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The official website of NFL, union president Godell: there are 14 city to host the draft, football nest Roger Goodell, President of alliance, said that representatives from 14 cities visited the Philadelphia draft contest site this week to see possible hosting competition in 2018. has denied ESPN reports that Dallas is the most likely to host the city of next year's draft. I don't know where the news comes from, but there are 14 cities that will not agree to do this, Goude said on Thursday. They really love the talent show. I think they saw the opportunity to undertake the draft. There is a lot of competition for this, and I think Philadelphia's undertakings have raised the threshold. What we want to know from this year's experience in Philadelph cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ia is that what is going well, what has gone wrong, and where we can improve. , he also said: the other cities are obviously watching. There are 14 representatives here, and we will raise the threshold. So I think the bidding process will change in the next few weeks. Godell did not make it clear when it would announce the host city of next year's draft. Godell later said in an interview with the NFL website: when we left New York, we really found it was a good chance to get in touch with the fans. Now I think we will continue to change the host city. Whether we will change each year is another problem. But it is clear that 14 of us are interested in hosting the draft convention. Once we finish this year's draft, we'll sit down and think about it and make a decision. Godell praised the work of Philadelphia. This year, 200 thousand spectators are expected to come to Philadelphia to watch or take part in a 3 day show. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.NFL official website of the second grade | pony potential took over for drunk driving was fired | football team Indianapolis's Pony fired their two grade out of Daric Rodgers (Da'Rick Rogers). Chuck Pagano, the coach, announced the news on Monday, the decision made by the team. Pagano told reporters that the decision was not a good decision, but he was fired because he was arrested near a university in Indiana on Sunday morning. According to the police, his alcohol content is between 0.08 and 0.14. but Rodgers has made a contribution on the court, and last season he finished 14 times to push 192 yards and became a stable catching point. In order to fill his vacancy, pony signed safetys Devielle - MacDonald (Dewey McDonald) to fill the list of 53 people.It is understandable that Nike is very unhappy about losing one of their most important shirt sponsorship teams, especially when they lose to old rivals Adidas. According to reports, Nike refused to officially expire in the contract with Manchester United's early exit before the end of July. And Adidas's 750 million - value sponsorship contract will come into force in August 1, 2015.The official website of NFL | Redskins cornerback pizza hurt his Achilles tendon | Rugby is also a news that you don't know what to look on. Washington red skinned Haier DeAngelo Hall has hurt her Achilles tendon recently, which is the second time he has hurt her Achilles tendon in 2 months, but this time he is trying to get some pizza from the kitchen. at the team press conference on Friday, the red skinned coach Jay Gruden replied: he tried to pick up some things and pizza in her kitchen the night before, and then slipped down, causing her Achilles tendon injury. actually in September 21st of this year against the Philadelphia hawk game, after the Achilles tendon injury, the 11 year old veteran and wait for a long time in the field, this time is expected to be operated in 5 weeks.

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