6 people were selected for the first team. In addition, Romo and center Travis Frederic (Travis Frederick) both selected second of the best team. At present, cowboys will be fully prepared for the playoffs, and they are more likely to be able to go further in the playoffs than personal honors.The official website of NFL |49 general manager confidence return | ace linebacker Rugby in this offseason linebacker Patrick Willis (Patrick Willis) and Chris (Chris Borland) - Poland Howard surprisingly chose to retire after 49 people in San Francisco that health Nawoluo - Bauman (NaVorro Bowman) on the importance of their 2015 plan. , the three - degree best lineup, was badly hit by his knee in the 2013 League Championship, so he missed the entire 2014 season. We are very confident of his current progress, the general manager of Trent Barker (Trent Baalke) said to the media at the NFL annual meeting last week. He really began to feel back to the state he wanted, and Barker said to another media. That's always the most important thing... I think he's really in a good state right now. has been less than 15 months after Bauman's injury. Although it is not common for players to recover from the injury of the knee anterior cruciate ligament in 6 to 8 months, Bauman's ligament is more serious, and he has suffered a medial collateral ligament tear. Barker insisted that Bauman did not have any injuries last season. before the injury, Bauman was one of the best players in the league and one of the fastest inner guards in the league. Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) may be successfully restored after operation of iconic characters, but now playing for the New Orleans saints running back Tim Heltava (Tim Hightower) also warns us not all players can recover before the injury and explosive force.Water polo |200 meters from Sun Yang strong gold | a world best this year August 8th, in the 2016 Rio Olympic swimming competition in the men's 200 meter freestyle final, Chinese player Sun Yang won 1 points, 44 seconds, 65. Ding Xu, a journalist from Xinhua news agency, China Olympic Committee official website 2016 Rio Olympic 200 men freestyle final, Sun Yang won 1 points, 44 seconds and 65, and won the first gold medal of the Olympic Games in Rio Olympics. Win a moment, Sun Yang confident way to celebrate, let people enjoy swimming again China style. Sun Yang, as always, was a backwardness, and the first turn was only sixth of all the players, but Sun Yang didn't wait too long. After the second turn, Sun Yang gradually began to accelerate, nearly 100 meters, Sun Yang was in force, after third, Sun Yang turned to lead, did not give other players the opportunity to win the first touch the wall! After winning the , looked at his winning score, Sun Yang is to hold the left hand, then hands that day, the most impressive is Sun Yang, the three consecutive roar, this moment as the hearts of all the pressure all broke out! fall down and stand up! This is the true meaning of the Olympics, the charm of competitive sports, and the display of Chinese spirit, and Sun Yang has done it today. At the moment of the first moment of striking the wall, Sun Yang finally had a temporary relief. In the past half a year, he had experienced too much bitterness and pressure. Sun Yang said, "the opponent knows I'm going to rush behind, so it's better in front of me." But I took the pressure, and I also counted the coach and my parents, and made a breakthrough for the Chinese swimming. It was really happy. I used to be second, and this time broke the spell! people are pleased that the national anthem at the award ceremony, Sun Yang, sing, eyes and some redness, he blinked, this time Sun Yang did not cry, he is like a more mature king, facing the camera, he is confident smile forever in Rio Olympic transport Chinese swimming army remember, let us take the most enthusiastic applause to Sun Yang, he did not deliver the goods by the pressure! 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