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However, with the NBA shirt sponsor changed hands, new technology and new design concept of waves to hit us. at this conference, some reporters have thought the Jersey is no longer just a Jersey, but how do you feel like this? It's entirely because of a new technology, NikeConnect, which connects players and fans through a shirt. is under such an inconspicuous label on the shirt, but there is a lot of knowledge, in which a tiny chip is embedded. This is the welfare of the fans. After purchasing the Jersey, we can get the exclusive content of the jerseys for the stars by scanning the chip, including his team's schedule, watching technology statistics and the match highlights of the athlete. In addition, according to ESPN, these statistics and competitions will be updated within 30 minutes of each game in the mobile APP. that's right. It's so c cheap nfl jerseys free shipping razy. I believe it can cause a big wave of buying enough. It's a lot more fun for the collector. in the design of the Jersey, NIKE is made by 3D stereotactic technology. This design can sweat faster and keep the Jersey in a dry state. In addition, the weight, fitting and structure of the Jersey are optimized. In addition, each shirt is made of Alfa yarn and polyester fiber from about 20 plastic bottles, which is consistent with the NIKE's consistent environmental spirit. The NIKE Jersey is very overbearing, and the alliance together will have original match Jersey arrangements also changed, in the future we will no longer see a color that fits, though NIKE will retain the white shirt, but more importantly will respectively to the main elements of each team to create exclusive jersey. Before the game, the home team preferred the shirt version, and the visiting team will choose the corresponding version. This kind of shirt color matching can also bring more surprises and fun to the fans. , look at all the big family members who are wearing their new jerseys. Is there any difference between them? Why do some teams have different logo on their chest? Let's have a closer look at what's going on. look at the little emperor show the new season the Cavaliers Jersey, on the left side of the NIKElogo logo is not clear, and so on the right side of this famous tire manufacturers Goodyear logo, yes, this is the biggest highlight of this New Jersey, ads. look at the Cavaliers Jersey this figure shows the details, is the embodiment of the Goodyear logo, an experimental program that is the NBA brand placement, the new season.with the Jacksonville Jaguars in 45 to 42 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, the team and the fans are excited. The in Sunday's game we even saw fans holding "we want to see the slogan, but this is not what the team, cornerback Jielun Razim (Jalen Ramsey) after the release of the more surprising remarks. he said: "we will enter the super bowl, we will win the." but put relentless is a price to pay, just a few days ago the Tennessee Titans against the new England patriots before the game, the Titans safety Kevin Baird (Kevin Byard) told Brady called noise. is for the Jaguar to beat 7 times to enter the ALCS patriots, not just big ambition enough.|2015 Las Vegas old world bowling Bowling Championships CPBA Chen Xiangyang won the men's all-around world seventh Chinese team is the elite in me, both men and women players into the elite competition, Chinese team at men's omnipotent CpBA Chen Xiangyang world seventh women's omnipotent CpBA Liu Taozhen world twelfth women's team, women's team won the thirteenth Chinese men's omnipotent women's omnipotent women's teamThe official website of NFL | Tennessee Titans signed veteran safety Rashard Johnson | Rugby Tennessee Titan continues to introduce veteran defender. Titan announced Friday that they have signed former Arizona Cardinals safety Rashard Johnson (Rashad Johnson). The 30 year old safetys last season, starting 14 games, a total of 61 tackles and 5 steals the ball. The team signed Thai - Blanche (Tyvon Branch) after Johnson's departure is unexpected. Johnson will replace this offseason by cutting the safety Michael - Griffin (Michael Griffin) position. The veteran can only play a role instead of strengthening, but he has added flexibility as a veteran's second line defense for Titan.

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