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even-even soccer equipment network Lyon Club rest time in the local time yesterday evening this season the French League thirty-sixth round match against the team home court Jiazelaike midfielder launched a new team in the 2016-17 season home court and away kit for the team this season after two rounds of competition in most French League jerseys were dressed in New stage. The New Jersey combines modern, unique and fresh, and will accompany the ambitious Lyon team through the whole new season.The official website of NFL | before "Thor successor" in Dallas | football ashes once announced the retirement of Mcclain McClain (Rolando McClain) for two times. He has been reborn in the cowboy. He did well in the first two weeks of this season. Especially in the second weeks, he became an important hero in the competition. Mcclain is a midline guardian from University of Alabama. When he was a university, he was known as Raytheon successor. He was selected by the first round eight in 2010. However, affected by injuries and mentality, the performance of the golf course has been rather slow. It can't satisfy the team and cheap nfl jerseys free shipping run away from the field. It has been repeatedly arrested by the police for 4 times. Last offseason Mcclain left the Raiders to crow, but after signing the contract announced soon no signs of retirement, the reason is uninterested this season due to the loss of Grand Prix cowboy Sean Lee (Sean Lee) had decided to use a late round pick for Mcclain, the cowboy was flog a dead horse, but did not expect Mcclain to become the team's defensive leader. After two games, he became the king of the grappling team. He also contributed to a capture, a destruction of the pass and a wonderful high difficulty. team boss Jerry Jones told the "Dallas morning news" interview, said: if a player is produced in the southeast Alabama, Union (SEC) to play, also won the defensive player of the year, the last in the high cis position by the NFL team selected, so behoove expectations will be high. Mcclain is very hard on the team, he can do a good job in the field, and he is very active with his teammates. But he doesn't want people to look at him as a savior or Superman. I may not be very accurate. He is sure that he can achieve superhuman level, but he hopes that the outside world can reduce his expectations and standards. Jones also believes that Mcclain can't wait to release his potential after 18 months away from the game.every new talent needs to learn in all aspects after entering NFL. One important thing is not to depreciate the strength of the opponent after losing the opponent. in the tenth week tournament in Cincinnati day and night by the same district rival Cleveland Brown home court tiger thrashing defeat to rivals by 3:24. AJ- Green (A.J.Green), after the game, said the game was rather ugly. But the tigers' rookie Jeremy - Hill (Jeremy Hill) said Brown didn't make himself feel so strong. Hill told ESPN after the interview: "Brown is not a strong team at all. To tell the truth, I think they are worse than I expected. They didn't let me see. They won the game and I respect them. I can only say so much. Hill just said one thing: Brown did win. Brown not only won the ball, but also limited the number of Hill's punching balls to 55 yards. Most of the numbers were brushed out in the garbage time. In addition, Brown also caused Hill to drop a ball, and three times to intercept the pass of tigers quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton), limiting the total number of attacks of the tigers to 200 yards. It is clear that Brown has successfully suppressed the tiger in all respects. Hill was in the fourth quarter of game on the sidelines when irrational anger threw a helmet, when a reporter asked why Hill fell helmet, Hill did not reflect on their own problems, but continue to belittle Brown: "those players don't like Brown, are our own accident did not play well. They didn't play so well that we were not in good condition to let them win today. on Friday when Brown main safetys Tang pedicle (Donte Whitner) - Wittner responded to Hill's comments: "he is a rookie. The loser who loses the ball only speaks sour words, and we all ignore him. We're going to have another game anyway, and see you again. "The official website of NFL | for shelter from the cold packers in the indoor football training | yesterday Green Bay cold as everyone knows, and the Green Bay Packers coach Mike - Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy) does not want the players to withstand the wind after baptism, so he will be the team in the don Hodson center instead of Rambo stadium in yesterday's training arrangement. this is not the packers player too hypocritical, but outside the icy cold, even in the afternoon and head, the temperature less than 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-17 degrees Celsius). But the indoor stadium is only about 22 degrees Fahrenheit (-5 degrees centigrade), but that is the highest temperature that is expected on the day of the game. Judi Nelson (Jordy Nelson): I can't imagine that it's going to be so cold, at least 0 degrees centigrade. Mccarthy sometimes led the team to feel the low temperature before the cold race, but he didn't do it today, mostly because of the wind. The quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) is the only player who is absent from today's training, but he is not worried about the low temperature that hinders his recovery from injury. I don't worry about the cold. In fact, it may help me to recover. As for the reason, we don't know. , at the same time, Mccarthy believes that cold is an advantage for packers, after all, Texas is still warmer in Dallas cowboys.

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