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2015 Foshan Chancheng and the United Kingdom Medway international friendship city exchange match bowling ended, Foshan players swept the top three | Bowling news: CpBA occupation Bowling League 2015 Foshan Chancheng and the United Kingdom Medway international friendship city exchange match bowling was held today in the United States for bowling, the friendly match between the two cities through bowling enthusiasts exchange, deepen the understanding of international friendship city, then consolidate bilateral traditional friendship. Activities were carried out in a friendly and harmonious atmosphere. After the match, the British Medvedev members fully affirmed the level of bowling in Foshan, thanked the organizers and contractors for their careful and thoughtful arrangements, and agreed that this event impressed them with great memories. the first three were Foshan players, the first Foshan Chen Weilin, the second Foshan Liao Xiaomei, and the third Foshan Chen tigers (ARC) third Foshan Chen tiger (ARC) first name of Foshan Chen Weilin, second Foshan Liao XiaomeiThe official website of NFL | Panther two generals could be out for Monday night football match | in the next week when the Carolina Panthers ni cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ght match against Indianapolis pony, four quarterback Newton Kamm (Cam Newton) protection may be a lack of his occupation bowl center. Ryan Kalil was officially listed as a Monday night race due to an ankle injury. The manager of Ron - Rivera (Ron Rivera) said Carl would decide whether to play before the game. But the possibility of the release at the moment means that it would be surprising if he was able to fight. if Khalil was unable to play this season, made two appearances for Fernando Belasco (Fernando Velasco) - will replace him first. Starting right tackle Mike ray "(Mike Remmers) may have also served as the center. rookie linebacker Shaquille Thompson (Shaq Thompson) (knee) is also listed as may not play. The Black Panther's first round show was absent from last week's match because of a Beijing No. 25 in a preseason game, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the road to 25:11 win over the Cincinnati tigers, pirates rookie quarterback Jamis Winston (Jameis Winston) also completed the second game of their occupation career. He has made a remarkable progress in the game, showing a good state of competition. Winston was fast in the start of the game and quickly led a wave of 80 yards of attack with 8 gear. He got 90 yards from his 13 biography and 9, and the ball player scored 82.2 points. In fact, Winston's data the better, he and Vincent - Jackson (Vincent Jackson) had a successful side connection, but because the players foul was cancelled in a third conversion in the proximal winger Tim Wright (Tim Wright) in the face of Winston has been in place the ball accidentally get rid of. Winston's most worthy of the game is the 8 successful pass to 8 different teammates, which makes people feel the diversity of his skill and style. But because Winston sprained his ankle in the second quarter, he didn't play since then. Coach Smith levy (Lovie Smith) in the game that Winston injury is not serious, he is out of the safe considerations not fielded.original title: the shirt rising memory eternal yesterday, the Lakers issued an official announcement that they will play the two retire rites of 8 and 24 for Kobe, who announced the retirement of last season, against the warriors in December 18th. There are many interesting stories about the retirement of the NBA shirt. retired two numbers because it's Kobe When entered the league, Kobe was wearing No. 8 Jersey. It was said that Kobe grew up in Italy. When DAntoni played basketball in Italy, he wore the number 8 Jersey. In his childhood, DAntoni regarded DAntoni as an idol. Kobe gave the explanation that he wore the number of training camp before he became a professional player. The number he wore was 143. When he joined the Lakers, he chose No. 8 because it was 1, 4 and 3. Wearing the No. 8 shirt, Kobe hand in hand with O'neal had three consecutive titles, and had a single cut of 81 points. After losing the first round of the playoffs to the sun in 2006, Kobe decided to change the number to meet a new start. In high school, he was dressed in No. 24, and No. 24 was his father's number. The reason for changing the shirt number is Kobe's explanation, "the meaning of No. 24 is 24 hours." I want to put all my energy into basketball. That's why I choose No. 24. " After changing the No. 24 shirt, Kobe won two championships, two finals MVP and a regular season MVP. Kobe retired, the outside world has been guessing which number he will retire, "I feel more comfortable in my role in the No. 24 shirt. When I wear shirt No. 8, I face more challenges. "Kobe himself was also hard to decide. But he preferred 24. After all, he is the absolute core of the Lakers. Yao Ming, China's first man, then, what is the retirement of the Jersey? NBA jerseys retirement is the team's team number who has been playing for the team is officially sealed, the number will not be used by any player of the team. The retirement of the Jersey is the team's behavior and has nothing to do with the league, so there is no clear condition for the retirement of the NBA shirt. The Jersey is occupation career players get the mark, the team recognized the need to have a basic condition of players in the team during the meritorious, and popular. in February this year, the Rockets in the home court for Yao Ming held a retirement ceremony, his No. 11 Jersey in the Houston archive, NBA alliance chairman Xiao Hua, the Rockets owner Alexander, former Rockets general manager Carroll Dawson, Rockets center Olajuwon, the history of the legendary Yao before teammate Francis, Tracy McGrady, Mutombo and other heavyweights attended the ceremony. Yao Ming was first selected by the Rockets in the first round of the draft in 2002. NBA career has always worked here. It is the most successful Chinese player in NBA, and the first Chinese player to retire in the history of NBA. Yao Ming is also the seventh player who retired from the Rockets. The three team left its name only Chamberlain

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