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The official website of NFL | before the proximal end red front suspension, looking forward to return to the football league | Before , Washington Red Leather near end Fred Fred (Fred Davis) was announced this week after being away from the professional arena for more than a year. In February 2014, Davies was suspended for violating the league's drug regulations, and he was absent for the whole 2014 season. According to reports, the league has lifted the penalty for Davies's ban, and the player himself is looking forward to returning to the game. As a near - end front, has a great talent for Davies. His career peak appeared in the 2011 season, completing 59 hits and pushing 796 yards. However, since Davies's decline, only 31 receptions in the limited time, 395 yards, and 1 touchdowns. Davies, 29, did not give up training during the ban, and he was confident of returning to the league. Davies and former Redskins offensive coordinator Kell Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan) cooperation is very successful, the latter is currently serving as the Atlanta falcons offensive coordinator. Although the Falcon in the offseason has signed 2 proximal front, but there are rumors that they are not satisfied with the proximal wing position. Davies may be an object worthy of examination.The second grade cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Miami dolphins defensive end Duhem Jordan (Dion Jordan) this week the ban ended Saturday when dolphins announced Jordan would be the active list in this week, he is expected to play against the Jacksonville jaguars. In order to make room for Jordan on the list, the dolphins cut off the Damian Williams (Damian Williams). Duhem - Jordan because of drug abuse and drug policy in violation of the official NFL was suspended for six games. Dolphins are so quick to activate them. Some of them are beyond expectations. At present, the two defensive sides of the team, Cameron Wake and Olivier Vernon (Olivier Vernon), have contributed 8 times to kill and kill Cameron, which is much better than Duhem Jordan. , of course, the downturn of Jordan's rookie season can be attributed to the inadaptability to the formation. The former star of University of Oregon has been playing the 3-4 formation in the university period, and it is not enough for the dolphin's 4-3 formation. However, whether the 4-3 formation is suitable for Jordan, he has to play a high quality performance as soon as possible to return the team to his support.joined the Detroit lions, Gordon Tate (Golden Tate) in the hope of doing a wide receiver and punt return for work. But when he presented his ideas to the coaching team, the team told him that they had their own arrangements. The playoffs began, another reporter asked to return the thing, Tate said: "at present our return as well, so I will not consider this issue, will not take the initiative to request in return." this season, Tate has completed 99 receptions, with 1331 yards, two items of data are a career high. Coach Jim - Caldwell (Jim Caldwell) said the team focused on every position, and there could be a change in any position. Tate revealed that he had to practice a few kicks a few times after each training. He wants to stand up when the team needs him. The 2013 season, the total participation in the 51 return, the cumulative return yards 585 yards. 's said: "I love to attack, this is very interesting. I like this feeling when you pick up the ball at the back, find the loophole of the opponent and push it forward as far as possible. The coach wanted me to focus all my attention on the attack, and I respect their ideas. But when the team needs me to take part in the attack, I will be obliged. "The official website of NFL | near misses, the Panthers into the second round of the playoffs | home court winning football Beijing time on January 4th at 5:30 in the morning, the National League wild card race first staged as scheduled, the final home court battle the Carolina Panthers to a 27:16 victory over the Arizona Cardinals head into the second round of the playoffs. The game was the four quarterback Newton Kamm panther (Cam Newton) occupation career first playoff victory, but also for the first time since 2005 to win the playoffs panthers. game after the Cardinals advanced attack, but poor results can only choose to punt, the Cardinals punter Drew Butler (Drew Butler) just kicked the ball 20 yards. The opposite side is a panther to quickly enter the state, Newton and Stewart - running back Jonathan (Jonathan Stewart) run with a road to promote the Cardinals 30 yards after the half, but failed to advance again, only by kicker Graham Janot (Graham Gano) completed 47 yard shot, the score to 3:0. Then the Cardinals offensive still useless, can only rely on the ground offensive to force, the three red ball failed to complete the first file, second abandoned Butler's kick and only 28 yards, Butler match will have poor performance. Get the ball after the Panthers head offensive unabated, Newton completed a way to promote the continuous conduction of Cardinal Red Zone, then running back Stewart 13 yards touchdown, the score was expanded to 10:0. Back to the Cardinals still no progress, quarterback Ryan Lindley (Ryan Lindley) for no threat to pass, but this time fortune favors the cardinals, Butler a 33 yard punt return bad makes Panther hand attack Brunton (Brenton Bersin) - boelsing hand slipped off the ball, get the ball in the Panthers cardinals in the first half. Lindley and Larry then took over Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) to complete a key third conversion, followed by Lindley found proximal frontal Darren Faires (Darren Fells) completed a 1 yard touchdown, close to 7:10. The two teams fell into a stagnation and abandoned each other, and the Panther missed a 43 - yard shot. Newton in the second quarter with 5 minutes left when passing by the Cardinals cornerback Antonio grams of Rome (Antonio Cromatie) steals with 50 yards and complete return to the Panthers red zone, then the Cardinals running back Marion Grice (Marion Grice) to complete the ball 1 yards rushing touchdowns, cardinals will score to 14:10. At the end of the half of the half of the half, the Panther accelerated the attack rhythm to complete a 39 yard shot, the score turned 14:13, and the match was halftime. the second half back, the Panthers and the Cardinals were not the first attack wave contribution, the Cardinals punter Butler again with poor performance, only a 31 yard punt the Panthers directly in the Cardinals half 39 yard kickoff, then cattle.

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