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tiger news August 19th the Carolina Panthers fans have to wait to see the quarterback cam - Newton (Cam Newton) of the new look. Tom Perry Cero (Tom Pelissero), the NFL official, reported on Friday that Newton would not play against the Tennessee Titan's pre - season. has already reported that Newton is still recovering from shoulder surgery, so it's unlikely that he will play the next pre-season game, so the news is not surprising now. Peilisailuo reported that Newton "day pass are increased and the feeling is very good," he said Newton will be "third preseason schedule" to play against the Jacksonville jaguars. "you can see that he's a little bit rusty," said team manager Ron - Rivera (Ron Rivera). "Some of the passes decided to be too late. When he passed the ball, his pass was good, so we don't worry about that. " " now just wait for him to return to the size of the game and resume regular train cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ing without having to ensure that he has been paying attention to him all the time. " it's always the Black Panther's goal - so they'll always be careful about Newton. Although it is doubtful that Newton's unfamiliar performance will continue into the regular season, the Panther has no choice but to allow their most important players to return to the game.Jacksonville Jaguars general manager David Caldwell (David Caldwell) will bottos quarterback Blake (Blake Bortles) last season, the difference between the new season, described as "the difference between day and night". Botos improves the ability to pass in the offseason, but also in the mind more confident. in the first week of the preseason with the Pittsburgh Steelers game, Botos ball 15 times, 11 times, 118 yards. There are 2 superb ball had the chance into touchdowns, but his teammates get rid of the bottos empty handed. NFL official website experts praised the bottos performance after the game, the same praise from his former teammate, Houston Dezhou No. two receiver Cecil schotz (Cecil Shorts). Schotz said: "he is a tough player, very determined. I believe that one day, he will be a superstar in the league. " also showed the excellent quarterback trait of Jaguar fans in the pre-season match last year. But with the deepening of the season, he gradually exposed young people's common problems. The new season, bottos once again a strong start, if he will be able to August performance into the regular season, fans have reason to expect more.This shirt design leading UMBRO designer Britney · Coates (Bryony Coates) said: "the fans have been to their Eindhoven in the 'city of lights' pride, we hope that in the design of New Jersey showed such pride. My team and I was inspired by Art Festival and street lights, fluorescent yellow light had deep details of Jersey, symbol of Eindhoven this beautiful "city of lights"." To coordinate with the overall , Jersey chest fluorescent yellow Club Badge embedded in the oval shield coal grey, the top two fluorescent yellow five pointed star team had won 23 League title in Holland. And before the home court announced the same New Jersey, Jersey after showing a unique collar badge, this is the use of Eindhoven club in 1913 when he created a long history of the club badge, a symbol of more than 100 years. the new season, the classic diamond chain pattern as the most important brand of UMBRO once again return to jersey. Designed for the player's excellent performance, the main body uses the blended fabric to bring the classic appearance, comfortable experience and lasting quality to the Jersey, and the breathable fabric under the armpit position helps players to better heat and sweat in the competition. After the end of the summer of 2016 sponsoredNFL official network |49 new signing Eric - Rodgers for the mother to buy SUV| Rugby , the most urgent desire for a single parent family is to do something for their mother or father as soon as possible. Recently, 49 new people in San Francisco signed up Eric Eric (Eric Rodgers) to buy a brand new Nissan SUV for their mother. Rodgers in December last year to January this year visited 16 different teams won the 13 team's invitation, he eventually chose 49 people. - Kelly (Chip Kelly) system. Rodgers and the team completed a 2 - year contract of $1 million 140 thousand, and then he couldn't wait to buy a car for his mother. wrote on his own Instagram: "I want to be a NFL player," I said to my mother. I did his mother's reply below: "baby, whatever your dream is, you will succeed. Rodgers played at CFL last season, completed 87 shots to push 1449 yards and 10 touchdown.

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