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Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers)'s clavicle injury will force him to miss for a long time, but coach Mike Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy) said he still has a backup option. after the conference, a reporter asked Mccarthy will add a new squad to quarterback, Mccarthy replied: "Bret - Hendry (Brett Hundley) is my quarterback Joe Callaghan (Joe Callahan) is a substitute." is still in the training squad callaghan. Hendry of the 33 biography 18, got 157 yards, 1 array, 3 times. The five round show in 2015 has not yet started the regular season.The official website of NFL | Manning said not considering retiring | football Peyton, a quarterback of Denver Mustang, told Payton at a news conference on Wednesday that he had no plan to retire for the time being, and will still choose to stay on the court in 2015. Peyton, , he said, "if the wild horse needs me, I will come back. At this moment, I have considered to Oakland. I understand that this time it is time to consider some other positions. CBS reporters have reported that Manning often performs tasks that team managers need to accomplish in the team, and maybe he will be one of the futu cheap nfl jerseys free shipping re boss of NFL. But what Manning cares about is the court and the super bowl. , he said, "for some reasons, I am actually falling. I have arrived at the age of coach, but I have no intention of that. I am looking forward to and very willing to play on Sunday night. Manning, 38, and 2 years of his total value of $96 million, will expire, and he has $19 million in 2015 and 2016. This season, Manning completed 4454 yards of pass, the success of 66.8%, the completion of the 39 array and 15 were cut, the quarterback score in the League of thirteenth.Bill - Bailey (Bill a Belichick) season answer mode. The coach of the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on the press conference on Saturday (Tom Brady) due to injury problems do not determine the cause of the answer. below is an interview with the Boston global reporter: question: About Brady's injuries can recover soon? Or what will you do for this? A Bailey answered: we have them listed in the report, as we are required to do. question: so Brady whether to participate in Sunday's opening game against the Miami dolphins? Bailey chick answer: we will publish the results in today, we will see today what will happen in the future. We'll show it today. question: will Brady join today's training? Bailey: we will answer chick in today announced the news. question: so how did the injury happen? Bailey chick answer: we did everything according to the requirements. We have released the injury situation. We will continue to announce that the content we will publish is based on the requirements of the league, as we do for every team. looks for Bailey Brady's injured chick is not a problem. He also jokes on his shoes with a sports journalist. We can only look forward to the truth.The official website of NFL | No. two run Wei Li Qigong Eagle pony | football lore Beijing time on September 16th, the 2014NFL regular season ended last week night for the tournament, the Indianapolis Colts in the home court in the first win after losing, was 14 points ahead by the Philadelphia hawks complete reversal, with the last-minute free kick to complete the lore, the final score, the eagle 30:27 pony. the opening shot a wave of offensive by kicker Cody Parklea (Cody Parkey) completed a 31 yard free kick, Eagle xianbatouchou, 3:0 to start. The eagle team scores, the Colts responded immediately. Andrew Luck (Andrew Luck) led the team into the red area all the way, and found the running guard Brad Shaw (Ahmad Bradshaw) in the front of the red area. After the start of the second quarter, the Colts won a free kick opportunity, kicker Adam Weiner Tilly (Adam Vinatieri) 46 yard free kick overnight to help the team to expand the score, the leading pony 10:3. In the subsequent attack, the Hawks used Sean Lesean McCoy to open the gap many times, but the offensive efficiency of the hawk attack group is still low, and the only option is to shoot a free kick. At 6:10 the eagle will be close to the score. He again led the offensive team after the game show the high efficiency of the attack, the Colts run combined attack is very rich. At the end of the midfield 1 minutes and 20 seconds, the LAK finished the pass again, and the pony 17:6 expanded the score. The pass is the fiftieth pass of his career. The first half before the end of the game, the Colts also completed a steals, pony 17:6 leading into the second half. After the start of the second half of the , the two sides abandoned the game continuously. The Colts first caught the aircraft, with a free kick will expand the lead to 20:6. The eagle then rose to fight against it and went all the way to the red area, and Mccoy completed a touchdown. This is also the fiftieth touchdown of Mccoy's career (including punching and catching up), and the hawk will be close at 13:20. After the completion of the touchdown, the defense morale Hawks have been greatly promoted, and soon made the Colts dropped the ball, the ball to complete the transformation, obtain the right to attack the eagle. In the subsequent attack, the eagle was first attacked by Mccoy's thriller when facing the 3 gear 15 yards. Then in the face of the red zone was sent off 10 yards under the condition of running back by Darren Paule Adams (Darren Sproles) to finish rushing touchdowns, the eagles will level the score. After the fourth quarter, the pony can hold back the pressure, and the LAK again Brad Shaw completed the array, and the pony is in the lead again with 27:20. There are 5 minutes from the end of the game, the eagles safety Jenkins (〉

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