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The official website of NFL, the bears linebacker's knee injury season, football new nest Chicago Xiong Xianwei Danny (Danny Trevathan) - Trevor visen confirmed in the 21-27 team lost to Tennessee Titans game right knee patellar tendon tear, his season is over. Trevor vision to become the fifteenth of the season by the bears in the injured reserve list of players. travesson's injury could affect his state in 2017. The tearing of the patellar tendon usually takes 6 to 9 months to recover to resume training, but some players need a year to recover. The season is one of the leaders of the group bears defensive Trevor wiesen 4 year contract included $12 million in guaranteed income during the off-season and the team signed a. He is expected to take up $3 million 350 thousand in salary cap space in 2017. Before joined the bear team, Trevisan played 4 years for the Denver Mustang and helped the Mustang win the fiftieth Super Bowl champion. is expected in the second grade bears linebacker John (John Timu) is to replace Trevisan. In the four round of this year's Nick Kwiatkoski, Que E Kowski, the veteran Kwiatkoski Jerrell Freeman who was banned from the competition for cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the first time, was the first half of the other side. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Dezhou starting quarterback Coach: "football competition | well-matched in strength" 's first quarterback competition in Buffalo Bill seems to be settled in this pre-season match. Everyone's attention will turn to the next quarterback competition: Houston Dezhou will face Denver Mustang in the second pre-season match. at present, coach Bill Obrien (Bill O'Brien) insists Blaine Heuer (Brian Hoyer) and Ryan Malet (Ryan Mallett) are evenly matched in the competition. they all have leadership skills, they are all very smart, Obrien said on Thursday. So, this is an equal competition. As I said, we will make a decision at some time. We will choose one as the starting point for the new season. Another person needs to be ready to play. We had four quarterback last year, so you never know, but we can only get one on the pitch at once. So, we will eventually choose a person and let him start. from all signs, Heuer has the advantage, despite Obrien's insistence that he has not yet made a choice. But Obrien thinks malt has better physical conditions, and he hopes to be able to make a good impression on the latter. The time for to make a decision must come quickly, and the third pre - season rehearsal for the new season is in front of us.Beijing time on December 18th at 3:45 in the morning, the seventeenth round of Serie A in Bergamo athletics stadium blue race, Atlanta in the home court against Lazio, two goals war, eventually the two sides 3 3 shake hands. , it is worth noting that in this match, Serie A Atlanta Club wore a special Christmas Jersey. The special edition Jersey continues to be provided by Joma, a sponsor of the club. has launched the first Christmas Jersey since 2010. Atlanta football club in Italy has launched a special Christmas Jersey before Christmas. Atlanta 2017 Christmas Special Edition Jersey in a low-key, dark blue color, and collocation a striking POLO design, the left chest median join surrounded by the Christmas tree design team logo. The lower part of the shirt is added to the team's Baer and moo skyline silhouette. Jersey right sleeve printed on a special armband, armband with "Christmas Match" (Christmas) ", and a detailed record of the date of the opponents and competitions. , as the tradition of Atlanta's Christmas Jersey, the players' Christmas jersey will be auctioned in charity auction, and the proceeds will be donated to Baer charity's charity business. at the same time, the special version of the shirt is also sold at the official store in Atlanta club for 70 euros.Zhejiang province in April, WenZhou Railway Station charter | Bowling bowling league 2015 Zhejiang province Bowling League WenZhou Railway Station will in April 18th, nineteen in Nanjing, Wenzhou Jiaxin bowling Museum, the relevant notices are as follows: competition: Eighteen at half past nine in the morning, second p.m., third p.m. at half past five p.m., nineteen at half past nine a.m. fourth games of fourth p.m. in the afternoon please take part in the first eighteen morning staff and the nine points of the NingBo Railway Station winners to report the opening ceremony and award. Please contestants in March 10th before the registration form to the mailbox 812595501@QQ.COM 2015 Zhejiang Bowling League and Zhejiang Championships competition constitution 1. Host: Zhejiang Provincial Sports Association Zhejiang Bowling Association two, undertaking unit: Hangzhou Fuyang Ford Bowling Club, Ningbo Compro bowling alley, Taizhou coastal spring bowling hall, bowling alley, Santa Jia Xingjin Bowling Club, Shaoxing Wenzhou Jiaxin X square fitness club. three, extension agency Wenzhou Xiang Rui Sports Development Co., Ltd. four, competition time and place: 2015 from January 17th to 18th, Lin Hai Spring Rain bowling Museum, In from March 14th to 15th 2015 Ningbo Compro bowling 2015 from April 18th to 19th Wenzhou Jiaxin Bowling Club 2015??5??16????17?? ??????????????? 2015 from June 13th to 14th 2015 X square fitness club In from July 18th to 19th 2015 Jiaxing JinShengDa bowling The League finals (Elite) and the time and place of the Zhejiang Bowling Championships are notified separately. five, participating units: of Zhejiang province (city), Zhejiang province Bowling Association membership and the bowling club team, not lovers can enroll in the individual competition, competition, elite competition; a club member can group teams participate in the next station, the club can change the team. 〉

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