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The injury crisis has once again affected the career of Ahmad Bradshaw, who runs AMAD Brad. Indianapolis pony put the old runner in his injury reserve list on Monday and ended his season. He finished 31 shots in his 6 games. Brad Shaw injured his wrist in the team's victory over Tampa Bay pirates. Enter the injured reserve list in Brad Shaw, pony signed back running back long - Joel Tipton (Zurlon Tipton). Brad Shaw has never been a key member of the pony attack team, but he has been doing well and has provided another option for the team in the late season at a poor performance of running Frank Gore (Frank Gore). Brad has been in the three season of the season to end the season on the injury reserve list, and may have arrived. The team can not ignore the fact that he can't play the whole season's problem. 's Dan Herron, signed by the pony last week, will improve his position in the lineup and become a major substitute for Gore. Gore did not perform well in the last month, and the 83 shot was only 2.5 yards on average.Polo |2013 Beijing International Polo Open will swing in Yanqing 2013 Beijing International Polo Open will swing in Yanqing in October 9 cheap nfl jerseys free shipping th, Yanqing will hold the 2013 Beijing International Polo Open in Beijing International Polo Center (Beijing sunshine era Polo Club) on October 15-19. At that time, there will be four teams from Britain, Spain, New Zealand and China to compete for the Beijing International Polo open by the 12 level. Polo originated in the Han Dynasty in China and flourished in the Tang and Song dynasties. After the introduction of India to the United Kingdom and all over the world, more than 80 countries have been carrying out polo. Beijing International Polo Open tournament was established in 2009 by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of sports games, is the first International Polo event sponsored by the government, but also following the Chinese tennis tournament, the Beijing International Marathon and the world snooker China open, the Beijing municipal government to build another large international boutique sports events are as the China Polo development weathervane. Is different from the previous, 2013 Beijing International Polo Open tournament in addition to the wonderful polo tournament will be the creation of children, youth and mass leisure riding, riding fitness, leisure and entertainment, in part through the interaction of the masses; realistic horse sculpture exhibition, display and other aspects of different horse breeds, deep cultural connotation and essence of horses. The horse's knowledge and appreciation of the masses. , this tournament will continue to cooperate with the BRITISH POLO DAY, a British polo match brand, to achieve joint strength with Yanqing and build an internationally famous tournament brand. Edwardoiver, founder and chief executive of polo day, said: "we are very honored to see the Beijing International Polo Open and the English Polo day" work together. We hope to share this grand Polo event with the increasing Chinese Polo fans. The hosting of the Beijing International Polo Open will help Yanqing to continue to build the brand - themed brand activities with the help of the international platform. In the future, Yanqing will gradually take the Beijing International Polo Open as a bright spot to create a tourist leisure cultural industry with the theme of horse as the theme and Ma Wenhua's activities. background information: Beijing Sun Times Polo Co. Ltd.: China first professional Polo company, founded in 2005, spare no effort to promote the development of the modern movement in China, has held more than a dozen international polo tournament, Beijing International Polo company hosted the world-renowned Polo Open session. 〉The official website of NFL | Chris Johnson denied that he showed a decline in | football Chris - Johnson (Chris Johnson) running back position in the Arizona Cardinals position will depend on the next three weeks of his performance. , the runner, said Tuesday that he did not try to prove anything. I don't say I'm going to prove anything to someone, I think it's something to prove to myself, Johnson said. After everything, I'm glad to be able to return to the stadium on Sunday. What he mentioned is that he was shot in the shoulder in March this year. He said, of course, it changed the way you look at life. 's performance has been declining since the 2009 season in the 2009 season. Last season, when he was playing in New York jet, Johnson's first professional season failed to win a single season. He only got 155 times to go to the ball and advance 663 yards. but he thinks his talent has not disappeared. I don't think much of that, Johnson said. In fact, I think I was more explosive last year. Johnson felt it was a good thing that he could play, or he wouldn't sign the contract even if his game video didn't support him. As a breakthrough never grapple player, Johnson rely on their own power to find space forward, and with the increase of the age of his ability to decline. but, on the other hand, he in the performance decline each season rushing for 4.3 yards than the current main Cardinals running back Andrea Ellington, (Andre Ellington) on the season 3.3 yards to 1 yards. they have very good players on the outside to open up the floor, they have to pass to the depths of the quarterback, Johnson said. In my entire occupation career, I have to face the 8,9 players in the middle, and there is no one like Carson - Palmer (Carson Palmer) that the quarterback, no space for me to pull over. So I think it's a good situation for me here, and I come to a team that has been winning the game and entering the playoffs. I think this is the right choice. now Johnson has to do his best in the face of the runaway players, or it might be his last chance to pick a team.

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