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The official website of NFL | lightning General Manager: team rushed the ball better | football San Diego lightning last season worst offensive performance in the first round last year to punch the ball running back Melvin Gordon show (Melvin Gordon) sadly admit his rookie season is very bad, even if this is not his fault. but general manager Tom Telles Telesco (Tom Telesco) did not stop talking about the topic, and did not try to make everyone feel better. Although the team was not ready to give up Gordon - they shouldn't do it - they did not underplay when they talked about the failure of the attack. , as Telles said on Friday, has a better attack on the ball. I don't think we have ever said that the attack on the ball is not important, he said. We were not good enough in the last season. used more than 20 offensive frontline combinations in the last season, which will bring disastrous consequences for any runner, not to mention a college running guard who was accustomed to a fr cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ont attack line. thankfully, this year the draft pick to sign and trade in Losangeles and Philadelphia after the rams, lightning have the opportunity to pick the best non quarterback in the draft. Telles, recently talked about trading third sign a thing, but if you choose to pick the best player of the year recognized, offensive tackle pull Searle (Laremy Tunsil - Remy Tang), they will be trading down? Gordon should be treated with any first round show in the new rookie. Lightning should work around him to make everything work properly to ensure that a talented player will not lose confidence. Gordon can feel that he is performing badly and needs to prove himself, but he should understand that the punching ball attack on the top second of the league is not his fault.Antonio Losangeles veteran Antonio Antonio recently expressed the hope of continuing the campaign next season, so he will soon start to sit down with the team and talk about what he left next season. , on Sunday's team's competition, Gates spoke optimistically about the future of his Rugby career. "I have been saying to my children: I have juice to drink." Gates is going to be 38 in June this year. But judging from his decision, he will not retire. In the last match of this season, Gates has completed 4 passes to advance 46 yards. in the beginning of last September, Gates completed the 112nd ball occupation career touchdowns, more than the legendary tight end Toni - Gonzales (Tony Gonzalez), this season he finished 30 catches for 416 yards and 3 touchdowns.tiger news July 14th the Minnesota Vikings quarterback Bridge Teddy - Voight (Teddy Bridgewater) the latest news is still unknown or injury, such as local media said: "maybe, just maybe, we'll see Bridge Voight in the new season with a surprising comeback time." Bridge Voight in the 2016 season before injuries coupled with the current starting quarterback Sam Bradford signed a 2 year contract to make us believe that we may until the end of the 2018 season to see a return to the former. But when he was recovering, Bridgewater had been keeping a record of the important nodes in the recovery process - suggesting that he might have returned earlier than people expected. on Wednesday, Bridgewater released a photo on his personal Instagram. In the photo, Bridge and Voight did not wear the kneecap during training. In most of the photos and videos released before, he wore a huge black knee knee on his injured left knee. no matter whether it is significant to the recovery of Bridge and Voight, it is a reminder of how much effort he has paid for his comeback. The description of the scene when he was injured, and the operation and recovery process were terrible. He can even think about returning to the court is a pretty incredible thing.The official website of NFL | lightning safety Weddle to seek renewal, not to participate in the | football training camp San Diego lightning safety Eric wedell - (Eric Weddle) and I hope the team soon agreed, prior to this, he still refused any activity in the team. On Monday, local time, NFL official news reporter reported that Weddle will continue to miss the two round of the team's training camp. Weddle's move was not surprising, and last month he said in an interview that lightning was extremely disrespectful to his attitude. At present, Weddle's contract with the team is still a year left, worth $7 million 500 thousand. Prior to this, Tom Telesco, the general manager of the team, said it would open negotiations with Weddle on the end of the draft, but there is still no progress in the matter at present. Tom Telles. did a good job of Weddle last season and was the core of the lightning defense team. At the same time, he was also the best team in the League for the second time in his career. In January this year, just over 30 years old Weddle did not show any signs of recession, as one of the league's best safetys, he has reason to ask the team more active on the issue of renewal.

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