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even-even soccer equipment network since the 2014 World Cup, Adidas launched a New Jersey technology. Jersey technology to replace the previous German brand will use the new Climalite and Climachill kits / materials and technologies (Climacool version of Adizero fans; player version). Today we will give you a detailed introduction to the new Adidas 2018 Jersey new materials and technology. The new Adidas What do you think of the AdidasThe official website of NFL | Peterson appeal hearing is set for 17 days before | football NFL players union on Monday in the Minnesota Vikings on running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) in solving the legal problems of their own after still not removed from the exemption list in the union president, filed a complaint to the alliance and the team. , according to the forty-third provision of collective bargaining agreement, after hearing the complaint, the hearing must be held within 7 days, that is, the longest time can not exceed next Monday. Meanwhile, the complaint must be settled within 5 days of the hearing. Therefore, Peterson return problems will be on Saturday, November 22nd that the answer is in a day, 23 days before the Vikings home court against the Green Bay Packers game. As a practical problem, can be solved faster. As early as Tuesday, the players' Union, alliance and arbitrator Shyam DAS (Shyam Das) will convene a meeting. The arbitrator has no doubt that the alliance issued the conditions for Peterson cheap nfl jerseys free shipping to remove the president's exemption list in September 18th until his criminal prosecution was settled. After a further understanding of the situation, it is possible that the hearing will be held this week, and Das will deal with it this week as soon as possible. The union complaint as expected to focus on legal problems in the alliance will not solve the Peterson out of the debate on the exemption list. The alliance violated the previous promise of the previous censorship of Peterson's personal behavior. Whether it is for the team to strive for the time, or the protection of sponsors, fans or the interests of the media, in order to avoid the lack of legal provisions that protects the Peterson regression further harm, the alliance is clearly contrary to the original commitment. It should not take too long for the arbitrator Das to make a decision. why did Das still ask questions about the alliance in Tuesday's meeting, even if it was ready to hold a hearing? Because the answers based on these questions may soon come to the conclusion that the alliance violates its commitment's clear facts, that is, it damages Peterson's right to return to the arena as soon as possible. I believe he should be able to play soon, at least after the hearing is out.Thursday night match, led by Aaron - Rodgers, led the Green Bay Packers at home to the Minnesota Vikings at home. As a result of being injured in last week's match against Atlanta falcons, the rookie quarterback Teddy Bridge Voight could not play. The quarterback quarterback Christian Pound came out first. The packaging team and the Viking team were 2 - 2 and second of the United States in the north. The game should not be lost to both sides. NFL as a breast cancer awareness month of October the first game, both players are wearing pink series gloves socks, the start of the game in the drizzle, due to wet slippery, both sides are more attention to the ground to punch the ball in order to ensure the success rate of attack. The first section of the half, the packers on the second grade running back Eddie RESINES 3 Vikings rushed the ball into the red zone, and by Rodgers ball to slot receiver Randall Cobb completed touchdown. Three minutes later, the packers came back. The first pass goal is Jordi Nelson, who runs a long distance across the stadium. Rodgers goes to the ball to join Nelson successfully, completes the 66 yards pass, and the packers take the lead in 14 to 0. entered the second section, both sides strengthened the road defense, coupled with the impact of wet skating on the pass, both sides did not build a few rounds back and forth. The match lasted for second minutes and 7 minutes. Pound was preparing to pass the ball to DELL Julius, a new half of the field. He was cut by the new Julius packers of the packers. He ran 49 yards to finish the attack. Vikings Disasters pile up on one another. less than 1 minutes later, Pound again in the red zone before passing by the Packers' Maserati Mo steals the ball finish, advancing to the Viking red zone. Rodgers also completed two passes to find Cow and rookie wide receiver Adams, and the latter completed 11 yard touchdown catch. At the end of the game the first half distance less than three minutes when the Vikings running back Achillas tower to punch the ball off the ball, by the packers to regain the ball, the Vikings first half points of hope also instantly forgotten, only 0 to 28 behind the end of the first half. In the third quarter of , the packers started the third wave attack in the 30 yards of the party. After passing the race and taking the first attack 3 times, the packers moved to the red area of the Vikings. Lei Xi completed the 11 yard dash, and the packers led 5. Then, the packers repeated the ball through Lei Xi and Starks, and tore away the defensive line of the Vikings, under the effective cover of the attack frontline, and completed second personal touchdown scores by Lei Xi, and the packers 42 to 0. The last wave of attack, the Vikings secret group kickoff return to the 38 party code, and by Pound the personal best attack wave, and in the third quarter before the end of the ball forward to the packers before the end. At the beginning of the fourth race, Pound took the ball on his own, and the Vikings were 7 - 42 behind. The packers now across the board on the bench, Matt Flynn first offensive is Vikings steals in the first half, taking advantage of the Vikings offensive and push into the red.The official website of NFL | Dezhou cornerback ha son become the focus of attack object | football rival Houston Dezhou people Andre - Hal (Andre Hal) was ready to be the key target of the opponent before the game. As it was expected, the young corner guard struggled, and his defensive area became the breakthrough of the Philadelphia hawk's pass. in the first quarter, the eagles in the half 41 yards out to get the first attack, quarterback Nick Fowles (Nick Foles) and Jeremy - Mclean long (Jeremy Maclin) connection. Kazakhstan was thrown away by Mclean in the defense and watched his opponent finish the 57 - yard pass. For the failure of the defense, ha son said after the game: I think they should choose a long pass, I should do better. second, Kazakhstan's defense area was again broken by his opponent. The substitutes for the quarterback Mark - Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) and Jordan - Mathews (Jordan Matthews) succeeded in completing the 11 - yard pass in front of the Kazakhstan. Although the result of the game is disappointing, it is also a valuable asset for young Kazakhstan. His teammates, Kareem Jackson (Kareem Jackson), have also been tortured at the early stage of his career, and perhaps he should exchange experience with his predecessors. Hal revealed in an interview: I talked to Kareem and he told me to go on and go on fighting. I will continue to do my best in every defense, and I will try to do the best I can do. I hope to continue to make progress in this week's training, keep fit and meet the next game.

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