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The official website of NFL | third AFLC League third round match reports and four forecast | football the game is disputed, the North dock worker and goatsucker staged strong dialogue, dochers the reinforcements surfaced; South, and Apache Cobra showdown, because the site ahead of the end of time, there are significant differences in the outcome. The following detailed report is brought. north area: Shanghai Chongqing dock worker Nighthawk 28:12 as the previous two AFLC championship team, and teams in the history of the first clash, Shanghai goatsucker away to Chongqing dock worker, the game of the round key. The first two rounds of reinforcements were in place their own reasons and the team did not win, dochers, the home court sits, hoping to get a goatsucker, reverse the unfavorable situation of the regular season. The Nighthawk, carrying the first round victory over Titan's potential and long unbeaten team history proud record, is bound to take in the road to Chongqing. Before the competition, the wharf workers had strong foreign aid in place. There were many NCA cheap nfl jerseys free shipping A University of Michigan members and the former NFL90 members. The process of competition can be described with thrilling. The foreign aid dock worker showed a high personal level, goatsucker prides itself on the offensive line, on the other side of occupation Reinforcements under the impact of slightly embarrassed, many road attack failed. But because of its skilled Nighthawk's tactics, find relative methods of attack, also achieved good results. In view of wharf workers, offensive and defensive abilities are generally dependent on the ability of foreign aid, but relatively unfamiliar cooperation and immature tactics are difficult to achieve the desired results. finally, more details on its own goatsucker achieved a deserved victory. And some unnecessary fouls in the game are really worth thinking about by all the teams. Shanghai warrior 48:14 Chengdu panda The serious wrong between the two sides of was doomed to the result of the game. With the team as a whole, the warriors have won the second victories in the league. Though the strength of panda is far less than that of Chengdu's titans and warriors, they scored two digits at home, which also showed the potential of the new AFLC army. But if you want to make more progress, we need more effort. Shanghai Titan bye. south area: Guangzhou Apache at 6:20 the Hongkong Cobra due to the time factor at home site and the long time in the first half of Hongkong, although the two sides agreed to go quickly in the second half, they still failed to finish the competition.NFL official network |BJ REGISTRATION| Rugby NFL FLAG FOOTBALL - BEIJING TOURNAMENT & REGISTRATION GUIDE All football fans ages 9-18+ have the opportunity to compete in Regional Tournaments around China. Winning teams from each age bracket will advance to their respective City Final Championships. City Champions from the University Men s bracket will qualify to "play in University Bowl VII. Dates and locations are released on Venue: The place, 9 Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District Schedules: September 12nd - 13rd - Pool Games (University Men elite Group) October 24th - 25th - tournamnet (9-12 YO Co-ed, 13-15 YO Co-ed 16-18 YO Co-ed, 18+) November 7th - 8th - city final (9-12 YO Co-ed, 13-15 YO Co-ed 16-18 YO Co-ed) Note: Registration age as of August 1, 2015 REGISTRATION Registration will op〉is also a news that you don't know what to look on. Washington red skinned Haier DeAngelo Hall has hurt her Achilles tendon recently, which is the second time he has hurt her Achilles tendon in 2 months, but this time he is trying to get some pizza from the kitchen. At 's press conference on Friday, Jay Gruden, the red skinned coach, replied, "he tried to pick up some things and pizza in his kitchen the night before and then slipped down, causing his Achilles tendon injury." actually in September 21st of this year against the Philadelphia hawk game, after the Achilles tendon injury, the 11 year old veteran and wait for a long time in the field, this time is expected to be operated in 5 weeks.The official website of NFL |NFL2016 rookie season first round (a) | football hot observation in this "hot rookie observation" series, we will focus on the first round of the new show this year. Compared with other major analysis, the observation is more than a brief introduction to the fans who don't have a deep understanding of the talent show. At the same time, I will share the ultimate ownership of the rookie in my mind and you, and the arrangement in reverse order. Hope everybody likes it! as of April 8th, the first round of the draft was as follows: team 1 Tennessee Titan 2 Brown , Cleveland 3 San Diego lightning 4 Dallas cowboy 5 Jacksonville Jaguar 6 Baldi mocrow 7 San Francisco 49 people 8 Philadelphia Eagle (trading) 9 Tampa Bay pirate 10 New York giant 11 Chicago bear 12 New Orleans saints 13 Miami dolphin (trading) 14 Oakland Raider 15 Losangeles ram 16 Detroit lion 17 Atlanta falcons 18 Indianapolis pony 19 buffalo Bill 20 New York jet 21 Washington Red 22 Houston, Houston, 23 Minnesota Viking 24 Cincinnati tigers 25 Pittsburgh Steelers The 26 Seattle Seahawks 27 Green Bay Packer 28 kkansas chief The Arizona Cardinals 29 30 Carolina Panther

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