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Baseball | tear! Cubs every 108 years MLB summit! The crowed fan waited for a lifetime fans are old star network news Beijing time November 4th, the finals of the major league baseball have ended, and finally the Chicago bear team successfully staged a reversal. After 108 years, they won the MLB championship again. For the old fans who have been with the little bear for 108 years, this night is certainly happy and precious. American major league baseball is one of the four major professional sports consortium in the United States and is a long and much focused event in the United States. On the 3 day of the local season, the MLB of the season ended successfully. The Chicago cubs took 3 games in 1-3 backward situations, and finally achieved a 4-3 reversal victory. It won the championship again after 108 years. was back to 1908 when it came back to the las cheap nfl jerseys free shipping t win of the bear team. When the passing of night, witness the blood fans cubs win, most have quietly died, the rest became Liangbinbanbai old. "I'll wait for you to win the next time!" This is a lifetime. today, these old people, accompanied by their children and grandchildren, rethink the passion of the year. They put on the little bear's shirt and the ball cap of the bear team. They were as happy as they did 100 years ago. "My 100 year old grandfather said," my 100 year old grandfather said, "I'll live all the time unless the bear team wins again," a netizen wrote on twitter. In the long years, the older generation of fans after the first experienced the joy of winning, defending the bitterness of failure, accustomed to advance out of the lonely, also accepted the perennial without a crown of sorrow and grief, finally when you will leave this world once again saw his team standing on the top the crazy. They have their own children, children also have children, their hair can not move, but the enthusiasm for sports has never disappeared. , on the day that the cubs won the championship, the sad past of those accompanying teams all disappeared, together with stories of countless families, societies and even countries in the past hundred years. It is because of such simple and faithful fans that the bear team can stand on the top of the championship again 100 years later. We also hope that one day China can also have such fans, and a willing team to accompany the old team. (lion lion lion) The above content of is reprinted on the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is negative to its authenticity.The official website of NFL | spent fifth years to retain the option of Steelers rugby | di Castro According to NFL Albert - Brill media (Albert Breer) reported on Thursday, Pittsburgh Steelers decided to guard David Di Castro (David Decastro) fifth year rookie option. The 2012 total twenty-fourth players became the San Diego team outside lightning guard Malvin Gram (Melvin Ingram) and the Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Clark (Andrew Luck), with the player of third by the use of this rule. for the Steelers, this decision is a do not need to. After having experienced a serious knee, Di Castro became better and better, becoming the first class guard in the league. In data statistics on the website, Di Castro could be the eighteenth of all 78 qualified guard fronts in the League last season. we believe that as long as Di Castro can continue to continue his own stability, it is not an extravagant hope to get a big contract in the future.according to NFL media Eyre Bert Brill (Albert Breer) reported that Houston Dezhou people's team and Blaine Hoyer (Brian Hoyer) have reached an agreement, and will sign a contract worth 10 million 500 thousand dollars for a period of 2 years, which guarantees the salary of 4 million 750 thousand dollars. Before that, Heuer had twice with New York's Jet opportunity. Heuer will compete with Ryan Malotle (Ryan Mallett) and Tom Savage (Tom Savage) to qualify for the first quarterback. The Dezhou team traded Ryan Fitzpatrick to the jet fleet to make room for Heuer. Heuer was familiar with the attack system of commander Bill Obrien (Bill O'Brien) when he was in the new England patriots. He also won 10 and 6 losses in Brown's team. however, the people of Dezhou still hope Marlott can grow as a starter, therefore may only temporarily Hoyer as the No. 2 quarterback appeared.

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