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Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Ma Lynch) exhibit the classic animal model once again against the packers in the opener, the 20 red ball 110 yards and 2 touchdowns. Lynch's teammates, Michael Bennet (Michael Bennett), saw the wonderful performance of the runner on the sidelines. Bennet felt the packers defensive players do not want to go grab the Seahawks star running back. "obviously at both ends we are more willing to physical team," Bennet told reporters at the Seahawks after winning. "I see some players who should be the highest level of the league do not want to catch Sean - Lynch." He said later. "Of course, some people will say something about this, but I see some players who failed to finish the tackle that he could only get him 2 yards. They should be the best players. We have to prove that we are the best defensive teams. " has no doubt that Lynch is in full fire. In his second rushing touchdowns, when on the road to the touchdown zone will cheap nfl jerseys free shipping not be lowered his head and he looked disappointed when someone broke down. ESPN reported that Lynch had 94 yards in 110 yards to break through the capture, the highest number since the start of the last season. The animal model wants physical contact. In Bennet's view, the packers don't want it.The official website of NFL | packers coach Chan: rookie wide receiver can play an important role | football The Green Bay Packer unexpectedly picked up Ty Montgomery in the third round in the third round of the draft. Coach Mike Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy) gave high praise to the young player. He believed Montgomerie could play an important role in the attacking system of the new season. Mccarthy said: his performance has attracted my attention. There is no doubt that he has excellent physical conditions. I believe he will grow into an outstanding player. Montgomerie is not one of the best talented foreign players in this draft, but his excellent physical condition and continuous promotion after catching the ball attract the attention of packers. Scout compared him to large Randall Cobb (Randall Cobb). the packers in position over the array in addition to Cobb, and the number one wide receiver Jordi Nielsen (Jordy Nelson) and the second grade of rookie Adams wante (Davante Adams). The packer will arrange for Montgomerie to be a back attack, and gradually increase his time of appearance according to his training and performance.for salary cap reasons cut safetys Nate Alan (Nate Allen) two days later, the Oakland Raiders with a salary cap on a more lucrative contract to re sign him. signed a contract of 4 years and 23 million dollars with Alan last year. He secured a $4 million 900 thousand income next season. If he was still in the Raiders on Wednesday, he would get the money. But the details of the contract have not been announced. in the second round of the 2010 draft, Alan, who was selected by the Philadelphia hawks in the first round of the first season of the season, only played 5 games after the tear of the medial collateral ligament of the first season, and the first 3 games. Alan, a 28 year old, was put in a short list of short-term injuries, and then came up from tenth to thirteenth weeks and was finally put in the list of injuries. He has made 1 copies of the season, 2 passes and 11 grappling. in the tour guard Charles Woodson (Charles Woodson) announced his retirement and two other safety Larry Asante (Larry Asante) and Taylor Maes (Taylor Mays) will be a free agent after the Raiders defense is the second this offseason concern., the first match between the Carolina Black Panthers and the 49 people of San Francisco will have many highlights. One of them is the Christian McCaffrey, a panther newcomer, who is facing his childhood babysitter. yes. When Mika Free grew into so terrified opponents running back before he could serve as the 49 coach in the now Kell Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan) carefully under the care of toys. "the relationship between us goes back to my childhood," McCarry said on Wednesday. "I think he has been my babysitter several times." looks Shanahan also remember the same thing, he said in late 1990s his father Mike Shanahan (Mike Shanahan) in the Denver Broncos coach Mika Free's father Ed - Mika Free (Ed McCaffrey) when he might as a nanny. "if I did (look after him), I might soon get my sister to take over. His father was my hero when I grew up, "Shanahan said. "I have a good relationship with Ed and his wife, Lisa - that's why I wear the No. 87 shirt at college. Ed is my idol. I know all his sons. When I knew them, they were young, but they finally grew up to be very good athletes and grew up to be very good people. but as Mika Free and Shanahan Du did not fully confirm the past, maybe we still need to wait for the memories of others.

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