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Following the steps of Real Madrid and Bayern, many of the teams of the major league of America used this kind of recycled marine materials. In the weekend, whether the local shooter Cyle Larin can beat David David Villa is also one of the highlights. Each of the uniforms is made of 28 plastic bottles from the India ocean. That is to say, more than 600 recycled marine garbage can be used in a game. The concept of environmental protection is to play an important role in playing an important game.on Thursday local time, Brown, Cleveland's Josh Gordon, Josh Gordon, said in an interview that it would be much more difficult to reintegrate into the team after 10 weeks' absence. Gordon revealed that he wanted to make a greater contribution to the team and to be dissatisfied with his present performance. Gordon said, "I can't get the ball now, which makes all the process slow. I hope to find the rhythm as soon as possible and make a greater threat in a better state. " Gordon ha cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s been in 3 games after his comeback, and his figures have been reduced by field. In the match against Indianapolis's Pony last week, Gordon finished only 2 times, pushing forward 21 yards. Last season, he had only 21 yards in a single game against the Green Bay Packers, and the new show season, he had completed only 1 times in 3 games. Gordon said, "it's not a question of defense, but I can't do what I should do. I don't know what happened, but I'd like to be able to get back. I hope to make a difference in the rest of the game, especially in the red zone.Our football equipment news according to Italy media La Repubblica news, Adidas hope and AC Milan shirt sponsorship amount to reopen negotiations, Adidas think at present to AC Milan 20 million 300 thousand euros per year sponsorship is not worth. As early as October 2013, Adidas and AC Milan signed a 10 year sponsorship Jersey sponsorship agreement, the annual amount of 20 million 300 thousand euros, after all the ebb and turbulence, AC Milan has Adidas AC Milan have change dynasties, feel worth when they opened the price.tiger February 18th hearing "Daily Telegraph" reported that Arsenal are looking for team history first shirt sleeve sponsor, hoping to reverse the business income they behind Manchester United from next year. It also helped them to sign a series of contract history records. although Arsenal from the Emirates Stadium moved into a lot of profit, but there is a huge arsenal in the Premier League broadcast income, business income and Manchester City, hutch is not a small gap, both of which are far more than the $100 million sponsorship income. now has a huge opportunity in front of A Senna, Arsenal and Puma and Emirates sponsorship contract will expire in the 2018-19 season, but A Senna believes they can earn a lot of money in other ways. shirt sleeves advertising each year for Chelsea and Manchester City to earn 8 million pounds a year, advertising sponsors training clothes Manchester United can also bring 15 million pounds for them, every year there are about 47 million pounds of Reds first-team shirt sponsorship fee. Arsenal's shirt and training suit ad sponsors is UAE airlines, and the current contract is 30 million pounds a year. Arsenal are hoping to find a shirt sleeve sponsor in this contract expires. Although the sponsorship fee Jersey chest advertising will rise sharply, but the shirt sleeves and sponsorship fee will be Chelsea or Manchester rather. In fact, the cost to pay Aubameyang a club record 180 thousand pounds per week (annual salary of more than 8 million pounds) provides funds. Arsenal will be able to attract higher current Puma $30 million a year contract Jersey in contrast, Chelsea also can make nothing of it, the contract with Nike for $60 million a year, while Manchester is reached 75 million pounds. Arsenal talks will be more complex, and city and Nike's $20 million shirt sponsorship contract will expire after the end of next season. They also and Puma together, this season's success may make a bigger contract sponsor. Arsenal are commercial sponsorship field of expanding its territory, they became the first company in cooperation with the crypto currency club, now on their website has 26 partners. According to Vysyble's financial analysis, last year Arsenal's business income was lagging behind city 127 million and Manchester United's 184 million pounds. In terms of total income, Arsenal's business income accounts for 21% of the total income, compared with 46% in city and 47% in Manchester. in this area is always United Football predators, while Manchester due progress in this aspect in partnership, owned by the Abu Dhabi government, Etihad airways. 's achievements in business sponsorship will be very important in view of the recent increase in Arsenal's transfer investment and the plan to strengthen the defence and midfield in the summer. (editors: Yao Fan)

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