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even-even soccer equipment network Nike company and the German club Berlin Herta team with the launch of a new 2015-16 season away from home jersey, Jersey home and away have joined a small Berlin City, reflects the team as the capital of Germany team pride. the new season, the traditional aesthetic ideas of the Herta club has become more fashionable, the shirt design embodies the team as the capital of Germany team pride.The official website of NFL |Jay Z I want to replace Jay Winston of Metz | Rugby Jameis Winston, the four - point guard of Tampa Bay pirates, has begun spring training, but recently he has met a lot of challenges. rappers cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Jay Z recently visited the pirate training field. Winston presented him a pirate Jersey on the spot, and Jay Z gave him a warning. He said, "you know, I'm going to replace you." Of course it's just a joke. learned that Jay Z was trained with Winston for one to one football, and it seemed that the rap boss enjoyed the training very much. participated in the training in addition to Winston pirate's Donovan Smith (Donovan Smith). After that, the three of them shared photos of training together in instagram.The official website of NFL | running back Lamar Miller and Dezhou signed | football running Lamar - Miller (Lamar Miller) joined Houston Dezhou on Wednesday in the United States. It is reported that his contract can get $6 million 500 thousand a year. Miller finished 872 yards last season, holding 4.5 yards on average and scoring 8 times. He is also an important catch point for Miami dolphins, 47 times to catch the ball and advance 397 yards to complete 3 catching up. dolphins eventually lost Miller's important reason. In fact, Miller explained a month ago: "I hope I am a specific player, and I want to get the recognition I deserve. Miller hopes that he can get no less than 20 opportunities in every game, and it is clear that the dolphins can't do it. now he will replace the Ariane - Forster (Arian Foster) to get the appreciation of Dezhou.The official website of NFL | defender devastate pony | football match reports you've got your fighters, leaders in the dressing room, leadership in the team and unique, Pagano wrote on the official website of the team. But it was lost last night and no longer came back. this is indeed a devastating blow to both Robert and his family, our team and the organization, bring us is the same blow. the 5 selected occupation bowl players will try to return to the game in 2015 at the age of 34. For the defensive player of the year, Mathis is one of the few can make the team defense got different players, but them, back to the playoffs last year, in the past three games average lost 39 points and 431 yards. in 2013 only more than 5 sacks the defensive player is inside Wei Jie (Jerrell Freeman) - Rui son Freeman, a hamstring injury on Sunday night game. Bjorn - Warner (Bjoern Werner), last year's first round of draft, will fill the space, with only 2.5 escapement in 14 career games. Pajianuo came to Indiana to experience of experts to wave staff about the defensive strength of concrete. If he can't do a good shot in the absence of Mathis, the fans of the pony may begin to worry about whether he is the best person for the job.

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