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The picture shows the future effect of the successful Bernabeu stadium. In the new plan, the project that takes up the new space to build the hotel has been abolished. In the new plan, Real Madrid will build a roof for the Bernabeu stadium, and the VIP seats will increase in the stadium. At the same time, the Bernabeu museum will be rebuilt, but the size of the museum will not increase.According to the NFL Network reporter Mike (Mike Garafolo) and Lafoluo reported that former Cleveland Brown in the first round to show Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) "contact" with a number of NFL coach, trying to get back in 2015 after the collapse of career opportunities. Lafoluo said: "Manzel's people believe this is his return to the chance, the spring alliance is another factor. The team also told Manzel that, if necessary, he might have only a bottom - salary contract and no guarantee. " but Manzel's goal is not money. The Texas A&M University quarterback all-powerful is also willing to sign into the training squad, and cheap nfl jerseys free shipping prove that they have the right attitude in there." When took part in the program, Manzel had a deep reflection on his past, and his performance was a lot of learning. As to whether his return journey is smooth, everything can only wait for time to reveal the answer.The official website of NFL | Ross Lys Berg because of a concussion early departure | football the excellent performance of Ben Ross Lys Berg (Ben Roethlisberger) in Seattle was halted by the concussion of the brain. In this week's game against the Seahawks, Ross Lys Berg in the last 2 minutes of the game because of a concussion early return to the locker room. It is also unable to determine what is offensive led to his injury, but Ross Lys Berg in the game's last attack is a person holding the challenge end zone, who missed the opportunity to reverse the score. is still not sure whether Ross Lys Berg's injury will affect next week's game. The Steelers 6 wins and 5 losses, because the number of players has suffered injuries this season and the team. Before the injury, Ross Lys Berg passed the ball 456 yards, but was copied 2 times. He completed several passes in the game, Weiss Mata - Bryant (Martavis Bryant) and Marcus (Markus Wheaton) benefit. the next two weeks, the Steelers will have against Indianapolis pony and Cincinnati tigers. The team's goal is to fight for a wild card, this stage of the competition results will largely determine the Steelers at the end of the season.The official website of NFL | Cincinnati tigers suffered injury crisis | took over the position of International Rugby The brutal reality that the Cincinnati tigers have been trying to avoid all week seems to be going to happen. in the top 3 in Friday over the injury list under the condition that the tiger looks on Sunday with wild card playoff week Indianapolis pony's extreme lack of receiver. After being put in the list of injury reserves representing the season's reimbursement earlier this week, Dan SANCEN Bach (Dane Sanzenbacher) has confirmed the absence of the game. On Friday, James Wright (James Wright), who missed the first four games of the previous knee injury, was also determined to be out of play. The biggest problem in the position was A.J. Green (A.J. Green), who took over from the professional bowl. He did not take part in Friday training after Thursday's limited training. He was listed as a doubt on the latest list of injuries. if Green and Wright and San Sjeng Bach can not play, tiger will only Mohammed (Mohamed Sanu), Brandon Thanou Tate (Brandon Tate), Greg Littell (Greg Little) and Kobe Hamilton (Cobi Hamilton) four receivers, of which Hamilton is Wednesday from training group ascension into the list to fill San Sjeng Bach's position. This is not the most threatening combination that a team can use in the playoffs, especially considering that the tigers have not won the playoffs since January 1991. I can't invent a person, the coach Malvin - Lewis said. We have only these people. Littell in the past two weeks did not enter the list of appearances, and occasionally considered this year's external wheel for the No. four over. some people would think that the tigers will try to compensate for the loss of their positions by using the near end Jermaine Gray Sam and two running guards, Giovanni Bernard (Giovani Bernard) and Rex Burke Hyde (Rex Burkhead) to make up for the loss of the position of the Jermaine. Two running backs this season, occasionally served as a slot receiver, including playing against Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday night game. In that game Burke Hyde only once stood in the slot in the attack, Bernard from their own slot ran off line to suddenly received quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) to pass, after he made a 17 yard touchdown run through. as for Gray Sam, the question of trying to use him is that he may not be able to play on Sunday. He was probably unknown because of his back injury and was absent from every training except Friday. He took part in the training in a limited way, running on the route of the beginning of the training.

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