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Adrian - Peterson (Adrian Peterson), Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick), Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman)... have you heard enough of the names of the people in this long break season? a great NFL news making machine we have firmly tied, let us mired in exaggeration reports and far fetched analogy which inextricably bogged down in the mire. It firmly grasped the number of few names and stories, and would not let it loose. has 4200 columns for Adrian Peterson next season work reviewed -- of course, this is not his fault. In the same way, do not blame Capet Nick for the eight strands of news describing how Colin Capet can't find a job. They are not the ones who are in charge of the sports news of the rest of the season. , then, the changes of the coaching team, the joining of new comers and the market of free agents have completely changed the situation of alliance. And many factors that will change NFL in December are still a mystery in June. lets us abandon those familiar names, and try to dig out some unknown NFL players who will bring great influence to their teams in the 2017 season, no matter it's good or bad. 1. Atlanta hawk attack team coordinator Steve sachy Xi'an (Steve Sarkisian) many people forgot that MVP quarterback Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) had suffered many setbacks when it was adjusted from Dirk Koetter system to Kell Sha Nhan (Kyle cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Shanahan) system. The Falcons quarterback last season scenery infinite, but with Kell Shanahan went to San Francisco and Steve - Xi'an Sacchi's arrival, Ryan will usher in the four season to third offensive coordinator. Does this affect a powerful attack group of falcons? There are news in Atlanta that the offensive strategy of the falcons will be "roughly kept as it is". But don't forget that the current mission of the NFL rookie coordinator, Steve - sachy, is one of the best NFL directors in the past ten years. 2. Arizona Cardinals wide receiver John Brown (John Brown) fans to nickname "swiftly" (Smokey) John - Brown is not strange, but because of a concussion and sickle cell disease, a profound threat (vertical threat) the Cardinals wide receiver had a mediocre 2016 season. But recently, the Cardinals coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) said: "Smoke'was back to his. He ran the route and ran last year.you never know Justin Bibb (Justin Bieber) recently where there will be. But I can tell you the exact, he recently appeared in the Pittsburgh Steelers before learning conference. Because a lot of players tweet told us all about it. - authier Moteurs (Arthur Moats): "just in the Steelers learning conference met @ Justin Bibb Caim - Hayward (Cam Heyward): "I didn't know that he is our Steelers fans, but welcome to the Steelers country @ Justin Bibb" Luo (Rob Golden) - wave goodden: "in New York, you can meet all kinds of stars, glad to meet you, @ Justin Bibb, a happy day! Thank Bibb for thanking God! " now is the interpretation of the secret, the original Steelers ready New York jets game resident Hotel and Bibb stayed with family.The official website of NFL | Griffin 3 injured again | football season for fear of reimbursement In the match of Washington Red Leather against Jackson Jaguar, Robert Griffin III (Robert GriffinIII) injured her left ankle in the first quarter. Griffin was arranged to do X and MRI to determine the injury situation. He and coach Jay Gruden (Jay Gruden) did not give a possible return of the time, but for NFL players this injury will at least let them out for 2 months, if there is a fracture, Griffin needs surgery and almost certainly the season. Griffin himself said, "at this moment, I just want to live in peace." also need to wait for the results and red receivers DeShawn Jackson (DeSean Jackson), he played the first section of the left shoulder sprain of shoulder, Jackson is expected to be back in the next week against Philadelphia eagles game. He said: this time the injury was a bit serious and it felt a pain in the bones. So if I can go to the field, I need to watch every day The proximal front Masaidesi - Reeves (Marcedes Lewis) for the Jaguar's high ankle sprain to leave, he was injured in the third quarter after the first attack, was brought back to the locker room. Griffin's injury is due to his line guard Paul was on the sidelines near the Persian Lusini (Paul Posluszny) after jump reverse pass. When Griffin finished the pass, he fell to the ground with his ankle, and the pass was caught by Jackson at 11 yards. We must continue the game, Griffin was carried on the car, he has touched his ankle trying to relax it was finally sent to the players within the channel, and the fans have been shouted: RG3, Griffin said: This is an accident, every time when you look at your ankle deformation, some things will happen. Griffin's injury was not the first time. He missed 4 games in the 2012 season, including 1 knee anterior cruciate ligament laceration, which led him to need knee surgery. The game the Redskins have three players due to injury leave, running back Roy khairu (Roy Helu), guard Sean - lauwe (Shawn Lauvao) and David Daryl (Darrel Young ) - YangThe official website of NFL | rams wide receiver Bailey is still recovering from a gunshot wound to the head in the hope | football comeback tadman Bailey (Stedman Bailey) returned to the training field, but played a different role. Bailey shot two shots in the head of the car in Miami last November when he was in a car with his family. The Losangeles ram has received multiple injuries and has been operated on many times, but he has not yet recovered his career through a doctor's permission. was put in the ram's reserve / non - competition list of injuries after being abandoned and unwanted by the ram. When Bailey resumed, he let him in the offseason the team organization training to help the team on the sidelines. , this is a very unique situation, but on the whole, I'm very grateful to coach Fisher and his coaching staff for giving me the chance to stay with you all the same, Bailey said on Friday. I still have the opportunity to work with the team and take part in almost all the meetings and experience the feeling of being a coach. So it's like looking at the game from a different point of view, but I appreciate this opportunity. goats manager Geoff Fisher (Jeff Fisher) said the team had no timetable for the recovery of Bailey's injury. In the three seasons for the team, Bailey fought 38 games in total and achieved 843 yards for 58 times. although it may take Bailey a whole year to recover completely, he has not ruled out the possibility of returning. Physically, I can run and catch the ball like everyone, and everything feels good, he said. I just had to take a break, but I was able to recover and recover very well. I certainly feel that I have a chance to return to the stadium and continue playing.

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