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New Orleans saints signed the former Minnesota Viking runners for the second time this year. can be said that the signing of not more sensational than signing Adrian Peterson but. The saints signed the former Viking Zach Line (Zach). lanen worked for the Vikings in the last 4 years, so when he and Peterson were in the Vikings, he did a job for Peterson. He has played in 31 games in the last 2 seasons, of which he started 9 games. In the 2 season in his 13 red ball for 25 yards and 2 touchdowns. He also finished 6 ball 95 yards and 1 touchdowns. LAN in this offseason underwent hip surgery, but the saints signed him that they felt he was ready to show their level of play. But in the case of saints who have John Kuhn (John Kuhn) in the full Guardian location, and Peterson, Mark Ingram (Mark Ingram) and Alvin Kamara (Alvin cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Kamara) in half defensive position, how many opportunities can LAN win get is unknown.last season, SWAT team buffalo Bill behaved really is not satisfactory, they in the game exposed to a variety of problems, including Sean Powell (Shawn Powell) and Blaine (Brian Moorman) - Muehlmann to punt, and Dan Carpenter (Dan Carpenter) kick, unstable in addition, they sometimes attack can not be timely interception on the opponent's back, they only ranked second to last in the league in scoring the secret service. therefore, Bill team at the end of last season as a warning for the future personnel big shake, they elected to the rookie punter Colton Schmitt (Colton Schmidt), Gaye (Jordan kick-off expert Jordan Gay), there are several other good players play in special teams - Larry - Dean (Larry Dean), Cory - Graham (Corey Graham), Anthony Dixon (Anthony Dixon). This change has been rewarded, and this season Bill's special service score can be second in the league, and how exciting it is to change from negative to positive. from this point of view, the recent reform of the team's new coach make snap Lex Ryan (Rex Ryan) will not make too many changes to the secret service.Taylor efot (Tyler Eifert) also did not give up has made a great contribution to the Cincinnati tigers in the new season of hope. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Friday, according to people familiar with the matter, that the gifted ball catching near end goal is coming back between the 4th week and the sixth week. The greatest hope is that he will be able to return to the Miami dolphin match at the fourth week. just began to walk the efot is recovered from the destroyed almost the entire offseason ankle surgery. If he can't return to the game in the fourth week, the tiger will play against the Dallas cowboys and the new England patriots in the next two weeks. in the veteran receiver Malvin Jones (Marvin Jones) and Mohammed (Mohamed Sanu) in Thanou this offseason left the case, tigers need any performance efot can contribute to efot, last season 52 catches for 615 yards 13 touchdowns in third position in the whole team. in the near end Taylor Croft (Tyler Kroft) affected by knee sprain, grade two near end C.J. Uzoma (C.J. Uzomah) has the chance to start in the first season of New York jet season. It was hard to see what the team wanted, but the injury had affected the order of the tigers' near end.on Wednesday's meeting, crow boss Steve Oiticica (Steve Bisciotti), told reporters that the team did not give up the near end Denis (Dennis Pitta) - pita return of hope. Most of the pita races of the 2014 season and missed second due to a hip injury, but that this has been 29 years old, before the four round of the show is old. "I'm praying for Denis that he will be cured one day," Biss Ody said. NFL stadium is to return pita is not easy, so the crow in the upcoming draft for the tight end as the target is a very natural thing, Biss Ody said "of course" crow now need a tight end, but also said the team may choose to not the first two rounds in the three or four round. , Oiticica also praised the 2014 three show proximal front crow Kurt Gilmer (Crockett Gillmore), if can't return pita, crow may sign a veteran tight end to lead the league in May is proximal to the youngest front combination.

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