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The official website of NFL | giant bad attack risk a lot | football front New York giant has never been in the playoffs since its super bowl in 2012. This year, they are full of confidence and are eager to break through from the League of nations, but the team is not at risk, because their offensive lineup is very worrisome. , first of all, they attack the best player in the front line, Will Betty. Because of the chest muscle tear, they are put on the list which is unable to play because of physical reasons. They will miss the beginning of the season. Betty, In the last season, all the players who had more than 100 stalls in the offensive front line, only Betty's season's total score is positive, so his injury is a great blow to giants. Starting right tackle Justin Pugh last year (Justin Pugh) said the new season will be used as a right guard, let the first round of this year's show Eric Fra Voss (Ereck Flowers) and Marshall Newhouse (Marshall Newhouse) - competition starting right cheap nfl jerseys free shipping tackle position. giant originally wanted Fra Bosworth slowly adapt to the occupation field, don't want to push them, but Betty's sudden injury disrupted the giant coaching deployment. Fra Voss last season at the University of Miami outstanding performance in 12 games, only 1 Games were negative, only in the face of Eli Harold (Eli Harod, 49 third rookie) ball cover poor performance, he also only in two games to make each other successfully put pressure on the quarterback is more than two times the number of. rookie offensive tackle usually in the first season will be on the wall very early, but it is still not the most need to worry about the giant. Fra's rival NFL in Newhouse, 5 year veteran, has poor performance, the total score of each season is negative, and he has 5 games the number of files more than 40 yards in the 2014 season, the 5 game of his total score only -11.9 points to allow rivals to get 1 sacks, 3 the impact of quarterback and 11 quarterback forced a shot. Eli Manning (Eli Manning) on the season show the best in recent years, at the same time, they also have the league's top wide receiver Odair Beckham (Odell Beckham), but the front attack is likely to be the biggest obstacle to the team forward.the new England patriots fans have been asking who is outside their take over, now this man appeared. Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) received an anonymous general manager of praise, he said Edelman is now the cover of the NFL alliance. This comment is just the famous ESPN reporter Mel kiper (Mel Kiper) recorded, he believes that Edelman ranked in the 2009 draft of the fourth strength. Edelman is the 2009 draft, he is a college quarterback, and now he has completed 197 catches for 2028 yards and 10 touchdowns. In the forty-ninth super bowl, he became the goal of passing the ball 12 times 9 times to advance 109 yards and 1 array. Edelman is a dangerous player, he has a sense of harmony and good feeling, and superior speed easily let him rip the Seahawks defensive. New York giants traded up in the draft and selected safe Janice M. Vidal Collins (Landon Collins) in the second round. The team sees Collins as the second line of the future, but for the new rookie, he still has many places to improve. As a style of tough, good in box safetys, fears Collins is the largest covered his defensive ability. ?ˇěT??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? The giants defensive coordinator Steve (Steve Spagnuolo) Genuoluo spa, although still exists room for improvement in technology, but Collins has shown superhuman qualities of leadership. J Page Manolo said: "I do not want to say rookie, often what. But Renton is not the same. He will call his teammates and point out the problems in the training. If he can integrate this habit into the future training and competition, I believe we will have a trustworthy second line.USC quarterback Sam Danuode (Sam Darnold) is one of the most popular quarterback in the 2018 draft. With the No. two pick of the New York giants probably selected him to inherit Eli Manning (Eli Manning). Danod said in an interview that he had been exposed to the Manning family and samuel. "I have participated in the Manning pass college, it is a good chance to improve myself, I learned a lot from Eli there." Danod said, "he is a good man, and he and Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) brothers all have a noble character." In addition to Danuode, this draft is worthy of attention and quarterback Josh of the University of California at Los Angeles - Rosen (Josh Rosen), University of Oklahoma, Beck - Mayfield (Baker Mayfield), and the University of Wyoming - Josh Alan (Josh Allen). But before the giant made a choice, Cleveland Brown, who sat with the number sign and No. four, also had to pick a quarterback. Manning welcomed the possible route to work with Mr. Manning: "that will be great. Being selected by New York and working with Manning is a great opportunity for improvement."

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