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tiger tiger July 7th news when Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) was a high school student, he got the chance to attend the Manning pass College in Louisiana, and he was shocked to learn and train for four days. Inspired by this experience, has been holding one of his one day pass training camps every summer since joining NFL. But now, he wants to do more. on Wednesday, he announced that he would collaborate with former teammates Jack Jake Heaps to create the Russell Wilson quarterback college. Wilson has high expectations for his new college. He will go to China next week to participate in a joint campaign by Nike and the Alibaba. As part of the trip, Wilson said he would be looking for a venue for a quarterback training camp that could be held next year. Wilson said he had trained with 8000 children in the previous pass training camp, while Hipps had taught 60 children in his pass college alone. On the company's official website, ranges from cheap nfl jerseys free shipping $125 to $300 for the course of learning. The participants were between 10 and 22 years of age. Wilson said he would not stay in the training ground with his students all the time, especially during the season, but he would have other ways to keep in touch with the students.The official website of NFL | statistical data of zero Sherman staged a classic performance | football cornerback for the defensive line, line guards, grapple sacks means more digits in the player's ruling power is stronger, but for a star guard, do not dare to complete his opponent quarterback passing direction challenge him, is to be shown a top cornerback, usually they are even difficult the opportunity to steal. just in the end of the NFL2014 season opener, the top cornerback Sherman hit the top Seahawks cornerback classic performance. He finished the statistical data: 0 tackles, 0 opponents to pass his defense, this also means that the number of successful passes, promote the code number, the number was 0 touchdowns. most of the time, the Green Bay Packers quarterback, one of the four major league elite quarterback Aaron Rodgers (AaronRodgers) will not even choose to go to Sherman guarding the right to seek outside the region, leading the packers took over Jody Nelson (JordyNelson) is arranged in an array is basically the Seahawks cornerback other sectors. Because of this, the game down, the number of Sherman even appeared in the relay lens are very few. All the actions of the opponent showed Sherman's strong strength and deterrence. Sherman proved his strength to be the name of the league's first corner guard.before Romo retired, about the Mustang to deal with his rumors is rampant. Does this give two of the existing quarterback in the battle: Trevor - Trevor Siemian and Paxton - Lynch (Paxton Lynch) cause pressure? , according to media reports, in which Lynch, when asked about the matter, he said that he was in Florida with a personal trainer, in preparation for the upcoming off-season project, that he is more concerned about things. "I know it, but I'm focused on myself." Lynch said, "no matter who is the last, I will do my best to fight it." Lynch also said that the rookie adapted to NFL "quite difficult" because his playing way in Memphis university is quite different from that here, but after a year, he has made himself adapt to it better. Lynch also added that his preference to the shotgun formation of offensive coordinator Mike Mccoy (Mike McCoy) the arrival of the excitement. But before this, he must first defeat only Ann sago.NFL |NFL official website to check the Patriot home court before the game the visitors' locker room | football Boston globe quoted a number of people familiar with the matter, and reported that NFL security personnel searched the visiting team locker room for electronic eavesdropping devices before the new England patriot played against New York jet. The alliance did not confirm the search, but the NFL spokesman said on twitter that we have been conducting regular spot checks for years. We have no specific details on the game. - A Surya Sen Norman in game Commentary (Norman Esiason) on Thursday night broadcast on the Miami dolphins game Aigo said insiders told him that the jet asked the League to the visitors' locker room search for bugs, NFL security personnel received much attention before the game behavior. He repeated the statement on Friday morning on a radio program. but the NFL spokesman said the jet did not make such a request. The jet refused to comment on Friday. Manager Todd - Bowers (Todd Bowles) said, I don't know anything. We're just playing. , according to media reports, NFL security personnel also questioned two staff members wearing the headset on the sidelines, but this is not related to the search. None of the two investigations had been found.

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